Forbidden Love

17 year old Chloe has just moved out of her parents house into her own apartment in London, when she falls in love with the boy a few doors down. She knows it's wrong but she just can't fight it. Will love ever find a way for the young couple?

Guys this is a lot like my other Movella (ie- a bit naughty, my name) so yessssssssss enjoy


5. Awkward

Harry's P.O.V


God, I felt awful. I didn't want her to see any of that. I kissed her the other day because... Every time I see her, my stomach starts doing somersaults, and when I speak to her I get all nervous. I have a girlfriend, of 11 months now, her name's Daisy. I've fallen in love with her gradually, because I was drunk when I met her at Eleanor's, my best friend Louis' girlfriend, party. We went home early and... You know. 


But I don't need to be drunk to know that I feel something for Chloe, every time I look at Daisy, I see Chloe. When I lay down in bed next to Daisy, I wish it was Chloe I was laying next to. This is stupid, I've known the girl only a week. I cannot be having regrets about a girl I've been with for almost a year over a girl I've known a week. But she really is beautiful.


Chloe's P.O.V

I was still pretty heartbroken about what I saw. But I was expecting it, I said that he had a girlfriend and he did. But every time I think about it, I feel sick. He kissed me, and lead me to believe that he felt something for me. Clearly not, because I interrupted his sex session with his very, very beautiful girlfriend. 


A knock came from the door, so I jumped up and swished my hair behind my ear, in hope it was Harry. But on the other side, it was the complete opposite. 


"EL!" I shouted as she ran in, picking me up and spinning me around. I could feel my eyes filling with tears of joy. I opened them and saw Louis, her boyfriend, strolling in with a suitcase. I pulled El's arms off me and ran to Louis, hugging him, he was like my brother. Like Eleanor, I've known Louis pretty much my whole life but I never saw that much of him, unlike El. And when I found out that they were dating, I was so happy for them! 


"You okay Clo? El told me that you were pretty upset yesterday?" I looked up at him.

"Pretty, is an understatement, you staying?" I pointed at suitcase and he shrugged.

"I guess so, your room is just down the hall from mine so no funny business" we all laughed and I showed them the door.

"Shall we go for lunch?" El says after a while and we all nod. 


I lock the door behind me and Louis heads down the opposite way of the hall,

"Where you going Lou?" I shout and he smiles at me, ignoring the question I'd just asked and sticks his middle finger up.

"ASS!" I shout down the hall and he trips over his shoe lace, making me and El laugh. She turned to me and linked her arm in mine, El looked similar to me but with brown hair, and hers was a little shorter. 

"If you don't mind, he's bringing a friend, he hasn't seen him for ages and then he's going to meet us at the restaurant." I obviously didn't mind, whatever, I haven't seen them in such a long time! 

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I sat down the table for four we had asked for, next to El. The waiter, who wasn't too bad looking, stood above us with his eyebrow raised,

"What can I get you two ladies?" he smirked at me. I smiled back, not seductively, not sweetly, I just smiled. 

"I'll have a tonic water with lime please" he nodded his head a few times as he wrote my order onto his note pad, he looked back up but at El this time. His eyes were fixed on me as he was facing her direction, but she was completely oblivious as her head was in the menu. She looked up and his eyes darted off of me and onto hers, 

"And I will just have a water, thanks" she slammed the menu shut and handed it to him and he strolled off. 

"Did it really take you that long to decide on a water?" She just looked at me and smiled.

"Oh here's Lou" she said, pointing towards the door. He strutted in with another boy, a very familiar boy. Harry? I could tell he'd already noticed me because he was nibbling on his bottom lip and twiddling with his thumbs. 

"You alright babe?" Lou asked, kissing El softly on the lips. She nodded at him as Lou and Harry both pulled their chair out and sat opposite us, Harry, unfortunately, opposite me. 

"You probably haven't met, but Harry, this is Chloe and Chloe, this is Harry" I raised an eyebrow at him and managed to force a smile on my face. The words "you probably haven't met" played through my mind, because we have met. On many occasions. He held out his hand and I shook it unwillingly and quickly pulled away. The waiter came back over with mine and El's drinks. 

"Oh sorry guys I didn't know you were here, can I take your orders?" And he smirked at me again. Harry suddenly became hostile.

"Coke. Lou?" Louis done the exact same thing Eleanor done, took forever.

"Just a water for me actually, thanks" Harry rolled his eyes.

"Did it really take you that long to decide on a water?" And Louis just stared at him obliviously.


Harry's P.O.V

This could not get any more awkward, I'm sat opposite the girl who I have crazy feelings for, when the last time I saw her, I was mid-way through having sex and the time before that I'd kissed her. Wow. I couldn't help but stare at her, and seeing her flirt with the waiter really pissed me off.  My thoughts were interrupted by Louis nudging me.

"You alright there mate?" I shook my head and turned away from Chloe

"Yeah, yeah. What you getting for lunch? I'm starving" I unrealistically rubbed my stomach and I heard Chloe giggle from across the table, making me smile slightly.

"What about you Chloe? What are you getting for lunch?" I felt her face harden as I finished my sentence, she looked me directly in the eyes and spoke.

"I might have the pasta actually. What about you?" 

"The same, so can you guys order for me because I need to go get some air, it's hot in here" I signaled for Chloe to come with me with my eyes and she scooted up from her chair.

"I think I might join you on that one" and she walked out speedily in front of me.


Chloe's P.O.V

I stormed out in front of Harry and stopped in his way once we'd reached outside,

"What the hell is your problem?" I shouted at him, louder than I'd intended, he smiled at me which just infuriated me even more.

"Chloe? Are you kidding me? What is MY problem? YOU are the one who has come out here shouting at me, asking me what my problem is" he had a point a very good point. We were alone outside, luckily, because I did NOT want to be getting kicked out of the restaurant and have my face permanently stuck on the front window. 


"Harry, you kissed me, then I found out you had a girlfriend! You don't just fuck with girls feelings like that, it's not fair on me Harry OR on your GIRLFRIEND, I felt something when you kissed me, I felt it and you clearly didn't!" I was interrupted by his lips on mine, again. It felt so amazing, like the last time. But I know that I shouldn't fall for his tricks again. So I pulled away.


"No Harry, I'm sorry" I could feel myself tearing up again.


I felt his fingers entwine with mine, and I didn't want to let go. 


"You don't understand, Chloe." His voice was low, and quiet, so no one inside could hear him, only me.


"I do understand, Harry. I'm just a bit on the side" I turned on my heels and walked back into the restaurant, using the sleeve of my cardigan to wipe my eyes. 


El and Lou had finished their lunch, and were sat talking, and by now Eleanor had a small glass of wine in front of her because she was legal. I however, am not. I still drink anyway, but not excessively.

"God where were you, your food's gone cold?" Eleanor questioned as I sniffed, I had to quickly think of an excuse.

"Oh... I" I was interrupted by Harry sitting down opposite me, he looked at me fast and turned his face away.

"Sorry, we were getting to know each other a bit better, anyway, I'm not even that hungry" Harry saved the day. I agreed with him, whenever I cry, I always lose my appetite. 

"No neither am I" I spoke again and had to sniff. 


The waiter who had been serving us walked over to us with the bill and handed it specifically to me, I glanced at it and noticed the 'PTO' on the bottom of the slip. So I did as I was told, on the back there was a number, a phone number with the message "call me sometime- Jordan xx" I'm not going to lie, Jordan is very hot, he was dark skinned and his hair was short, and his biceps... His biceps. But I don't feel for him like I do for Harry. 

"What's that?" Harry begins,

"The bill? What does it look like?" I answer back, pissed off and upset. 

"A phone number, actually." He chuckled back to himself and I could feel Louis and Eleanor getting tense. 

"Wrey! Is this jealousy I'm hearing Harry old boy?" Louis instantly lightens the mood.

"Why would I be getting jealous? I have a beautiful girl at home" This made me angry and upset, I did not need reminding thanks. Wow, that really hit home. He does have a beautiful girl at home and he has kissed me. Twice. 

"Right El, Lou. I'm gonna go home, the door is always unlocked so just come straight back in. Bye" once again, I forced a smile back on my face and smiled at Jordan as I walked out of the door. 


You're all I want,

So much it's hurting. 


This whole feelings thing sucks. 


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