Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


3. Weird

I walked through the corridor of the school with my head down, the boy's told me why they have been bullying me all this time and i feel kind of bad for them, they got forced to bully me, but who would force them? i mean  they must of really hated me if they wanted me to be upset and hurt every day. I got my books out of my locker avoiding everyone around me. "You alright babe?" i heard a voice call in my ear, i turned to see harry leaning against on of the lockers. "hey harry" i smiled, "So you hanging out with us boys tonight then?" "Yeah sure" i smiled, it's nice to be treated like a real person instead of a girl in the corner who no one likes. 

Zayn's POV

I walked through the corridor and saw harry talking to esme, i clenched my fist into my pocket, i hated this plan, but i don't want to loose my mates. I don't fancy esme or anything, well i don't think so..no zayn you don't..no. I walked towards them and loosened up a bit. "Hey esme" he smiled, but i wasn't faking it, i was actually being nice to her, not faking it like the rest of the boys. "Hey zayn" she smiled, i swear i saw her blush, does she like me?..

Esme's POV

I walked to my first class and sat straight down, i had to sit in front of louis and harry but knowing they won't be hurting me anymore makes me feel so much better about myself. I got out my book and started writing from a text book. "Hey esme" louis smirked. I looked at him and smiled. "Hey" Just as i turned away i felt a hand on the top of my arm, it traced down to my hips and made circles, i turned around to see harry winking at me, i blushed and turned back round. I looked out the window of the classroom and sighed, why are school days so boring?.. "ESME SAUNDERS" i heard a shout, i shot my head to the front of the classroom to see a women standing in the doorway of the classroom. "Y-yeah?" I stuttered afraid of what was going on. "Come outside, i need to talk to you" i got up and walked out of the classroom. "Yes miss?" "Well i wanted to speak to you about your class work, i've noticed it has been going up and down again, anything you need to tell me about whats been going on to make your grades keep changing?" I thought about when the boys use to abuse me, that was the reason my grades have been changing. "I don't know miss sorry, i'll try to work harder, i promise" i smiled, and i meant it, i was going to try harder,me being the nerdy girl i am needs to have good grades.."Well good miss Saunders, you may go back in to lesson" she spoke and i did as she said.


Finally, lunch time, i'm starving, i walked over to the women and ordered some food then saw  the boys, they all waved for me to sit next to them and i did. It was strange talking to them and hanging around with them but i would prefer this than getting used as a punching bag everyday. "So we were talking and wondering if you wanna skip next lesson with us? i mean, it's only science.." liam smirked..i didn't like the sound of this. "E-erm i can't get into trouble..my mum will ground me" i stuttered. "Oh come on beautiful, it's only 1 lesson" niall chimed in, did he just call me beautiful?.."Okay then, only this once" They all smirked at each other.

When lunch finished we decided to go back to niall's house instead of going to our last lesson.  "So what shall we do?" louis smirked. "Let's play truth or dare" harry half shouted..oh no. Last time i kissed a boy was when i was about 10.."So, liam, i dare you to kiss esme on the cheek" harry smirked, i'm guessing i had to do it as liam was already leaning in..He kissed me gently on the cheek making me blush, why do i blush so much?.."Now, i dare zayn to make out with esme" Oh great..how do i even kiss him? yeah i'm 17 but I've never made out with a boy, I've always been to much of a good two shoes and concentrated on school. Zayn smiled and started leaning in, once our lips connected it's like i knew what i was doing, well he definitely knew what he was doing anyway. He slipped his tongue into my mouth leaving me a bit shocked and i snaked my arms around his neck, i began to get butterflies forming inside of my stomach. "Okay guys, that's enough" we departed and the boys were snickering at us. 

Zayn's POV

I couldn't help but smile after the kiss, liam looked at me weirdly but i just shook it off, was i really started to get feelings for her?..what she doesn't know is that she's going to get so heartbroken soon and she's going to be torn apart and the worst thing is, i'm one of the people who's going to be tearing her apart..

Esme's POV

"Guy's, i have to head home now" i half smiled, i was really enjoying myself with them for once.."I'll give you a lift" harry smiled, i nodded my head at him and when i looked at zayn we looked a bit worried..i shrugged it off and followed harry into his car, it was a nice big car, i guess i'll never know how he could afford a car as nice as this..maybe his parents are rich or something. I looked out the window of the car one it started moving and felt a hand on my thigh, i turned to face harry to see him smirking. I ignored him and kept my eye on the road. "Harry, this isn't the way to my house" i spoke looking a bit confused. "I know, i want to show you something first" he smiled, something wasn't right..

The car stopped at a deserted place, no one was around at all, so what did he wanted to show me?..i looked at him to see he took his seat belt off. "Take your seat belt off" I did as he said and he leaned over to me and placed his hand over my cheek and lean't forward. I felt his soft warm lips on mine and i kissed him back, i felt him smile through the kiss which tickled my lips. One we let go of each other i opened my mouth to speak but he pressed his index finger over them. He grabbed my hand and lifted me over to the back seats where there were tinted black windows. Oh no..he's not going to have sex with me is he?..no. I felt him kiss my neck making me shiver, he quickly took off my top and my trousers leaving me a bit shocked of how fast he can undress someone. "Har-" "Shh esme" he whispered into my ear. He took off his trousers and top revealing his tattooed chest, my eyes got wider as i looked at each of his inked tattoo's. He slipped his boxers off after taking my pants off. I wasn't even thinking about what was about to happen, i was in shock..Before i was about to speak he inserted himself into me quickly, what he didn't know was that i was a virgin, he probably did know deep down but surely he shouldn't be this hard on me at first.. i screamed at the pain and pulled on his hair. he kissed my neck making me shiver again, after a few minutes of him thrusting into me the pain went and turned into pleasure, i gasped into his ear and started massaging his back with my nails. 

Once he finished thrusting into me we both got dressed and he smirked at me, i half smiled at him and put my head down. Out of all the people i didn't think harry styles, one of my bully's well ex-bullys would be the one to take my virginity from me. 

We reached my house and harry kissed my cheek. "Thanks for a good night" he whispered making me smile. "And you" i said shyly..i walked from the car to see him smirking at me..i soon regretted what just did. 

"Darling, why are you home so late?" my mum half shouted. "oh sorry mum, a mate gave me a lift and the traffic was really bad" i lied, i never lie to my mum..but i can't tell her what i just did, she was ground me forever. 

Zayn's POV

Harry walked back in with a huge smirk on his face.."Yo bro, why are you so smiley?" liam asked. He took the words right out of my mouth i took a huge gulp of my beer before placing it back down on the table. "Mate, i just had sex with esme Saunders" he spoke before pretending to be sick. I clenched my fists, how could he..she was probably a virgin as well. "way to go mate, now she will be more heart broken when we tell her it was all a trick" they all laughed, i laughed with them so they don't think i'm acting weird..


Hi guys, sorry if this chapters a little rubbish, its just a little filler, the next chapter is going to be better, promise!









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