Everybody talks

Harry styles understands rumours can get crazy. But what will happen when he is rumoured to be dating a fan? Will all the hate stop? Will the world ever get over it? Or will Harry turn into a lovebird? What will happen if Louis meets the same girls friend? Will it be love, or regret?


4. date drama and holiday house

Philly's p.o.v.

So it's been about a month since Harry and I started dating, and it's great. We are proper and love each other so much- and, since I'm famous now, I actually GET money. Yep, each month, they cough me up half a million dollars- so what more can I ask? My job is dating a charming boy, and my pay in a month is more than my mum has earned in her life! Tonight, me and Harry are going to a romantic outdoor film. We will wear black since it is public, but I think they will still spot us. They meaning fans and paps- which I'm used to now.

Harry's p.o.v.

I picked Philly up at 8:30pm for our winter outdoor movie. We brought rugs and sat down near the front, since we were early. No offence to ali, but she was sorta out third wheel, and she didn't come. She absolutely loved it though- and she got payed $1,000 a month, too! Anyways, they both tour with us now. We sat down and philly said she needed to go to the bathroom- and she walked off. Bodyguards offered to go with her but she refused and joked,

"If I go missing, tell Harry I loved h- oh, right. Harry I love you." Then she went to the bathroom.

Philly's p.o.v.

I finally found a washroom, but the whole time I felt as If I was being watched. I thought nothing of it and walked into the bathroom, but was pulled back. There was two girls with a baseball bat.

"Stay away from Harry." They threatens and were about to hit me when I ran. I ran so hard. And I tripped over paps and fans. They had found us. Then the cameras turned to me. I found a bodyguard and we ran to the car, called Harry and went- it was too crowed.

3 weeks later

Nialls p.o.v.

Me and the boys and Ali and Philly are going to a holiday house- we have a whole 3 months off today we told them we have a 3 month tour in Australia, so they packed there bags. Only, when we got off the plane- we had a plan.

Louis p.o.v.

Me and Ali have been getting on well, and we are basically dating, so when We got off the plane to Australia, Harry nodded at me. I pulled a bag over Ali, and Harry did the same to philly. We were pretending to kidnap them, and then we would let them free when we got to the holiday house.

"Don't move or you will never see 1d again." Harry said in a husky voice. We were trying not to laugh as we put them in the tour bus.

Ali's p.o.v.

The boys were having a tour in Australia so we got off the plane. I couldn't wait, a whole three months with Louis and the boys! I really loved Louis and we were basically dating. Then a bag was pulled over us and we were told not to move. Hours later, I was so scared when u was being moved. Had I been kidnapped? Then I saw the light. The light of a mansion. A mansion with a beach concerned. I turned around and all the boys were smiling and Ali was next to me.

"Oh my gosh I will get you boys!you scared the crap out of me" Philly laughed. Clearly she had fallen for it too.

"But why are we in this beautiful house?" I asked.

The boys told us they had a 3 month BREAK before a 3 month tour in Australia.

"And so we are spending it at this private house- no one know were we are." Harry added with a smile.


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