My Saver

“W-what are you d-doing here?” I asked getting really nervous understanding why Niall was nervous earlier. He looked me straight into my eyes and I saw lust and anger.

“Clubbing, I was about to leave but then I saw a sexy lady sitting here all alone” he said licking his lips with his tongue. Where is Niall when you need him?

Louis began to take on me, letting his hand slip under my dress fining it’s way up too my underwear. I slapped his hand but he took my hand and led me outside the club. I tried to scream but Louis pressed his lips against mine to make me shut up.

“you left us darling, you broke the rule” Louis said.


6. Chapter Six

I couldn't believe that I’m their sex slave, what kind of people would do that? I mean they should have girlfriends, because I can't deny that they are really handsome. I still think it's weird, but i have to get used to it sometime. I haven't tried to escape yet, but i will try tonight. I can't stand being in this room anymore, not seeing the light. I know i can take away the curtains, but there is nothing much to see.

I sit up in my bed and turn to see the writing on the wall. "Help" I read it over and over Again, for like 2 minutes at least. Of course I know what it means, but the thing that I thinking is. Who wrote it? It must be a girl who have been here before, but I couldn’t think it through because Harry stormed into the room and slammed the door. I got scared and again because I didn’t get any clothes on this time. He sat down on my bed and look at me with a worried expression.

“What’s wrong Harry?” I ask him, it’s funny I’m asking him that question, when it’s be that got kidnapped. He looks down at the ground and his leg begins to shake. “Harry?” I ask him again hoping for an answer this time.

“What’s wrong? Yea what is wrong Lucy?” he finally spokes and looks out of the window “let me see. We kidnapped you drugged your friend and you realized that you are our slave” he says still looking out of the window.

“Sex slave” I corrected him and a tear appeared from his left eye. Why is he crying over that he got what he wanted? “Harry I can see it’s bothering you when I say it” I says and stands up with the duvet around my body, looking outside the window.

“We did this to you and know the three of us regret it” he says and I couldn’t stop thinking who the three of them is and who wrote ‘help’ on the wall.

“Who is the three of you?” I ask him sitting down next to him, but instead of answering me I runs out of the room. Before the door shuts and locks it selves I stop it with my hand and runs after Harry down the hallway. “HARRY!” I yell while running down the stairs.

I can’t see Harry when I enter the living room, but what I see is two boys standing in front of me with very angry expressions on their faces. Louis and Zayn. Their arms are crossed and they look at me like I did something wrong. Well, I guess I did when I left the room, but seriously they can’t make me be in there forever. Louis swung me over his shoulder and begin to walk upstairs again, but I kicked him in his stomach, which coasted me to fall down the stairs, when he dropped me.  I could see Zayn getting all red on his face and begin to run over to me. I ran into the kitchen and saw Niall cooking some dinner. I also saw a plate with a rose and my name on it. I smiled in the hurry and hid behind him. He turned around and saw me with tears in my eyes cuddling into him.

“Niall step away and give Lucy to me” I hear Zayn speak from behind Niall. I tighten my grip on Niall and I guess he can feel that I’m scared of him because he says “Get away from her Zayn” he says and hugs me. I manage to get a smile on my lips, but it fiats away when Louis appear from the stairs. He gets madder when he sees Niall and I.

“Come on love we can go up to my room and eat” Niall says and takes the plate and my hand after turning off the fire. He leads us up to a large bedroom with a king sized bed. I look around and sees a door, I walk over and opens the door and sees a big white bathroom. Niall sits on the bed and waits for me. I sit down next to him and he hands me the plate with eggs, bacon, some juice, a rose and a paper with my name on. I look at Niall and he just smiles back to me.

“Why did you, Harry and Liam regret having me as a sex slave?” I ask Niall and his smiled fiats away. He looks down at my breakfast and smiles again.

“My reason is I wouldn’t be able to see a beautiful and sweet girl like you get abused” he says and his eyes looks worried now. This boy changes emotions every five minutes. First he was just like the other boys, now he is one of the boys, who is sweet. I smile of his reason.

“Should we watch a movie or something?” I asked trying to avoid the awkwardness.

“Sure what kind of movie?” Niall asks sitting with a box in his hands in front of the big flat screen he has in his bedroom.

“A romance” I answer him and he flashes his perfect smile. His teeth is perfect, I can clearly see his braces had helped him. Niall takes the most classic romance ‘Titanic’. I giggle at his choice. He sat down beside me and toke one of my bacon slices. I playfully slapped his arm. “You ate m bacon!” I laugh yelled at him.

“You laughed at my choice!” he defended himself laughing.

“Well it was a giggle not a laugh” I tried to defend myself like he did, but I failed. We both burst out laughing. The movie begin and Niall muted the light and sat back down next to me.

It was in the middle of the movie where Titanic hit the iceberg. All the people panicking and screaming. Always when I see this part I think about how must have been. I always falls asleep while thinking it and this time I did too.

*Niall’s pov*

I saw Lucy sleeping with her head on my shoulder. I smiled and took away the plate from her and placed it on the table on my site of the bed. She looked so peaceful while sleeping. How could I even agree to The Slave Game again this year after what happened last year? It was the most horrible thing that could ever happen, what if it happens to Lucy too. I can’t let that happen. Well, I might explain what happened last year.



It was Zayn who got the chance to be the leader of the first year of The Slave Game. We decided to do this game since we all didn’t have girlfriends and he all had needs as boys. We are famous so it shouldn’t be a problem getting one girl to agree to do it. The Slave Game consist of Zayn, this year’s leader choose a girl he thinks is perfect. Zayn chooses a girl named Chelsea and I have to say she is a pretty girl, but not really my type. We keep her in an extra room in our flat. Whenever we want to do ‘it’ we just go up there and force her to it. Louis and Zayn is the most aggressive ones. They tighten her to the bed and do it rough. Every time it’s Louis or Zayn I can hear her scream in pain. I only did it once and I didn’t like the thought of forcing her to it. Seeing the pain in her eyes, hearing her screaming and seeing the tears streaming down her face. It hurts my soul. I really don’t hope I’m going to be the leader next year, I can’t live with that pain. Chelsea ended up with jumping out of the window, which causing her to die. Yes, we actually killed her mentally, which lead to killing herself physically. No one ever found out, not even the management. If this gets out to the whole world, we will lose our jobs, fans and our whole career.

Lucy has her arm wrapped around my torso. Her hair is laying on her cheeks. I take her perfect straight brown hair behind her ears, so I can see her perfect pink lips and her eyelashes which is laying on her cheeks. I can see why Harry selected her out of the mall. Her friend was pretty, but not as perfect as Lucy. Not even the last year’s girl was as perfect as Lucy. She is just what I look in a girl. The problem is, I don’t know if she will ever like me after I kidnapped her with the boys. I need a plan. I really don’t hope Louis or Zayn will do anything as bad to her as they did last year. I took my MacBook beside me and checked their where any apartments I could buy and get Lucy out of here. Away from Louis and Zayn.

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