Forbidden Love

17 year old Chloe has just moved out of her parents house into her own apartment in London, when she falls in love with the boy a few doors down. She knows it's wrong but she just can't fight it. Will love ever find a way for the young couple?

Guys this is a lot like my other Movella (ie- a bit naughty, my name) so yessssssssss enjoy


24. First Day of Fall

Chloe's P.O.V


I had such fun last night, it really helped me get my mind off of what's happened. I'm not going to tell Harry, no way. He'd kill him, no matter how sweet and innocent he looks when he's going about his every day life, I know for a fact that there's something aggressive inside of him. I found it hard to get to sleep at first as it was my first night alone and found myself getting up on numerous occasions to check if all the locks on the door were locked and all the windows around my apartment were shut and locked too.  And still I struggled to fall fully asleep as the flashbacks returned, haunting me every time I closed my eyes, however I did get sleep but only a few hours but only with the lights on. 

I eventually managed to fall asleep around half past 4 in the morning and woke up at half seven, the earliest I've woke up all summer. I walked around and turned off all the lights and turned the heating on, yes that's right. The heating. First day of Autumn. I showered as I usually do and applied my make-up as I usually do and, obviously, got dressed... As I usually do. And just sat. I jumped at the sound of my phone ring and looked across the room to see if I could make out who's name it was but I couldn't so I just got up and looked, it was Harry.


"Hey" I answered almost immediately 

"Hi there, fancy going to see your parents today?" I was almost shocked at how straight forward he was being,

"Urm, yeah why not... Are you coming for the day or for the whole weekend?" I could practically feel him smile through the phone as if I'd just asked a really dumb question,

"As if I'd just come for a day, pack your bags, mine are already done so I'll just come round when you're ready." I let out a small sigh and agreed before saying my goodbye's and hurrying to pack my bags which literally took 5 minutes as I packed what I'd newly washed from camping and shoved it in my bag and added my make-up. Hey presto! It then occurred to me that I need someone to look after the apartment, I'm not brave enough to leave it alone for a weekend, so I reach for my phone and call Zayn,

"Hey baby, you alright?" He says as he instantly picks up,

"Hey, yeah I'm good thank you, listen I'm going to see my parents for the weekend and..." I was cut off,

"You want me to come and meet them? Sure baby" I umm'd a little and bit my lip,

"Urm no, Harry's going to come because he's going to drive... Sorry" I heard a small and awkward cough and cringed slightly.

"Oh. Well what did you ring me for then?" He queried

"I need you to look after the flat, is that okay?" He coughed again and laughed 

"Yeah okay, just leave the keys under the mat. Bye" I heard the beeps as he ended it immediately and could tell he was really pissed Harry was meeting my parents before he did which made me feel instantly bad.


*15 minutes later*


"Harry, you're not driving!" I almost shout as we walk through the lobby,

"Yes I am, you drive everywhere we go together," I noticed he always seems so calm, even if he's angry. 

"Harry, just stop being a dick and let me drive," I stop in my tracks and place my hands on my hips, he also stops and frowns at me,

"Chloe, you're drawing attention to yourself stop being so fucking immature and just let me drive." I smirked at him and stared him straight in the eyes trying to force a small smile out of him but failed miserably and soon gave in, allowing him to drive. He continued to walk at a faster pace than me and I trailed behind. I was stopped by an elderly lady who looked a lot like one of the psychics out of the movies, her arm was gripped firmly onto mine and she crooked her neck up to look at me,

"Husband's." She stated, I laughed awkwardly and gripped my bag tighter,

"Oh no, he's not my husband, I'm only 17 haha" I tried to make a joke out of it and chuckled while looking at her oddly coloured eyes but she didn't even attempt to smile.

"No, not yet." The little old lady added before loosening the grip on my arm and walking off, I peered down to my arm and noticed the hand print she left and it made my stomach churn as all my memories flooded back. I ran to catch up with Harry who was already in his car with the engine on, hurling my bag into the back, he quickly grinned at me as I got in,

"You really do pull all the good lookers don't you?" I laughed but still felt anxious from the old lady's remark about Harry soon being my husband. I mean, I don't believe in any voodoo stuff but she had something about her. I tried shaking the idea from my mind, however anything is better than what has happened recently. 


Harry's P.O.V


I was actually feeling really nervous and I know that all Chloe's mum and dad see it as is me being her friend and just joining her but obviously I know it's not that and so does Chloe. As we reached the outskirts of London around half an hour later, the conversation had died down and Chloe had pulled her phone out and was texting her mum with one headphone in her ear. I went to turn the soft music playing in the background of all the commotion up slightly until I noticed Chloe lightly singing along to Sam Smith's 'I'm Not The Only One' so i turned it down completely and just listened. I was surprised at how good she was, I stopped at a traffic light leading onto the motorway and smiled as she finished,

"Not too shabby" I stated and she just smiled, the light turned green so I carried on driving

"I've always loved singing," I grinned at her but decided to change the subject because I could tell she was getting awkward, she always does,

"What did that old lady say to you anyway?" I could tell the awkwardness hadn't gone.

"She told me you were going to be my husband soon" I laughed nervously and slightly over exaggerated

"Strange" was all I said and stayed quiet for most of the 2 and a half hour journey there

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