My Saver

“W-what are you d-doing here?” I asked getting really nervous understanding why Niall was nervous earlier. He looked me straight into my eyes and I saw lust and anger.

“Clubbing, I was about to leave but then I saw a sexy lady sitting here all alone” he said licking his lips with his tongue. Where is Niall when you need him?

Louis began to take on me, letting his hand slip under my dress fining it’s way up too my underwear. I slapped his hand but he took my hand and led me outside the club. I tried to scream but Louis pressed his lips against mine to make me shut up.

“you left us darling, you broke the rule” Louis said.


9. Chapter Nine

Hey Guys! So i found the Winner of my competition and her idea was simple but genius at the same time. Her name is Casie and she won to be Liam's girlfriend. Congratulations Casie! Enjoy the book every chapter cause you're in it! I have a Little thing to explain for you because i did this chapter today when i told you i couldn't. I will not be posting chapter 10 until December 30th. I made this chapter as long as i could, so i hope you will enjoy it!

Liam's POV

I woke up to a message from my secret lover. I rubbed my eyes and slowly turned around in my bed facing my phone on the table. Nobody knows that i’ve been seeing her in half a year now. Her name is Casie, and she has long black hair, she is so beautiful. With other words she is perfect for me. She has the most beautiful eyes.

~Text convo~

Casie <3: Morning babe xx

Liam: Good morning beautiful xx

Casie <3: Can I come over today? Xx

Liam: Yea sure babe, see you in an hour xx

~End of text convo~

The lads don’t know about Casie, but I can feel it’s time for them to know. So it’s gonna be today, in an hour. I hope they like her, because she is my love. I know the boys will be mad at me, for not saying and saying yes to the slave game. It’s only available to do the game if all of us doesn’t have a girlfriend. I guess Lucy is free to go after today then. I actually doesn’t know if anyone have done it with her yet. Niall have been a lot with her and it looks like he begins to grove feelings for her, but I know Harry does too. Where is Harry btw?

Well I have to get ready before Casie comes. I looked at my watch and saw it was 9 am, then Casie comes at 10 am. I have exactly an hour to get ready. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I let the warm water hit my body, thinking about how the boys would react. They will probably be mad at me, but right now I don’t care I just want to be with my girl.

I looked myself in the mirror one last time before going downstairs. I smiled at my reflection and made my way downstairs. I saw the boys playing FIFA 13 and the big flat screen. I made some quick cereal and ate it as fast I could. It was already 9:55 am, she can be here any minute now. I placed my bowl in the dishwasher and ran upstairs to brush my teeth. When I was done I could hear the doorbell. I ran down the stairs to get it before the other boys. To my luck none of them even thought about getting it. I opened the door and smiled to the sight of my beautiful girl. Her smile made my knees go weak.

“Come in” I polity said to her smiling. She came in and we walked over to the boys, to see they didn’t pay attention at all. Lucy came running down the stairs and sat next to Niall. She cuddled up to him under the blanket and watched him play against Louis.

“Guys” I said and finally got their attention “this is Casie my girlfriend” I said hoping she wouldn’t say anything against my words. To my bad luck she did. She gave me a confused look and said “Girlfriend? You haven’t asked me that question” she said with the sweet voice that belong to her. I smiled and thought it wasn’t so bad at all, then I could ask her right here in front of them all.

“Casie will you be my girlfriend?” I said with hope in my voice. She smiled big “Yes of course” she smiled and I pulled her in for a sweet and passionate kiss on the soft lips of hers. She smiled into the kiss and so did I. She was finally mine after waiting for six months.

“Liam? Can we talk with you for a minute?” Louis’ voice said with an angry voice. I nodded knowing what they were about to attack me with. We walked out to the kitchen and I sat on one of the bar chairs. All three boys giving me mad glares.

“You know you can’t have a girlfriend while we have this game going on!” Zayn yelled into my face, getting me a little uncomfortable in this position. “Then we have to let Lucy go” he explained the rules I already knew.

“I know, but I don’t care. I love her and Lucy is happy with Niall so she can be here with him” I suggested, I saw in the corner of my eye Niall smiling. I got up walking over to Casie kissing her on the cheek and walked upstairs to my room hand in hand.

Harry's POV

I had finally done all the paper work with the realtor about the new apartment I have bought for Lucy and i. I have been away from the house since I got the idea and found out that I really like her. I don’t like this game, it’s weird, but I know Louis and Zayn loves to play with her. I really just want her away from that hell, that’s going on in that house. We kept her in that room like she was some kind of an animal that I let out of its cage.

As I walked my way over to the front door, I thought about her friend. Maddison right? She is probably freaking out right now. I just have to ask her to live with me in private so she can get away from there and she can still visit her friend. Great plan Styles I thought to myself.

I slowly opened the door seeing the boys playing FIFA 13, but what caught my eye was Lucy and Niall cuddling and laughing together under a blanket. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Niall likes her, just like me. I was about to leave when an angel voice talked to me “Harry where have you been?” she asked looking me straight into my eyes, making my knees go weak.

“Lucy can I talk with you in private?” I asked her getting serious. Her smiled was gone by now and I could see she was really nervous. What have Louis and Zayn done to her? She probably thinks I’m going to rape her or something. Well, I’m not. She came up to me and we walked into my room, making sure nobody could hear us. We sat down on the bed and I held her hand.

“Lucy I know you like being here, that’s why I was out for so many days. I bought you an apartment for us two” her eyes widened but I continued “I really like you and I won’t hurt you” I ended my question and a tear escaped from her eye. Why is she crying? Was it too much?

“I-I can’t Harry, I’m sorry” she said walking crying out from my bedroom. Why was she crying and most of all why couldn’t she live with me? I am so confused, I thought she would be happy.

Niall's POV

I saw Lucy coming crying down the stairs, she looked really hurt. I knew I shouldn’t have letting her go with her. Nobody in this house thinks of her feeling beside me. I quickly got up and ran over to her. I hugged her tight and kissed her forehead. Her eyes were filled with depression and sadness. She was so happy earlier when I asked her to live with me.

“What did he do?” I asked, knowing it was Harry’s fault. She hugged me even tighter, letting her tears fall from her beautiful eye down to my white shirt. She looked up at me after some seconds of crying.

“He wanted me to live with him” she said between tears, holding on to my waist. How could he do that? So that’s what he have been during these past days. If he had been here, he would have known that I asked her yesterday and told everyone. Louis and Zayn got upset, but that’s what happens when they really are into the game. I can’t handle my feelings for her. I like her.

“Come one babe, it’s time for us to leave to our new home” I said making her stop crying. She smiled up and me and got on top of her toes to give me a sweet peek on my lips. Did she just kiss me? Our first kiss. We both smiled and said goodbye to the boys, taking my luggage.

We sat in my car on our way to our new home, but first I wanted to surprise her. I drove over to the apartment she lived in with Maddison. Her eyes widened as she saw I parked in front of the door.

“W-What are we doing here?” she asked confused but happy. I smiled at her and got out of the car, walked out and opened the door for her.

“To get your things and for you to explain to Maddison” I said hoping she still would move in with me. As we walked into the elevator I took my chance and asked her.

“You’ll still move in with me right?” I asked her. She smiled and gave me the second peek on my lips for today. I couldn’t believe it. I really like her and it’s normally me kissing girls first, but she did it the first two times. She must like me.

“Of course, I’m just really happy you brought me here” she exclaimed running out from the elevator right when it opened. I laughed and ran after her seeing her stop at door no. 152a. I’ll remember that. The girl I assumed to be Maddison opened the door. I could see she have been crying. Well that is understandable. She jumped on Lucy and they both smiled like never before. A smile came onto my lips too, seeing Lucy being so happy. Just like she makes me happy.

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