Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


11. sad news

I woke up with my head on zayn's chest. I smiled to myself before getting up but i failed when i felt zayn's grip on my waist become tighter making it harder for me to escape. "Zayn, we have school" "ugh, i just want 5 more minutes in bed with you" he moaned with his croaky morning voice, it was actually very sexy. "As much as i would love that za-" "then stay in bed with me" "Zayn, come on, we need to leave for school" i slapped his hands away and got out of bed. He looked at me and put his bottom lip out making puppy eyes at me. "Zayn, don't make me do this" i smirked. He raised his eyebrows in confusion. "get up sleepy head" He growled and put his head into his pillow. "You asked for that malik" i walked to the door and looked at zayn pretending to snore. I ran up to the bed and started to jump on it repeatedly. "Alright, alright, im getting up" he spoke whilst turning around to face me. "Good" i smiled to myself but just as i was about to jump off the bed i felt zayn grab my waist and pull me on top of him. "You know i could just stay like this all day" he whispered into my ear making me want him right here, right now. "Zayn, don't" he started to kiss my neck then travelled towards my lips but kissed my jawline instead. "You are such a tease" i moaned and bent down even more if thats possible, he kissed my lips and entered his tongue inside my mouth, i smiled in between the kiss and he bit my lip making me smile. Once i got off him i walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and have a quick shower. I turned the hot water on and rubbed the shampoo and conditioner on my hair, i felt someone's hands on my hips, i turned around to be greeted with a very suspicious zayn. "I thought i'd join you, and it saves water" he smirked. I bit my lip and carried on washing my hair until i felt him start to wash my body. "Zayn, what are you doing?" i laughed. "I'm helping you" "i think i'm capable of washing myself.." "But you like it really" i licked my lips which i knew made him go crazy. "You don't know what you're doing to me es" I smirked and got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around my now wet body. I watched him wash his hair and i smiled to myself. I walked into the spare bedroom which i was staying in and got changed into a blue tight long sleeved crop top, some black skinny jeans which really made my arse look big and some white converse and black handbag. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=107958727 I heard my phone ring but i didn't even know where it was. I looked around the spare room and found it was on charge in the corner..stupid me. I answered the phone to hear a very cheerful jake. "Jake, whats up?".."I'll tell you at school, clara said she's outside zayn's apartment to take you to school, she said she lost your number so she told me to tell you".."okay, now got to go babe, see ya".."see ya" jake always seemed so hyped up, maybe him and callum done something thats made him happy..I walked downstairs and saw zayn sitting on the stool on the phone. "Babe, i'll see you at school?..yeah don't sorry..yeah see ya beautiful..haha" my heart sank listening to his conversation, i honestly don't know whats going on with me and zayn but i know the person he was on the phone to was more than a friend. He looked at me blankly before looking back at his phone..what the hell? it's like he has two different personalities..I walked out the door slamming it behind me a little louder than i expected to I got into Clara's car and sighed, i felt so many mixed emotions right now. "Whats happened babe?" "I slept with zayn last night thats whats up" "Woah babe, but i thought you liked him?" "Yeah thats the problem, i think he used me..just for sex, we even had a shower together this morning but when i just came down the stairs to say goodbye to him i heard him on the phone to some girl calling her beautiful and babe and everything then he looked at me like i was nothing.." She looked at me with pleading eyes. "Then you gotta play hard to get" I looked at her confused. "What do you mean?" "I mean, don't let him hit on you or get you so easily, if he tried to kiss you don't give him the satisfaction, don't let him tease you, he's flirting with people then so do you, you have to play the game hes playing" I hugged her. "I don't know what i'd do without you" I half smiled. "That's what i'm here for babe". But if zayn used me why would he tell me he loved me? could he seriously get that low.

We both got out of clara's car and walked straight into school. We walked down the corridors earning a few stairs but we ignored them, i saw louis and liam near my locker.."Clara, i'll see you second lesson" i said whilst walking towards my locker, she waved and walked away,probably to meet pablo. "Hello beautiful" louis smirked. "Erm, hi what are you guys doing near my locker, when yours are over there?" "We just wanted to see you.." "what do you want now?" "So apparently you and zayn..you know, slept together?" I looked at them both with anger spread across my face. "How did you know?" "Oh don't deny it babe, he told us, he was bragging about it actually" louis smirked. "It wasn't exactly like that" liam spoke with a serious face. "You have got to be fucking kidding me" i spoke under my breath. I looked up to see louis smirking still. "Why are you still here louis?" "Don't give me that attitude, man..i was wondering, if you like,you know, give it out so easily, then-" "NO" i shouted making everyone turn my way. I'm not a fucking slut..I slammed my locker shut after getting out the books i need and walked away from them both. I walked down the corridor not caring about anything until i bumped into someone making them fall over. I put out my hand and helped them up. "I am so sorry" i spoke, she looked up and half smiled. she had longish blonde hair with bright green eyes that pierced into me, she was beautiful. "Oh it's okay" she smiled widely. "So i best get going, i'm meant to be meeting my boyfriend" She smiled yet again. "Oh who's that? sorry, don't mean to be nosy" She giggled. "Oh it's liam payne" my mouth shot wide open. "B-but-" "i know what your gonna say, why is a such nice quiet girl like me going out with such a bad boy like liam" i looked down ashamed. "Don't be ashamed, i wonder sometimes why i do as well but deep down he's a nice boy, i'm trying to change him so people see the better in him" i smiled at her sudden confidence. "Well i best get going, whats your name by the way?" "It's Delaney, and yours?" "Oh, nice name, and esme, it was great meeting you, i'll see you at lunch or something Delaney?" "yeah i'd like that" she smiled then walked away, maybe she is just what liam need's, she's beautiful and so kind. 

I walked into my first class and sat right at the back, the seat where i normally sit which is in front of zayn, was taken by two girl's, they kept turning around to look at zayn which was really cringy. But instead of making them move i just sat next to some boy at the back, zayn looked at my strangely and i ignored him. 

As the teacher nagged on and on about a lot of work we have to do before next term i couldn't help but turn my attention to zayn, he was looking up and zayn at the two girl's in front of him and when they looked at him he looked directly at their boobs, it made me want to hurl. "So, why did you come and sit next to me?" i heard a sheepish boy ask. I turned to see the boy next to me, he was pretty attractive actually. "well i didn't know where else to sit, if you don't want me here i'll just move" i spoke. "Oh babe, don't worry, i'm enjoying the view, please stay" he smirked. I thought he was a quiet person, but i was wrong, he was just another douche. "Oh please" "Yeah, that's what you'll be saying when you start begging me for more" he smirked. I looked at him in disbelief. "Jeez, if i wanted you so bad i would be on top of you by now" "I guess we could arrange that" he smirked. I ignored his comment and felt his hand on my thigh. I slapped it away but he just traveled up towards the top of my trousers. "Get off me you perv" i half shouted, luckily no one heard me. "How can i? you are seriously too sexy" "That doesn't give you an excuse to touch me up, i'm not a slut like most girls in this school" "From where i'm sitting you look like a slut" he smirked. felt a pile of anger rush through my body. I stood up from my seat making it squeak against the floor causing everyone to stare. "Sit down miss saunders" the teacher spoke. I ignored her comment and looked at the boy next to me. "Do you want to take that back?" He smirked at me again. "MISS SAUNDERS" the teacher shouted. "WHAT?" i shouted back. "Right, go to detention" she ordered, everyone smirked at me. "I'd rather go to detention than stay next to that jerk" i spat and walked out of the classroom. Why is it always me that get's the blame for things, he was the one fucking making me angry and i get sent out?.. I needed a fag right now, i haven't actually had one since i moved in with zayn, and i haven't got any on me, i guess i can get one from clara next lesson. 

I walked into the detention room and looked around to see harry smirking at me. I ignored him and took a seat right at the back. "So i heard about you and zayn having sex, was he better than me?" harry whispered turning around. "You are fucking joking right? has zayn told everyone or something?" that's settled, i'm not speaking to zayn anytime soon, how could he do this?.."He only told us boys, but seriously was he better?" God whats with these boys and who's better at having sex with someone? "For your information harry at least you didn't tell everyone that we had sex unlike zayn" i spat. he looked at me and winked. "I guess we could do it again then" "You're joking right?" "No" he licked his lips..why do people see me as just some sex toy?


I was on my way to the canteen when i heard my phone ring. "Hello?".."esme, it's mum, i have some bad news".."What mum? honestly this better be important because i don't even want to talk to you after you kicked me out" i spat.."it's your nan, your dad's mum..she's dead" i froze, everyone around me stared at me like i was insane or going crazy. "When did she die?" was all i could say.."Well, 2 days ago".."so why have i only just found out?".."we were busy".."busy? fucking too busy to tell em my own nans dead?" i cried into the phone, i was very close to my nan "well don't get angry" I put the phone down on her and threw it in my bag. I can't believe my nans dead and i've only just found out. I slowly took deep breathes in and out before wiping my now red puffy eyes. You could tell i've been crying but i didn't care. I needed a drink or something to eat, i always eat when i'm upset. I walked through the canteen doors making the door slam really loud, everyone stared at me whilst a few tears fell from my eyes. I ignored them all and went to get some food. I got some chocolate, well a lot of chocolate and sat on my own on a table, thats always what i did when i was upset, i would eat a lot and sit on my own. I got my phone out and looked through some old photos of me and my nan. It made things worse though, i began to cry even more, a lot of people stared at me. Clara and jake came up to me with worried faces. "Whats wrong babe?" "Please, i'll tell you later, i need to be on my own" i begged them and walked out of the canteen. I vision was going blury causing me to bump into things until i bumped into a lot of people. I looked up to see the guys, louis, niall, liam, harry and..zayn. they all looked at me a bit worried, normally they would laugh when i cry well, they use to when they bullied me. Zayn grabbed my arm and pulled me into a quiet corner. "Whats up babe?" i ignored him though. "Esme, tell me" I looked at him and pushed him away. "Why do you care> you used me zayn, you used me to get into bed with me, then when you did you told all your friends" i half shouted, he was about to say something but i ran straight to the girl's toilets away from everyone. I thought of every memory with my Nan that i had, i haven't seen her since last year which was Christmas, i remember when i use to sing a song to her, it was always the same song, a thousand years by Christina perri, she loved that song and she loved my voice, i had to admit, my secret talent was to sing i guess. 

I decided i wanted to sing my nans favorite song, so i went into the music room and sat on a stool in the corner with a guitar on my lap. I strummed the first cord and began to since the song. 

Just as i got half way through the song i got interrupted. "Your voice is beautiful" I turned around and saw delaney, liams girlfriend. "Thank you" i spoke silently. I wiped the tears from my eyes and felt delaney rest her hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay esme?" "Not really" "do you want to tell me whats wrong, you don't have to?" For some reason i wanted to tell her, maybe it would make me feel better to tell someone. "Well, i just found out that my Nan who i was close to died" i sobbed. She hugged me tightly. "I'm so sorry esme, and is this why you are here? to let all the pain out?" I looked at her with confusion. "How did you know?" "because when i'm upset i do the same, it releases my emotions" "That's exactly what i do" i half smiled at her. Me and delaney started to talk about ourselves and she even taught me a few songs on guitar, she was amazing on the guitar, and its amazing how much we have in common. 










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