My Saver

“W-what are you d-doing here?” I asked getting really nervous understanding why Niall was nervous earlier. He looked me straight into my eyes and I saw lust and anger.

“Clubbing, I was about to leave but then I saw a sexy lady sitting here all alone” he said licking his lips with his tongue. Where is Niall when you need him?

Louis began to take on me, letting his hand slip under my dress fining it’s way up too my underwear. I slapped his hand but he took my hand and led me outside the club. I tried to scream but Louis pressed his lips against mine to make me shut up.

“you left us darling, you broke the rule” Louis said.


8. Chapter Eight

I woke up with two strong arms around me again. I could get used to this position. Niall makes me feel save. He is not like Louis or Zayn, but again he agreed with all the boys in the beginning. Maybe it's just a trick to get into my pants. Not forcing me to, but wanting me to. I shook the thought out of my head and walked out to the bathroom. I fixed my hair and brushed my teeth. When i got out to Niall, who still was sleeping i sat down next to him. I admired hos handsomeness. He had no shirt on, so i could see some of his abs. Which i have to say is pretty sexy.

After like two minutes Niall spoke "like what you see?" He asked getting out of bed. What? Has he been awake all time?

"Uhm.. Wasn't you asleep?" I asked confused. Niall laughed and shook his head. He walked downstairs and i followed him hoping not to see Louis again. I went over to the couch and sat down next to Liam. He smiled at his phone and texted with someone.

 "Who are you texting with?" I asked getting all curios. He looked up at me and smiled.

 "Harry, he said he has a surprise for you" he said smirking to me, i smiled back and went over to Niall in the kitchen. He is cooking breakfast again, eggs bacon juice and a rose. He looked up at me and smiled.

"This is for you" he said giving me the plate. This time my name wasn’t on the paper but it said 'Sorry'. I gave him a confused look. "Sorry for yesterday about Louis" he said sitting down next to me at the bar chairs. "I'm sorry for not being there for you" he said with sadness in his eyes. I gave him a hug to say it's fine. It wasn't his fault, that Louis is a bad person. After eating our breakfast i decided to ask about the written on my wall.

"Niall, why does there stand help on my wall in my room?" I finally asked him thinking i maybe shouldn't have asked. He got a bit nervous and looked down at the table. Why was he so nervous about my question? I felt like he wouldn’t answer me, so I just got up thanked for breakfast and walked up to my room.

When I opened my door to my room I saw Zayn and Louis sitting on my bed. Probably waiting for me. I was about to go out again, but Zayn pulled me in and locked the door. They pushed me on the bed and Louis got on top of me, while Zayn sat beside us, so there where no way I could get away.

“Zayn, don’t you think our little girl need to get punished?” Louis asked Zayn smirking at me. Zayn nodded and Louis began to snog me really hard, while Zayn was took me on my body. He reached the bottom of my shirt and began to lift it up. I tried to push and kick them, but this time it wasn’t to any use.

“Isn’t it hot in here, why don’t we fix that” Zayn said smirking. He ripped my shirt into two pieces, so I laid in only my bra and jeans. Louis pulled away and began to take on my like Zayn did before. They got up and began to take of my jeans, but I kicked Zayn in his stomach. He felt onto the floor.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have done that” Louis said and took some handcuffs from his pocket. He got closer to me and took my wrist and tied me to the bed. Now I couldn’t do anything else than kick them. Louis took of my jeans and this time Zayn got on top of me. “You got it mate?” Louis asked Zayn, he nodded and Louis leaved the room. Zayn smirked and began to snog me just as rough as Louis did.

After what seemed like hours he pulled away and began to take of my bra and panties. He smiled at my naked body and began to take of his clothes too. He came back on top of me and quickly and rough entered me. I felt so much pain and everything went black.

~2 Hours later~ Niall’s pov

I sat on the couch in the living room with Liam and Louis. Harry has been gone since yesterday, I don’t know what he is doing, but I guess something with girls. Louis kept smirking and smiling at me. I haven’t talked to Lucy since she asked me that question. I don’t know how she is going to react when I tell her. Sooner or later I’m going to tell her. She is too sweet to be in this shit, but if we let her go then she will tell the whole world. I don’t know yet if I can trust her, but when I’m alone with her I feel like I need to protect her. I need to tell her know, before the other boys do. They will do everything to ruin her life more.

I walk up to Lucy’s room, but then I hear some moans. Oh no. Please, not be what I think it is. I stood outside her room and listened to if I could hear any screams or crying. Nothing. Was she enjoying it? I could only hear moans, but only from a manly voice. I got even more worried and opened the door to see the worst sight ever.

Zayn was laying on top of Lucy and fucking her, while she was passed out with her hands in handcuffs. Zayn haven’t noticed me yet, so he kept moaning. It was so disgusting.

“STOP!” I yelled from the top of my lunges. Zayn got shocked and moved away from Lucy, covering himself. EW, Zayn’s thing isn’t what I want to see know. “GET OUT!” I yelled at him and he ran out of the room. On his way out he smirked at me, but I just pushed him out. I looked over at Lucy. She was so little and because I’m a boy I can’t stop looking at her body. She has a hot body, but I quickly covered her up. I took off the handcuffs and without thinking, I took her up caring her into my room. I laid her down on my bed and covered her again with my duvet. She was still passed out. I couldn’t let her be alone anymore. It’s perfect that I bought a new apartment for me and Lucy. Yes I bought an apartment for us. I don’t say we have to get married, but to get her away from this hell.

I had to admit I am beginning to get feelings for her, but will she ever feel the same?

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