Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


6. Shocked

I woke up with a really bad headache.."Clara, clara wake up" "Ouch, my head" she moaned. "Yeha mine hurts too, what did we do last night?" i wondered, i honestly don't remember from all the alcohol.."Well, you had a few fags and you had sex with someone in the club toilets" she laughed. my jar dropped. "What?..why would i do that?..thats not what i do, are you being serious?" "yeah ahah" "so i guess i really have changed then?" "yeah and it's only been 1 day.." I rubbed my head and began to get a few flashbacks from the club last night, of the boy pushing me up against the wall and kissing my neck, and i remember smoking a fag on the floor.."So what are we doing today then?whats the time?" "shit..it's 3pm" clara looked at me shocked.."What? we've wasted nearly a full day in bed.." i moaned "Oh well, well today i'm taking you to the gym" "What why?" "because we are working on protecting yourself, i mean come on, you don't want to be scared anymore right? and you only have this afternoon left with me, i got home tomorrow..and you have school tomorrow, you need to be ready babe" i half smiled at the idea.."I guess" I felt my nose piercing and smirked remembering i had it done. "Right, i'm going to brush my teeth then start getting ready for the gym i guess" i spoke with my croaky voice. I walked into the bathroom and got my toothbrush and tooth paste and started to brush hard on my teeth. I walked back into the bedroom to find clara all dressed. "Wait where did you get those clothes? did we pop to yours last night when we were drunk?" i asked curious. "No, these are some of the things i bought yesterday" she smirked. "oh yeah.." i looked in my wardrobe and saw some really short gym shorts and a vest top. i got it out and some air max's. "Does this look okay?" "Looks good es" she winked, i smirked at her before getting my phone. I had a text..'hey babe, great night last night, had fun in the cubicle;) sorry i got your phone number from your phone, i wanted to see you again, alex x' "omg.." i looked at it shocked. "Whats up? you look like you have just seen a ghost" "the boy i had sex with last night text me." i hit my head on the door in regret, "He was cute babe" "how do you even remember?" i looked at her curious. "Because i never had as much as you.." i half smiled at her. "Now lets get going" We walked downstairs and saw my mum. "Mum were going to he gym" "okay, are you alright? you don't normally go gym and you don't normally wear contacts or anything either" she looked curious.."I just wanted a change mum" i smirked. "And what is that in your nose" "oh, i had it done yesterday.." "well don't let your dad see it, he doesn't like piercings" i sighed before we left the house..god my parents were so protective, especially my dad. 

Once we arrived at the gym we got a few stares, there were a lot of cute boys, and i mean A LOT Some people whistled at us making us smirk but we ignored them. "Let's get to the boxing ring" clara demanded, i wasn't looking forward to this.. We got inside the boxing ring and she told me to put the gloves on, i put them on and started to warm up, she out these weird pads on hers hands. "Now, throw some punches at me..i was about to hit her face but she stopped me with the pad. "Babe, hit the pads not actually me.." she laughed. "Ooops sorry" i started to hit the pads and i was pretty impressed with myself. "Now, i want you to pretend the pads are your bully's faces" once she said that i started to hit the pads really hard. "Stop, no i'm going to move and you have to defend yourself okay?" i nodded and did as she said, it's lucky i have a friend like clara..I started hitting the pads hard again but she moved one where it was about to hit my but i ducked it and blocked the pads. 

"Good, i think that's covered, you're stronger than you look you know esme" I smiled and bowed down as a joke. I checked my watch to see it was already 6pm..woah times does fly by.. "Now, shall we leave and get a coffee?" "Clar, i need something stronger than a coffee, i'm worn out" i laughed. "Shall we get some vodka?" "i have school tomorrow?" "oh well, wear sunglasses, i dont know.." i smirked at her answer. "I'll have a few shot's, and lets get some cigarettes" i suggested. "Woah, look at you wanted to smoke" she joked around. "Shh, i'm a new person now, know more goody esme who get's bullied.." i laughed, but i hope tomorrow goes well. We walked into a shop and brought some vodka and a packet of fags. "I'll get you a pack for tomorrow for school too" she whispered into my ear, i smiled and we thanked the man. It's lucky that clara looks older than 17.. We saw a bench on a park and decided to sit on it.."Clara, what if they still bully me, what if i'm too scared to stand up to them?" "you won't be, just remember you are a new person, don't let the old esme get in the way, if the old you keeps coming back have a fag, i promise it will help..and stand up for yourself, break there hearts like they broke yours, you know how to flirt with guys now so you can play with their hearts like they did to yours especially that harry dude who took your virginity" i took in everything she said.."Oh trust me, i will, i've had to go through hell for 2 years and now i'm gonna get my revenge" i smirked whilst taking back the fag. "How did you even make me like this in 2 days clara?" i asked confused.."Because i'm the person who use to protect you and i'm a good persuader.." she laughed, she was right about all of that.."I need to tell you a secret esme, well it's a surprise i didn't want to tell you i wanted you to see it for yourself..i haven't really come here for a visit, we have moved back, my mum and step dad split up so there was no reason for us to stay there.." i sat there shocked.."You mean you're-" "yeah, i'm coming back to school" a huge grin appeared on my face, "W-when?" "tomorrow" she smiled. I hugged her tightly. "It was meant to be a surprise but i couldn't hold it in, those boys won't touch you, but tomorrow, i'm not going to protect you from them, i want you to prove to me that you can stand up for yourself okay?" "okay, i will" we both smiled again, i can't believe it, she's back.


I got out the shower and walked back to my bedroom to look for something to wear to school, yeah today's the first day back for clara, and it's the first day everyone's going to see the new me..So i need to dress to impress..i slipped on some really short shorts with some rips in, a boy london crop top, and some white converse. I then applied my face with some dark eye shadow, mascara,foundation and dark red lipstick. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=106663512 I put my contacts in. I straightened the waves from my hair and puffed it up a bit adding extra volume, i got one of my new handbags out of my shopping bag from Saturday and put in my phone and cigarette's. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled, i can't wait to see everyone's reactions, i use to be the nerd of the school everyone use to laugh at and call ugly, well wonder what they are gonna say now.. I put my bag over my shoulder and walked downstairs. "What are you wearing?" my mum asked, she looked a bit angry. "New clothes, mum i wanted a change, and it's boiling outside.." she sighed and i sat down and ate my toast. 

"Come on, lets get going" my mum shouted, i walked out to the car and plugged my earphones in my ear. i listened to 'like home'. I looked out the window to see clara walking. "Mum, drop me off here, i'll walk with clara" she stopped the car and i got out. "Bye mum" "bye darling" "Hey clara" we hugged each other and smiled. "You look gorgeous" she muttered. "As do you" "So, you ready to show everyone the new esme?" "i am, i'm excited actually.." "good" "Excited about coming back?" "yeah actually, i am" we both smirked and saw the school, we entered the school gates together and laughed. "meet me behind the canteen at lunch and we can have a fag then" clara suggested i nodded in agreement. we were now about to walk through the school doors. "You ready esme?" i breathed in then out. "I'm ready.." "remember, show people the real you, no more being pushed around and act sexy" she smirked,"Got it" 

We walked through the school doors making the doors bang loudly against the wall, everyone turned their attention to us, i saw people whispering and staring at me, i smirked at clara and she smirked back. I turned to see people staring at me arse, well it was near enough on display as the shorts were so short but my tanned leg's make them look good. We walked to my locker laughing. i got out my books and put them into my handbag. "I'm craving for a fag now" i muttered. "And me, let's go have one" we both walked back out the school and went behind the canteen to have a quick fag. "What if i'm late?" i moaned. "New esme remember, be late to all classes and make a good entrance.." i laughed at her response. We heard the bell go and carried on smoking our fags. "It feel's good to get this much attention you know" We smirked at each other and out our fags on the floor before treading on them. "Let's go, what class you got first?" i asked clara.. "science" "and me, you're in my class" i smiled. "Wicked" she we both went in school and walked towards our class. "are any of the bullies in your class?" "erm yeah, zayn, liam and louis" i frowned. "remember what i said, stand up for yourself" i nodded. "Now, lets make an entrance" she laughed, we both walked into the class and everyone stared at me in shock. "Why are you both late, and welcome back to the school clara" "omg sir, you're still here?" clara laughed. "less of the attitude and go to your seat. I started to laugh and me and clara high fived each other. "Whats so funny esme" "oh nothing" "then sit down, clara, you can sit by esme" we smirked at each other and began to go to our seat's. I saw zayn, liam and louis all look at me in shock. "Look, who it is, it's esme, oh and she's had a makeover" i heard louis smirk. "Remember what i said" clara whispered to me. "Oh and look who it isn't, louis tomlinson, and by the looks of it, you've had a make under, oh babe" i smirked, clara laughed at me. He looked at me in shock. "You wait esme, you wait" "well louis, i'm waiting.." i winked at him and turned to face the front. I can't believe i just did that,omg..

"So who want's to work out the equation on the board then?" the teacher asked. "i got a plan" i smirked at clara. "I will sir" i shouted out. "Still her nerdy self then" liam laughed. I looked at him and smirked. "Come on then miss Saunders. I got from the seat and walked over to the board. picked up the pen and dropped it on purpose.."Oops, my bad" i bent over making sure everyone saw my arse. I heard a few whistles coming from the boys. "Sorry sir, i have slippery hands" i smirked, i looked at louis, liam and zayn to see mouths wide open in shock. "That's enough of that miss saunders, now get back to your seat" I walked back to my seat and high fived clara. "Nice idea" she winked. we both started to laugh. "So what lesson you got next?" "erm, maths" "your with me again then" i looked at her timetable to see what other lessons she had today. "Oh i only have maths next lesson with you and then we have last lesson together" i smiled. "oh thats alright, we going for a fag at lunch?" she asked me. "Yeah, i think i need one" i smirked, "god, you have only just had one" i felt my phone start to ring in my pocket again, i got it out under the table making sure the teacher didn't see me, it read 'alex' shit its the guy from the club. "Whats up es?" "the boys from the clubs ringing me" "answer it quietly see what he wants" i thought about it then answered it. "Hello?".."Hey sexy, meet me today".."erm i can't, i'm busy at the moment, you know work and shit" clara started laughing. "Will you girls be quiet". "sorry sir" we both said.. then i put my phone back by my ear. "Hello alex?"..are you at school still esme?" he asked, how did he know my name.."well yeah i am".."ew, you're a liar, why did i even have sex with you", i began to get angry. "How the fuck am i the liar alex?i didn't lie to you, you're the one who wanted to fucking have sex with me at the fucking club" i half shouted, everyone stared at me..ooops. "esme, they all heard that" clara whispered. "Sorry everyone, i have to take this" i walked out of the class without a thought a started to talk to alex again. "Alex, you didn't ask me for my age".."but you looked older"."well im 17, so how old are you then?".."20 an-" before he could say anything else someone grabbed me from the back. "Look who it is, and woah, you have changed, you look sexy like that, man" harry spoke.Right, i've already shouted at liam and louis and zayn, i can do it to harry too, or shall i mess him about like her messed me about.."Yeah i've changed alright" i laughed "I like it" "aren't you going to hit me?" "and why would i want to hit a beautiful girl like you?" i bit my lip as he said that..i decided to mess him about. I grabbed his collar and kissed his neck. "and you harry styles is hot" i whispered into his ear, i felt the sudden control over him..He was about to kiss me when.."Oi, you two should be in class, styles go to my office now, you are meant to be in detention and where should you be miss saunders?" miss smith asked. "I'm in there actually" i spoke whilst pointing to the door.."come with me now" she grabbed my arm and literally pulled me back into lesson.."Sorry to interrupt your lesson sir but i just saw miss saunders about to kiss harry styles when she should be in your lesson, clara smirked at me and everyone looked at me shocked, liam louis and zayn's faces were priceless. "SIT DOWN SAUNDERS" he shouted. i quickly sat to my seat. "Oi esme, whats going on with you kissing harry?" i heard louis ask. "Actually he was about ti kiss me" i smirked. "harry wouldn't do that, well not to you anyway" liam smirked. "Wanna bet, he was all over me" i winked at them and turned back to the front. i never thought being in control would be so much fun..




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