Hit the Road Jack

Welcome mi dears to the streets of East London. Here you'll find a warm bed for the night, just a complete of shillings if ya please. Our East End is home to many of work house family. We have the latest of illnesses and our life spans are low.
So I welcome ya to live 'ere, work in our factories or the brothels. What ever takes ya fancy...
Just stay out of my way!

Yours Sincerely


2. Before The Blades

Jacob sat down in the leather chair, wiping a tear from running down his cheek. He'd just returned from posting the letter. He'd passed at least eight policemen today on his walk, "Jesus, they're doubling every bleedin' day." Jacob's breath came out in an shaky gasp.


Jacob Richardson had been born in the middle of the Whitechapel area. He had grown up with a drunk father and a mother who kept her legs open twenty four seven. Jacob was the sixth child, of John and Nancy Richardson, out of fifteen. Many of his siblings didn't survive to adulthood. But the tiny house of three rooms was always bursting at the brim with the Richardson's offspring.

At the age of ten Jacob was sent of to work in a factory. This being a common thing for a lower class family Jacob went without complaint. But on his way to the factory he ran into a boy of his age,

" 'Ere ya want job?" The boy was wearing a pair of dusty trouser, waistcoat and a button down shirt. Apart from the dust the outfit was in tact, there were no holes in the boy's trousers, no rips in the waistcoat. And on closer inspection Jacob realised that it was patterned with gold trimming.

"Nah thanks, I got one at the factory," Jacob replied taking a step down the alleyway to the left, in the direction of the factory. The boy gave a hollow laugh,

"Oh bleedin' hell. A job at the factory, well ya majesty don't let me interrupt ya." Noticing the mocking tones Jacob paused and turned back to face the boy,

"What ya offering that could be better?" Jacob retorted. The boy gave a coy smile. He stepped up into Jacob's space,

"I mi fine fella am offering ya a once in a life time opportunity," the boy nudged Jacob down an alleyway.

Within minutes strangers were grabbing Jacob by the legs and arms, tying him up, gagging his mouth and then hauling him off somewhere.


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