Everybody talks

Harry styles understands rumours can get crazy. But what will happen when he is rumoured to be dating a fan? Will all the hate stop? Will the world ever get over it? Or will Harry turn into a lovebird? What will happen if Louis meets the same girls friend? Will it be love, or regret?


2. bathroom drama/concert

Liam's p.o.v.

Tonight we are performing in our where we are tour, Pasadena. It is now 8 hours and a half before the concert. Harry says he needs to go to the bathroom, which is out the back. I do too.

"Sorry, too many fans out the back- go to the one in the arena. There will be heaps of paparazzi, but only a couple fans, devoted ones who payed to get in early. Get Sam and his James to come with you." Paul instructed. Harry and I nodded.

"Sam! James! Over here!" I called.

They were personal bodyguards.

"Yes, Liam?" James asked.

We went to the bathroom.

Philly's p.o.v.

Ali and I payed to get in early- soooo early. We parked the car and ran in. We needed to go to the bathroom, so we did.

I stopped in my tracks. Right there. Liam James Payne. Harry Edward Styles. Right in front of us. Alice saw them too. They didn't look up and kept walking to the men's washroom. Then, Harry bumped into me. I fell down. Harry smiled at me. He offered to help me up and said sorry. I was too mesmorirzed to say anything. Then he fell. ON TOP OF ME. Harry freakin styles was on top of me. I smiled. He laughed.

"You like this, huh?" He mutterd.

"Yea- I mean, n-" I started, but was interpreted by clicks. Camera clicks.

"Papparizi." Liam moaned, same with Harry. Then he got off me, pulled me up and he and the bodyguards ran into the men's washroom.

Me and Ali stayed silent for ages. Minutes. It felt like hours went pass, until Ali burst out laughing. I soon did too.

*9 hours later*

Random fans p.o.v.

'Mabye she's just tryin to test me, wanna see how hard I'm gonna work' nialls beautiful voice sang. This was 1d's final song in the L.A. Concert. I cried, and as the last beat of 'She's not afraid' went. Nooooo! Don't leave!

I did notice how distracted Harry was. He kept smiling AND frowning. Weird.

After the concert, I checked my phone on 1d updates. It was full of Harry! He and a girl. Harry at the start of the concert had taken it to the next level with a girl he didn't even know. There was a video so I pressed play. Harry was smiling and laughing, and the girl smiled back. He was on top of her, and it looked like they were about to kiss. Then Harry asked her if she like it, and then she said yeah. Then the video stopped.

*3 days later*

Ali and I have officially finished school. Today. In 1 minute.

Then, graudiaton finished. School. Is. Over. WHOOOOOOOOOOO! Ali and I cheered.

We hated school. Now it was done, we could geek over 1d 24/7. Speaking of 1d- ever since the 'incident with Harry' the rumors over the world are we are dating and Harry wants to marry me. Fans are crazy. The press over reacts everything. Harry and 1d are getting hate. It's not very good.

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