My Saver

“W-what are you d-doing here?” I asked getting really nervous understanding why Niall was nervous earlier. He looked me straight into my eyes and I saw lust and anger.

“Clubbing, I was about to leave but then I saw a sexy lady sitting here all alone” he said licking his lips with his tongue. Where is Niall when you need him?

Louis began to take on me, letting his hand slip under my dress fining it’s way up too my underwear. I slapped his hand but he took my hand and led me outside the club. I tried to scream but Louis pressed his lips against mine to make me shut up.

“you left us darling, you broke the rule” Louis said.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Louis took me to the doctor and i was actually happy that he finally showed some care. Zayn didn't bother. He wasn't even with us right now. We are now sitting in the waiting room, waiting for the test results. We've been waiting for about ten minutes and Louis decided to break the silence.

"So you love Niall huh?" He suddenly asked without looking at me. He just stared at the door.

"Yeah.." i simply answered. I don't understand why he asked, but it didn't seem like him. Asking these kind of questions. I'm not sure if i should have said that i love Niall, maybe he'll hurt him. Louis has the power in the group. Niall and Liam left it and i don't know about Harry, but Zayn defiantly stayed. "What is Harry doing?" i asked without thinking, but i really wanted to know. he asked me to move in with me, but i haven't heard about him since.

"He never does anything other than eat, why?" Louis seems calm for a change, but i doubt that he actually changed. It's just because we are in public and this can hurt his career. When we get home, he'll be the same asshole again.

"Nothing" Was all i could manage to say. I didn't even know why i asked. I wish, i'm not pregnant. It will ruin everything. How am i gonna tell Niall? I mean, he didn't even ask me to be his girlfriend, but- "Lucy we have your results" a nurse interupted my thoughts. Oh fuck, please tell me i'm not pregnant.

We went into the room and sat down, Louis next to me and the doctor in front of us. "So is she pregnant?" Louis asked, he seemed nervous. I understand that, it may be his. Or Zayn's.

"Well, yes she is pregnant, but because you are only two weeks pregnant. We can give you an abortion already tomorrow, if you are interested." He explained, i was not in shock actually, i knew i was.

"She will get the abortion tomorrow thank you, here's my number call us about details" Louis gave him a number and just walked out and tugged me with him. That was rude. I gave them a pleading look, but they couldn''t do anything before i was out of the hospital.

"Louis! You can't just do that to the hospital!" i shouted at him, filled with anger. He pushed me up against the wall and hold me tight on my wrists. I wasn't scared, ironic enough. If paprazzi's snaps a pic of it, they're done. Wait, that includes Niall. I don't want that to happen. "Let me go, maybe someone sees this, it can be in magazines by tomorrow" i whisper shouted to him, i couldn't yell. Someone would notice.

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