I dont want us to end

Maliah's older brother Louis Tomlinson invites Maliah and two friends of hers Ariana and Nicole to stay with them for their break till the tour. Niall and Ariana become best friends and Niall starts to fall In love with Ariana. Louis is in love with his sisters friend. Will Maliah let her brother date her friend? Will Ariana and Nialls friend ship come to an end?


2. the phone call

Maliah's pov-

I was at Star Bucks with my two best friends, Ariana and Nicole. We were ordering our coffees then sat down and started to talking about school. My phone went off. My brother, Louis, was calling me.

"Hello" I said as I answered the phone. "Hey Maliah" Louis sounded happy "what's up?"

"Well, we just finished take me home tour.. And I was wondering if you, Ariana and Nicole would like to stay at me and the boys house for a while."

I didn't even need to ask the girls.

"Um, yeah sure, Louis."

"Great. Get packing cause I'm coming by to pick you girls up at mum's soon. Bye."

We quickly left home to start packing. My friends love the fact that my brother is Louis. This is going to be a long weekend..

Ariana's Pov-

We were in Star Bucks about 10 minutes ago, when Maliah got a call from her brother Louis. He asked if we wanted to stay with him since their tour is over.

I can't wait until Louis comes and picks us up. We were at home packing our clothes and everything we would need.

It's been long since I've talked to the boys Niall is my best friend. We always talk. When i finished packing, the time was 4:37. I had an hour left until Louis comes pick us up.

So I took a shower then got changed into my denim high waisted shorts and a floral crop top. I then straightened my hair and put on a little makeup.

I was as ready as I'll ever be.

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