I dont want us to end

Maliah's older brother Louis Tomlinson invites Maliah and two friends of hers Ariana and Nicole to stay with them for their break till the tour. Niall and Ariana become best friends and Niall starts to fall In love with Ariana. Louis is in love with his sisters friend. Will Maliah let her brother date her friend? Will Ariana and Nialls friend ship come to an end?


3. Louis mums house

Niall's Pov-

Ahh this is gonna be awesome! We finished up the take me home tour and we have a break. I can't wait until I get to see Ariana.

To be honest, I liked Ariana more than a friend but I'm afraid to tell her. It could ruin our friendship if she doesn't feel the same way.

Shes prefect to me. Her beautiful blue eyes are stunning and her smile when she laughs. She means the world to me!

I decided to go with Lou to get the girls from Louis' mums home. As we were driving, I asked Louis for advice.

"Louis, I need some advice" I asked.

"yeah about what?" "What if I really like a girl but she's my best friend? I want to tell her but I think it will ruin our friend ship." Their was a silence then Lou spoke. "Well, tell her how you feel about her. Wait... Is this about Ariana?" "Yeah, I really like her but I'm afraid she won't like me."

We arrived to Louis mum house. We got out and rang the door bell. Maliah answered "Louis! I missed you!" She hugged him and he hugged back

"I missed you too."

Next house was Nicole's then Ariana's. i couldn't wait.

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