Forbidden Love

17 year old Chloe has just moved out of her parents house into her own apartment in London, when she falls in love with the boy a few doors down. She knows it's wrong but she just can't fight it. Will love ever find a way for the young couple?

Guys this is a lot like my other Movella (ie- a bit naughty, my name) so yessssssssss enjoy


9. You can't

Eleanor's P.O.V


Chloe's getting really close with Harry and I'm not liking it. He's bad news. He's a player, a cheat and he lies through his teeth and that's not the sort of boy I want Chloe falling for... I just really don't want her getting hurt, and what makes it worse is the fact he has a girlfriend and he's two years older than her. I will do anything I have to, to make her stop liking him, because although she hasn't said anything about liking him, I can see it in her eyes whenever he walks in the room, I see the way she looks at him and I see the way she smiles at him. I really need to talk to her. I need to tell her that he's bad news and that she needs to stop liking him. 



Chloe's P.O.V


I woke up at around 9'o'clock to an Eleanor sitting on the end of my bed, staring at me aimlessly. I sit up slowly and groan at the pounding headache attacking my head. I throw my hand to my head and flop back down into my bed. El chuckles at me and I frown at her heavily. 

"What do you want?" I mumbled

"I really need to talk to you Clo" 

This must be bad. She never wakes me up unless it's something important. Could she be pregnant? Her and Lou split up? Maybe she knows about me and Harry. I sit back up the pain in my head almost unbearable, but it'd be worth it, to hear what she had to say. 

"OK... Go on" I almost don't want to hear it, the nerves play around in my stomach and it makes me feel uneasy and sick. 

"Chloe... I know you like Harry OK. Don't try and deny it" I gulp and look at her obliviously. 

"Chloe say something, I can see the way you're looking at me right now that I'm right" I forget about my headache, and all the pain goes to my stomach. I want to tell her everything but I know she'll force Harry and I apart. I decide not to tell her everything... But something. 

"Okay... You're right. But there's one more thing." Her mouth opened wide into the shape of an 'o' 

"Chloe, you didn't? You lost it to..." I cut her off 

"NO! Oh my God no! I kissed him El!" She slammed her hands to her face and slid them down, dragging her skin with them. 

"No, no, no, no, NO Clo, you can't! He's trouble, he's a liar and a cheat and I don't want you seeing him" 

"You can't tell me who, or who I can't see Eleanor. But I won't. Don't worry" She smiled brightly at me. 

"Good, that's why I set you up with the waiter from the restaurant. Tomorrow night, he was really into you. So... What do you want to do today?" 

I roll my eyes as I lay back down because the pain from my stomach has separated into two and gone to my head. Then what she's said has just dawned on me. Jordan? The waiter from the restaurant?  

"Nothing, can you get out El. I don't feel good" She nods as she leaves the room and shuts the doors behind her. 


My head feels like little people inside of it are mining away at my skull and my stomach feels like I've just been kicked in it, several times. A silent tear falls from my right eye as I roll over onto my side and reach for my phone to call Harry. I don't know how to feel about it all, my best friend has just told me not to like Harry, the boy I'm growing to love. 


The phone rings once, then twice, three times, four, five. I'm beginning to give up, but before I do, a tired and raspy voice answers the phone. Another tear escapes my left eye, and I sniff into the phone.


"What's up babe? You're never usually awake this early" He begins questioning me, 

"It's Eleanor," I reply shakily. 

"What's up with her? Is she ok?" 

"She's fine. I told her about us kissing Harry and she told me you were trouble and to keep away from you." Two more tears fell from my eyes and a small sob escaped my lips. 

"What the hell is her problem? Do you fancy coming over mine and talking?" I wipe the tear tracks from my face and smile slightly. 

"Sure... You know, there's only 4 days left of the deal" I giggle slightly, before sniffing again. 

"Haha, yep and I can't wait for it to end. Ok see you in a minute" 


I hang up and slowly rise out of bed to find some sweats waiting for me on my dressing table. I put them on and tie my hair up into my famous ponytail that droops down to the middle of my back. I mope out of my room and into the living area to find Louis and El snuggled up against each other. I scrunch my nose up at the sight and go to find my converse sitting near the door. 

"I thought you said you weren't doing anything today?" Eleanor began. I rolled my eyes so she could see. 

"Yeah well, I am now. See ya" I stormed out of the room and into the hall. I stopped against the wall and placed my head in my hands and shook it slowly. Bad idea to slam the door. My head hurts even more now. I walk along the corridor to find Harry's door and knock quietly, making sure not to disturb the little people mining inside my head. He opens the door almost instantly in nothing but his boxers. 


"Come here baby" he pulls me in for a hug and I cry into his chest and he pulls me inside, shutting the door silently behind him. Not like Eleanor did earlier. 

"This is so hard" I sob as he plants a kiss on the top of my head. 

"But we'll get through it" he adds and I nod slowly, hurting my head causing me to remove my hand from around his waist and put it on my head. 

"Go and lay on the sofa, I'll be back in a minute" He orders, so I accept the offer and gradually lower myself onto the black leather sofa. Lifting my feet up, I look over to the door Harry had exited and found him walking back through with a blanket, a hot water bottle, a glass of water and some aspirin. 


He placed them down carefully next to me and ushered for me to move forward a bit so he could place himself behind me, he positioned himself comfortably and pulled me back down into his lap so his legs were either side of me and my head was on his chest. The blanket he had thrown over us both was warm and soft and the aspirin I'd just taken was already kicking in. The pain and nervousness in my stomach still hadn't gone, I had a date tomorrow night and there is nothing I can do about it. I struggled to keep them open, and the heavy breathing coming from Harry's chest indicated he was already sleeping, and eventually, I couldn't fight it anymore and dropped off to sleep. 

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