Forbidden Love

17 year old Chloe has just moved out of her parents house into her own apartment in London, when she falls in love with the boy a few doors down. She knows it's wrong but she just can't fight it. Will love ever find a way for the young couple?

Guys this is a lot like my other Movella (ie- a bit naughty, my name) so yessssssssss enjoy


20. Camping: Day 3// Part 2

Harry's P.O.V


"No, Clo. Let's talk about it, okay? You've been avoiding me ever since Zayn got here. Has he said something that's made you go off me? What? What is it? Please just tell me so I can move on with my life." I see the words I just blurted have hurt her.

"You want to move on with your life?" She managed to say, though her eyes were filled with tears.

"No I didn't mean..." She cut me off "No I see, El was right. I am another one of your girls!" A tear fell down her cheek and I moved my hand up to wipe it, cupping the side of her face. The warmth gave me butterflies. She moved my hand off and placed it back onto my chest,

"No... Maybe you're right. Maybe we should move on with our lives. I mean it's not like we'll ever be able to take it any further" her eyes fill with yet more tears as do mine.

"If that's what will make you happy. Now let's get going because I wanna win this." Nice going Harry. Nice going. 


Chloe's P.O.V


We continued walking to find the lake in silence. The only thing exchanged was a few glances between us and a 'bless you' if either one of us sneezed, I didn't want any of this to happen. 

"Wait, do you see that?" I speak up for the first time,

"Is that?" I nodded at him roughly,

"Yes!! Finally!" We both say in a chorus jumping up and down and falling into one another. I removed myself from his arms and composed myself, biting my lip in anxiety.

"I'll call the others" I begin again after the butterflies have died down, Harry walks off and perches under a tree and stretches his legs, Liam answers straight away 

"We've found it, just keep walking straight and you will as well" I hung up, so not in the mood today. 


15 minutes of sitting under trees passed until we heard Louis' voice in the distance, then Sophia's and then Liam's.

"There's the two lovebirds look" Louis teased,

"Shut the fuck up Louis" Harry muttered beneath his breath,

"Alright calm down" he held his hands up in defense, only pissing Harry off even more.

"I said shut up!" And with that, he jumped up from his tree and shoved Louis into the lake. A fight begins to take place as soon as Louis removes himself from the lake, drenched from head to toe, my stomach goes over as I see Louis plant his fist into Harry's face, then Harry's, then Louis. Liam wasn't helping. I looked across at him ushering for him to do anything but he just stood and shook his head. I decided to take matters into my own hands and jump in between them before one more injury could occur.

"Stop!" I shouted "Just stop" my well hid tears finally escaped my eyes,

"I'm going back I'm sorry"


*A long walk later*


I got back to the empty site and instantly got into my bed, thinking about everything that's happened recently, I am just another one of his girls, I should've listened, I bet he plays all his side hoes around like this, makes them feel special and loved and then leaves their heart wanting more once he's tired. I crawl under my covers and curl up into a ball and cry. Cry over the fact I haven't spoken to my parents in almost a month, cry over the fact I was in love with a boy who gave up on us, cry over the fact I have mixed feelings about Zayn, and also the fact that I haven't heard from my modelling company in 3 weeks. I sobbed, I'm not sure how long I sobbed for, all I know is that when I finally managed to suck up it was when the others were coming back. I quickly got up and locked my tent so nobody could disturb me, I listened to the ongoing conversation outside,

"What's up with her?" Niall spoke,

"She just went off crying I don't know" Harry replied quickly, almost too quick.

I'm so sick of this. I rolled my duvet up and placed it to one side, I quickly deflated my bed and packed my clothes into my over night bag and unlocked my tent,

"Here she comes!" Louis spoke, holding a cold beer to his cheek. I ignored him and quickly unlocked my car, throwing my stuff in the back, I walked back to my tent and unpinned all the pegs keeping it stable. Watching it collapse, I picked it up and shoved it into the boot of my car. 


"Where you going baby?" Zayn's voice broke through the quiet mutters about me,

"There's something I need to do." I choked, he got up out of his chair and strolled over to me, taking me into his arms and kissing me passionately, our tongues danced around each other like ballet dancers. "I'll do it with you" he whispered, placing his forehead onto mine and kissing the tip of my nose softly. I bit my lip and nodded, "Okay"


Authors Note

Okay so this chapter didn't really go how I wanted it to, it was a bit all over the place but so is my head rn guys sooooooo, but anyway thank you so much for reading and liking and faving it ilysm tytytytytytytyty 





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