I dont want us to end

Maliah's older brother Louis Tomlinson invites Maliah and two friends of hers Ariana and Nicole to stay with them for their break till the tour. Niall and Ariana become best friends and Niall starts to fall In love with Ariana. Louis is in love with his sisters friend. Will Maliah let her brother date her friend? Will Ariana and Nialls friend ship come to an end?


1. About the girls

About the girls:

Ariana: curly blonde hair light blue eyes tall and skinny her parents are divorced she lives with her mum 19 years old.

Nicole: Straight Brown hair hazel eyes tall and skinny 19 years old loves Nash Grier.

Maliah: straight chocolate brown hair blue eyes skinny 18 years old boyfriend is mason free Louis Tomlinson's sister

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