Everybody talks

Harry styles understands rumours can get crazy. But what will happen when he is rumoured to be dating a fan? Will all the hate stop? Will the world ever get over it? Or will Harry turn into a lovebird? What will happen if Louis meets the same girls friend? Will it be love, or regret?


8. hospital

Zayn's p.o.v.

After philly got taken to the hospital, we all heard shouting. Louis and Harry were fighting. What? They were best friends! Then they stopped shouting. I turned to Louis who was sitting down. Everyone else was agape too. Then Harry got on a bus without us! Harry was a good lad, why the heck did he do that? He was really nice too. Maybe he just lost it. After that we called a cab and raced to the hospital.

*2 days later*

Ali's p.o.v.

It's been two days now and we have been in and out of hospital. Harry has slept there. Philly still hasn't woken. I wanted to see here this morning so I decided to catch the bus up there with the boys . Once we got to the hallway near Philly's room, there was a great deal of shouting going on coming from her door. Well, I couldn't recognize voices but one was shouting and one was calming the shouting one down, calling him 'sir' so I presumed that was a doctor.then I got closer and heard Harry's voice. Why was he shouting? He never gets angry. The only time he got angry was at Lou, and has apoligized. As we all got closer and exchanged worried glances, I heard what they were saying.

"What the heck do you mean she probably slipped into a coma?! Can you do anything to help? WHY IS SHE NOT WAKING!! MAKE HER WAKE!" He screamed.

"Calm down, sir. We are doing what we can."


Then he took a few deep breaths.

"I'm sorry for shouting. Is there anything I can do?" Harry asked.

"Well, if she wakes please tell me but- Just wait. I'm sorry." The doctor said, and walked out of the room. Then we walked in, and Harry was by the bed crying.

"How is she doing?" I asked.

"*sniff* t-the *sniff* doctor thinks *sniff*.." He started.

"Mate, here." Niall said, passing him some tissues.

He blew his nose and went on.

"The doctor thinks she is in a coma because she was hit on the head. There is nothing we can do but wait, and s-she may n-never wake again." He said shakily. Then he burst into tears.

I started sniffling too. Philly was my best friend- I didn't want to lose her. I soon started crying too. Then we all started crying.

After hours we were all in silence, until we heard a muffled, "hello?" coming from the bed. Philly was awake! Harry shot up and went to her bed. Liam, Louis and Niall went to find a doctor and zayn and I followed Harry.

"Philly, darling can you hear me?" He asked.

"What? Who's philly? Who are you? Why does my head hurt? Where am I?" She asked us. Her face was full of confusion.

"Philly, it's me, Harry, your boyfriend. D-Don't you remember me?" Harry said slowly, breaking at the end and yet again, bursting into tears. Normally I would cheer everyone up by saying as a joke, cry me a river,(A/N don't you just love Liam's performance?) build a bridge and GET OVER IT! But this was serious, I was sad too and nothing can lighten the mood now. The doctor walked in, and all I said was, "she doesn't remember."

(A/N I hope you liked my early and long chapter. I just thought I would update early because next week I am going away, and the week after I am very busy, which means I will only have a about 2-5 updates for you guys in this next month. I am also putting my other movellas on a bit of a hold, I am doing them one by one with this one first. And I am also working on a new one. I will try to squeeze in one more update next week, maybe around Wednesday but no promises. Thanks!)

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