Forbidden Love

17 year old Chloe has just moved out of her parents house into her own apartment in London, when she falls in love with the boy a few doors down. She knows it's wrong but she just can't fight it. Will love ever find a way for the young couple?

Guys this is a lot like my other Movella (ie- a bit naughty, my name) so yessssssssss enjoy


16. Camping: Day 1

Harry's P.O.V


Thanks to Chloe's speed we get there in just under an hour, the conversation on the way there was mainly small talk. She spoke a little about her family and I spoke a little about mine, it was nice getting to know her though.


I sit in the car for a few minutes just thinking about everything we've been through until I'm interrupted by Louis banging on the window with my bag in his hand,

"Come on mate, I'll help you set up your tent if ya want?" I nodded at him and removed myself from the car. I glanced over at the tent Chloe and Eleanor were sat outside of and gave Eleanor a friendly smile, to be returned with a massive glare. I turned around and followed Louis to help set up the tent I was supposed to be sharing with him,

"It's gonna be just like old times in here mate" I spoke up, he turned around with a guilty look smothered on his face,

"Oh... Yeah... I forgot to tell you, I promised El I'd share a tent with her" I sighed

"Nah don't worry, I'd do the same for C... Daisy"

I don't know what just happened but I just mistook my girlfriend of a year for a girl I've been with for a few months.


Eleanor's P.O.V


I can't believe that he even had the front to look at me nicely, kissing my best friend and then never speaking to her again, he's so smug, ew I just really don't like him, it wasn't my idea for him to be here either, Louis insisted when we found an extra tent that he could use.

"So how are things?" Chloe started, crossing her legs up in her chair,

"Yeah they're good, have you heard anymore from the waiter? Or Zayn for that matter?" She chuckled lightly,

"Nope, guess they weren't my cup of tea"

"But Harry is?" I interrupted her with a more serious 'to-the-point' tone,

"No" was the only reply I got before she got up out of her chair and walked into her tent, zipping the door up when she was in.

"What's up with her?" Harry called over, standing up from hammering in the pegs.

"Don't know"

"I'll go see, I'll be back in a sec Lou" he jumped over a bit of rope and ran up to Chloe's tent, unzipping the zip and walked in. I glanced over at Louis and he frowned at me,

"Be. Nice"


Chloe's P.O.V


I don't understand why she feels the need to get involved all the time because not only is it intrusive it's damn right annoying too. Like what if Harry was my cup of tea? What is she going to do? Lock me up and keep me hidden from the whole male race for the rest of my life? Whilst I'm thinking about all this, I hear the zip from the door open,

"Leave me alone, I'm really not in the mood" I point out for whoever it is' protection,

"Don't be sassy, it's Harry" I let out a quick breath from my nose as I hear the word 'sassy' come out of Harry's mouth. He does the zip back up and places himself beside me on the mattress.

"She does not like me" he laughed quietly, I nodded my head in pure agreement, we sat there for a while, him not bothering to ask me what the matter is because he already knows, and me thinking about how complicated my life has been lately. I turn to look at Harry and he rotates his head 90 degrees to look right back at me, we stare into each other's eyes for some time and before I knew it, our heads were moving together slowly and our lips touched. We began moving them at a slow pace - making sure only a tiny bit of tongue was involved. The pace did not get any faster nor did the kiss get any steamier but I liked it this way. A small smile crept my lips as I felt Harry's fingers playing with my hair, which made him smile into the kiss too. I pulled away, taking his bottom lip between my teeth, he moaned slightly but then managed to cover it with a small throaty cough. He stood up and licked his lips lightly, giving me a wide grin before slowly bending down and pecking me lightly one more time on the lips and then exiting the tent.

I decided that I'd had enough of being alone so I shoved my pyjama shorts and top on quickly and went to see if Louis needed any help,

"And the troll emerges from her cave" Louis teases as I step onto the damp floor, they're all placed on benches around a fire on the ground. Eleanor and Louis are on one bench and on the opposite side is Harry, wearing a pair of sweats and a baggy jumper that looks like it's doing it's job and keeping him warm.

"You can sit with me if you like?" Harry spoke up as Louis and Eleanor began getting involved in their own conversation. I nodded at him and made my way over to the bench and placed myself right next to Harry, tucking my legs up and not caring what Eleanor thinks. I feel a firm arm wrap around my shoulder and pull me a little closer to his body, making me feel the heat off of his sweater.

I glance up at the sky as the sun begins to set and the birds fly back to their peaceful nests with their wives and their kids.

"I called a few mates to see if they wanted to come for tomorrow night and bring their girls" Louis began involving us into his and Eleanor's conversation once again.

"Yeah sounds good, when are they getting here?" Harry questioned

"Don't really know, whenever" we all nodded in agreement that whenever is fine as long as it hypes this mood up. I lifted my arm off my lap and picked Harry's off of my shoulder, standing up immediately after, instantly regretting it because I went dizzy.

"I'm off to bed guys, night" I smiled at Harry and walked over to Louis and Eleanor to give them a kiss on the cheek. Which they both appreciated. I found my way to my tent and made my way in, and removed my makeup and applied my moisturiser, throwing myself onto the bed and tucking myself in and grasping my phone from under the pillow. 23:08, it's only just got dark. I decided to text Harry.


To: Styles ;): are you in bed yet?

From: Styles ;): yeah we all went to bed about 5 minutes ago, can you hear Eleanor?

I stopped what I was doing to ensure silence around me, I heard a moaning coming from the tent beside me.

To: Styles ;): ew yeah that's gross. I wonder what they're doing…

From: Styles ;): yeah you would ;) anyway enjoy listening to them having sex, I'm going to sleep. Goodnight baby, I love you x

To: Styles ;): I love you too, goodnight x


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