My Saver

“W-what are you d-doing here?” I asked getting really nervous understanding why Niall was nervous earlier. He looked me straight into my eyes and I saw lust and anger.

“Clubbing, I was about to leave but then I saw a sexy lady sitting here all alone” he said licking his lips with his tongue. Where is Niall when you need him?

Louis began to take on me, letting his hand slip under my dress fining it’s way up too my underwear. I slapped his hand but he took my hand and led me outside the club. I tried to scream but Louis pressed his lips against mine to make me shut up.

“you left us darling, you broke the rule” Louis said.


2. Chapter Two

*Harry’s pov*

The lads and I were walking in the mall looking for our victim, for our slave game. I was the one in lead this year, my time to choose a girl. Of course it had to be a hot and sexy girl, so we could get turned on by looking at her. This game we have is called ‘the slave game’, we made it up last year because none of us had girlfriends and we had needs. Last year’s girl escaped from us after 2 weeks, it was really two good weeks. Every time one of us needed sex or some playing with her, we could just go up to her room and do it. She didn’t enjoy is so much, but we did. Actually she wasn’t the best, so this year she has to be perfect. The best part of the game is we can get hot contact with a girl, without emotions and feelings. Yesterday at the park I saw a girl, that could be perfect for the game, but I didn’t have the chance to talk to her. I don’t really care, there is a lot of girls out there, who will do it. Of course our fans don’t know it and really don’t have to know. If management knew, we would be screwed. Fortunately they don’t. It’s the last day to choose our girl, so we decided to go to a girl store. First we chose Victoria secret, but no one I thought was perfect. Next was Primark. We walked in and looked for a girl, when I ran into a girl, who dropped her red dress. I got down on my knees to get it for her, she did too, but I came first. I gave it to her and recognized that brown curly hair and brown eyes. It was that girl from yesterday. Hah, I found her. I knew she was perfect.

“Sorry I’m clumsy” she said looking at her dress in my hands. She looked me straight into my eyes and her eyes widened. She looked over at the boys and her eyes grew more. I guess she recognized us now.

“It’s okay love” I said and she looked at me, then the boys and looked confused at us. We came closer to her, but she just got more scared of us. I laughed a little and said “I guess you recognize us.” She didn’t say anything but just stared at us. Oh god, what if she’s a fan. Then we can’t use her, it’s against the rules, but I could see the boys thought she was hot too. Someone yelling Lucy twenty times interrupted us and she smiled relieved.  As she began to walk away and grabbed her wrist and turned her around.

“Here it’s two backstage passes for the concert at Madison square garden on Saturday” I said winking at her and left. I could see she was speechless, but I just hope she shows up tomorrow. Then the game can begin. I walked over to the lads and we walked out of the store and over to Nando’s to get some food. We ordered and sat down at a table. I am so grateful for finding the girl for the second year of the slave game. It’s our last show tomorrow, so we have a whole year off. It’s going to be cool, the first year we ever had a whole year off. Management said we needed to be ourselves and rest until the next tour. That’s why we need to have a slave girl, none of us want a girlfriend. All that love, feelings and her problems is just not for us. Just having a girl in our house to use whenever we is a perfect solution. It’s funniest when she don’t want to sleep with us and have a bad tone in her voice. That really turn me on and I’m sure some of the lads too. Tomorrow is going to be perfect. After the show we talk to her and ask her if she needs a ride home, then we kidnap her. It worked last year and now when I’m leading this year it will be perfect. There is just her friend, she isn’t hot and she has to go home too. But I have a solution for that, Liam is the Daddy Direction, so he just drives her home alone. I can’t wait for the game to begin..

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