Forbidden Love

17 year old Chloe has just moved out of her parents house into her own apartment in London, when she falls in love with the boy a few doors down. She knows it's wrong but she just can't fight it. Will love ever find a way for the young couple?

Guys this is a lot like my other Movella (ie- a bit naughty, my name) so yessssssssss enjoy


14. The Party

Chloe's P.O.V

(Warning: This will contain a graphic scene)

Harry left my apartment about an hour ago, we spoke a bit more about what we wanted from each other and if we think it's going to last. We both agreed that we aren't going to end any relationships we are in for each other just in case things turn bad. I know this is wrong, trust me, I do; but I would rather Harry be happy after things not going right between us, than sit and be sad. I rolled over onto the left side of the bed where my phone was charging, to see a text light up the phone screen, it was from Zayn:

"There's a party at my friend Niall's tonight and he told me I could bring a plus one, wanna come?" I hesitated before replying,

"Yeah sounds good, what time are you picking me up?" I got an instant reply,

"Half 7, be ready x" 

Well it's half five now, I may as well start getting ready.


I run to my bathroom and turn my shower on, letting the water trickle down my leg as it heats up. Once it reached the perfect temperature I went and got my towel from the laundry room and hung it up on the heated towel rail to my right, I stripped all my clothes off and threw them out of the door and into my bedroom where they landed perfectly on the floor. I slid the shower door across, enclosing me in as the transparent walls steamed up. I let my hair out of the loose bun it was tied up in on the top of my head, and it fell down to my butt clinging to my skin as the water droplets soaked it slowly, I reached for my shampoo and squeezed it into my hands where I massaged it into my hair creating a lather and rinsed and did the same with my conditioner.

I finished washing the soap off my body and turned the shower off, I glanced over at my phone on my docking station to see the time had just gone six. I slid open the shower door, releasing the confined steam into my already foggy bathroom. I stroll into my room and scan my wardrobe for a dress to wear, my eyes darted back and forth through my dresses. I finally picked out a tight black dress that showed cleavage and leg and also made me look really tanned. I threw it onto my bed and unwrapped my towel from around me, letting it drop to the floor. I wandered over to my dressing gown that was hanging on the back of my door and pulled it off, wrapping it around my naked body; sitting down at my dressing table, I pulled my make up out of my drawer and began applying foundation to my face and neck, I then moved onto my eyeshadow where I formed a smokey eye on each eye with winged eyeliner, then my mascara and then I contoured and finally applied a red lip. That took me to 7 leaving me half an hour to put my dress and shoes on and do my hair. I walked over to my dress and slid it up my body, hiding my red laced underwear. I then sat back at my dressing table and curled my hair and brought it to the front revealing all the curls, I began wondering through to the living room to find my heels when I heard my phone begin to ring back in my bedroom, sprinting through the hallway, I picked up my red and black clutch which contained my keys and lipstick then found my phone just in time before it stopped ringing.

"Hello?" I asked out of breath,

"Hi I'm in the lobby do you want me to come up?" Zayn asked politely

"No, no it's fine, I just need to put my shoes on is that alright?" I heard a laugh through the phone, 

"Yeah take all the time you need, I'm a little early anyway, see you in a sec"

The line went dead. I grabbed my red stilettos from my cupboard and placed them on my feet, and began exiting my apartment as fast as my heels would let me, locking the door behind me and placing my keys in my clutch along with my phone. Headed towards the elevator, I felt a hand tap me lightly on the shoulder. I span round to only realise it was Harry,

"Where are you off to, looking so fine?" he ran his hands down across my waist and over my hips,

"Just a party with Zayn, you?" 

"Just a party, but not with Zayn" I laughed slightly at him,

"Okay well you can walk me down to the lobby then because I'm assuming that's where you're going?" he nodded and held out his arm for me to grasp to aid in my walking.


We reached the lobby, where I noticed a very done up Zayn sat on one of the provided sofas, in black jeans, a white shirt and a bow tie. I let go of Harry's arm and said goodbye to him as I hobbled over to Zayn where he stood up and gave me his arm to grasp, just like Harry did.

"Are you sure you're going to be able to walk in those shoes?" he chuckled lightly as we began walking,

"Yeah, I'll get used to it. I'm just used to wearing my vans all the time that's all" I tutted,

"You look beautiful by the way" he added just after I'd finished my sentence,

"You don't scrub up too bad yourself Mr. Malik" I laughed as we reached his car. 


We drove for about 20 minutes until we reached a big city house, Zayn exited his car first and walked round the passenger side and opened it for me. I thanked him as I held onto his arm while we walked up the driveway to knock on the door, I could hear people shouting from the backyard and the music blaring from the inside. A blonde boy answered, 

"Zayn, buddy you alright?" He asked, his accent was strong and irish

"Yeah man I'm cool, this is my plus one" he pointed to me and I flashed Niall a smile

"Hel-lo there" he smirked at me while looking me up and down stopping at my breasts, Zayn glared at him.

"My eyes are up here, and I'm Chloe" he laughed and held out his hand to shake mine,

"Nice to meet you, come on in guys" Niall ushered us inside and shut the door behind him. It smelt of alcohol, sweat and smoke inside and I clenched Zayn's hand as we squeezed through a group of people grinding against each other. The beat was kicking in as Zayn led me towards the kitchen where the drinks were being served and where it wasn't quite so busy; he handed me a red solo cup, I had no idea what was inside but I gulped it down like it was a shot anyway, it tasted like pure vodka. I pulled a face that Zayn seemed to find hysterical,

"I think I need some coke with that" I laughed as I felt the liquid burn through my body,

Zayn nodded in agreement and poured some into two cups for us both and led me out of the room to where the real party was going on. We barged our way through a huge crowd of people, smoking and drinking and grinding on one another and stopped in the centre of them all, I found my hips start to sway with the beat of the music and Zayn smirked at me as he watched my ass as I span round. Some girl handed me another drink as I walked round Zayn sexily and dropped myself in front of him, grinding against his ... with my ass. His hands found my  waist as we swayed together and I pushed myself against him more to feel his erection growing at the feel of me. I leaned forward and whipped my hair around and ran my hands through my hair. I could feel myself getting sweaty and my head getting fuzzy but I loved it, it made me feel alive. Spinning myself around on my toes so I was facing Zayn, I placed my head on his collar bone and began leaving love bites all over it as he ground against me, making me feel him. I threw my head back as he began kissing at my neck, and up until he found my lips where he kissed me hungrily. A few people had began forming a crowd which made me feel slightly uncomfortable so I pulled off and reached for another drink that were being passed round by a man in a suit, who was also giving out cigarettes. I reached for one too and left Zayn dancing while I went to find Niall. I finally found him in the kitchen pouring himself and two others a drink,


"Oh there you are, I heard you've been getting a little steamy with Zayn out there!" He stated,

I began giggling to myself "Maybe" I looked at the two other boys next to him and I instantly recognised one,

"This is Harry" he said pointing to the one I obviously knew, "and this is Liam" he pointed to the one I didn't know. 

"Nice to meet you, Liam" I spoke loudly 

I picked up an already poured drink and signaled for Harry to follow me, Niall handed him the drink and winked as we walked off together, he took my hand and led me up a flight of stairs where I heard a lot of sex from behind a few doors and onto a balcony overlooking the back garden. Pulling out the cigarette from my bra, I noticed I didn't have a lighter,

"Do you smoke?" I asked him, he handed me a lighter where I lit the fag and gave it back to him,

"It isn't mine" he muttered before throwing it into the pool in frustration. I furrowed my eyebrows at him,

"Who pissed in your cheerios this morning?" I giggled to myself again and repeated what I had just said but in a whisper, knowing you're drunk and there's nothing you can do about it is the worst thing in the world.

"Nobody. Why were you kissing him like that?" Harry suddenly began to tense as I gripped his arm for stability,

"What do you mean, like that, I was kissing him?" I slurred, as I took my first ever toke of a cigarette and instantly regretted it as I began coughing my lungs up, Harry took it from my hand and also threw that into the pool.

"You change so much when you're around him" he stated

"I don't see how" I took a sip of my drink and walked off back down to Zayn who was now sat in the garden on a bench, I perched myself on top of him and swung my legs around so I was straddling him.

"Woah hey there" he whispered in my ear, before nibbling on it and working his way down to my neck, sending shivers up my body.

"We're drunk" I stated, before turning round to see Harry staring at me from the balcony we had previously argued on. There was no doubt in my mind that I wasn't going to have a tonne of love bites across my neck which Harry will get incredibly jealous of across the next week until they are faded or gone,

"I know, and I like how you're tasting right now" he whispered again in my ear before ushering me off his lap so he could stand up. "Follow me" he muttered, his eyes a darker brown than usual.


I followed Zayn up the flight of stairs I'd gone up with Harry, but this time Zayn led me to a bedroom with no one in it. 

"You look so fuckable right now, but you're drunk and I don't want to take advantage of you" he moaned as he pushed me lightly on the bed, the word 'fuckable' made me tingle, especially when he said it. I moaned softly as he walked over to the door and locked it and them back over to the window and shut it, 

"I don't want anyone hearing you moan now, do I?" he cautioned in my ear, making me moan again. 

He knelt down at the end of the bed and pushed my dress up my thighs, revealing my sexy underwear, I grinned at him as he licked his lips while pulling them off with his index finger. He pushed my knees up so my legs were over his shoulders and moved his hand up towards my entrance, his thumb began massaging my clit, I took another gulp of my drink, by now I was completely drunk, and so was Zayn. I moaned his name quietly as he thrusted his index finger inside of me, and then added his middle too, slowly; he moved them in and out of me making me moan and he drew circles on my clit and thrusted with his fingers. I moaned again, louder this time, hissing through my teeth and he reached my g-spot, nobody has ever made me feel this good, not even Harry. I felt myself getting close, so I tried to wince it out,

"I'm so... So..." I couldn't speak, he was making me feel so good. I released myself all over Zayn's fingers, he smirked at me before licking it off seductively, I crawled over to the edge of the bed and waited for Zayn to stand up. I got onto my knees and pulled his jeans down and his boxers with it, revealing his length as it sprung up in relief. I took it in my hands and placed it in my mouth, sucking hard and moving my mouth farther and farther down it until I'd taken the whole thing, I continued doing this until he came in my mouth and I swallowed it, 

"That was great" he whispered before doing himself back up and flopping onto the bed beneath me. I pulled my dress over my thighs and cuddled next to him, where I instantly fell asleep.

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