Forbidden Love

17 year old Chloe has just moved out of her parents house into her own apartment in London, when she falls in love with the boy a few doors down. She knows it's wrong but she just can't fight it. Will love ever find a way for the young couple?

Guys this is a lot like my other Movella (ie- a bit naughty, my name) so yessssssssss enjoy


15. Camping

Chloe's P.O.V



I awoke the next morning to find myself tangled in Zayn's arms, dress up to my stomach, no underwear on and hair a mess. I looked around the room to relocate my purse id brought to Niall's with me, it was placed on a chair in the far corner of the room with a ringing sound coming out of it. I peeled Zayn's arms off of me and stood up, holding my head as the pain pierced through my skull and pulling my dress down to an acceptable length. Images of last night flashed through my mind and I instantly regretted it, feeling sick at the thought of what I'd done. I reached into my purse and finally grasped my phone, quickly switching it to silent making sure not to wake Zayn across the room.

"Hello?" I whispered

"Chloe where the fuck are you, we were supposed to be going camping, you're not at your apartment and you haven't been answering your phone, you need to sort it out. Anyway, you're going to have to drive here yourself and give Harry a lift too. Bye." Well, short and sweet that's Eleanor. Shit, Camping.


I found my shoes in another corner of the room and found out a bit of paper and a pen from the bedside table, on it I wrote:

'I'm sorry for leaving without goodbye, but thank you for last night. I guess I'll see you some time soon, Chloe x'


I unlocked the door and glanced back at a fully naked Zayn sprawled out across the bed, another sick feeling sprung up to my chest. I ran down the stairs, shoes in one hand and purse in the other; landing on the hallway floor, I look into the kitchen to see Niall stood there in nothing but his boxers and about 10 people sat on two sofas,

"Nice look" he commented slyly, I smiled at him while smelling the alcohol on my breath and heaving. I said my goodbye's and thanked Niall for a good night and stepped outside.

I slid my shoes onto my feet making me about 6 inches taller again, that's when it hit me, I'm about half an hour away from my flat and I have no way of getting home and there is absolutely no way I'm asking Zayn. I've always been awkward with morning afters. I whipped out my phone and found Harry's number, he's the only option I have. Argument, no argument, I don't care, he is taking me home. It rang once and there was an instant answer;


"Hello?" He'd been awake a while, I could tell because his voice wasn't raspy as when he first wakes up.

"Hello" I stuck out my bottom lip although he couldn't see me,

"What do you want?" I could tell he was still pissed at me from last night,

"We were supposed to be going camping today, remember?"

"Oh right, yeah... Where even are you? I hear cars" He sounded more curious now,

"Outside Nialls' and I have no way of getting home and that is why I called you"

"Should've thought about that before you went and fucked your new boyfriend" he chuckled as if he was enjoying himself. I scoffed and rolled my eyes,

"Fucked? New boyfriend? For the record, I didn't fuck him and he most certainly isn't my boyfriend" He laughed through the phone as I heard a door slam. There was a few minutes of awkward silences.

"I'm five minutes away, we'll talk about it in the car" I grinned and put the phone down.


*10 minutes later*


I was sat in the passenger side of Harry's car, looking like a $2 hoe, nothing had been said since we left Nialls' driveway.


"So what did you get up to last night? The whole house pretty much heard everything" he sneered,

"Nothing much, wasn't great" That was a lie

"Sounded great" I tutted and rolled my eyes,

"What were you listening? Were you worried he was better than you because trust me it was a close call" His eyes darkened but he still laughed softly to himself,

"Listen babe, no one is better than Harry Styles" I rolled my eyes once more at the arrogance, which really turned me on. We reached our building and Harry began parking into his reserved spot alongside mine. I opened the car door for myself and slammed it shut to let him know I was still annoyed at him for last night and for being so arrogant in the car.


"You're welcome!" He called after me, I stopped in my tracks and smirked to myself before I turned round,

"Meet me down here in 20 minutes or I'm going without you" 

"You wouldn't dare" he scowled at me,

"Watch me" I stuck my middle fingers up before turning back round and strutting up to my flat.


I packed my Louis Vuitton bag in no time, grabbing 3 pairs of shorts, 3 tank tops and a cardigan and obviously shower stuff and hygiene essentials. Re-changing into some leggings and a large tank top and wiping all my make up completely off, I rushed out the door with 1 minute to spare. When I got to my car he was already stood there, with his bag in one hand and his jacket in the other. 

"Took your time" 

"Shut up and get in the car" I shouted while I unlocked it. He did as he was told as I got in too. I threw my bag into the back next to his and hit the peddle down hard, I just want to get there. 

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