Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


2. My wish came true?..

I woke up with the worst headache ever, maybe i could brag a day off? i mean one day won't hurt.."Esme, wake-" my mum walked in and looked at me shocked. "Esme, we leave in 10 minutes, you will be late for school." "But mum,i feel really ill" i tried to act my hardest. "No, you're going to school and thats that, now get ready, you now have 5 minutes" she half shouted and walked out of my room. I rolled over and landed on the floor, i winced in pain as my whole body was in pain. I got up and crawled to the bathroom to brush my teeth, i am in no mood to put up with the boys today so hopefully my wish comes true and they are nice to me, just for a day, it would be nice to have peace.

I walked back to my room and put on a top with a cat on, some blue skinny and my black vans and my school bag over my shoulder. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=106461457 I left my hair down to its natural brown waves and quickly stumbled downstairs. I checked my phone to find i had a text, but who from?..I checked it to see it was from my old best friend Clara who moved to Australia . 'hey hun, guess what?! im coming back to visit some family on the weekend, you are meeting me and we are going shopping!! x" i smiled at the text, that's the first time i have smiled properly in years. i text her back straight away. 'omg great, cant wait! x' i put my phone in my back pocket and saw my mum by the bar outside, i ran to the car and we soon left for school. 

i frowned when i saw the school building. "Mum can i have some money for the weekend? Clara's coming back for the weekend to see some of her family and she asked me to go shopping" i asked. "sure darling" she smiled. i waved her and my brother goodbye and walked towards the school. I breathed in and out before entering the building of hell. I opened the school doors and put my head down as i do everyday. I walked towards my locker and got my books that i needed out then locked my locker again, as i was walking i saw the boys, oh no. I ducked my head down again hoping they couldn't see me, they looked at me smiled then carried on talking to each other, wait, did that just happen?am i dreaming?..maybe my wish came true?..

I walked into my first class which was science, i saw liam and niall at the back of the room with zayn sat at the table next to them..great. I walked over to the back and sat in my seat which was the table in front of zayn. As the teacher started to jabber on about the school work, blah blah blah, i felt something hit my shoulder, i looked behind me and saw a screwed up piece of paper on the floor, i picked it up and started to read it. 

'hey esme, you look beautiful today, we were all wondering if you wanted to hang out with us after school, few movies, popcorn? from liam,niall and zayn' I read it over and over about 3 times before screwing it up and putting it in the bin..whats up with them today, normally they would be abusing me or putting my head down the toilet by now.."PSSST..PSST" i head a noise behind me, i looked to see zayn trying to get my attention. "Y-yeah?" i stuttered, yes i was scared of the boys, but do you blame me, i've been abused by them for 2 years.."So?.." i looked at him confused. "So what?" i asked confused. "So, will you hang out with us after school?" he asked almost begging, there is something going on, they are planning on doing something..maybe beating me up tonight?."erm, i can't..i have erm..plans" i stuttered. "Oh come on esme, we are not going to try anything" he begged, i looked over at liam and niall and they both waved. "F-fine" i spoke and turned around. "Meet us at the school gates after school" he whispered into my ear. I nodded repeatedly. What were they planning on doing to me..I began to worry, a little more than i should of.


I walked out of the school gates shaving slightly, what if they do what they have always wanted to do and just kidnap me and kill me? i walked towards the gates and saw the boys smile at me. I faked a smile and walked up to them. Luckily i text my mum telling her i was meeting some friends. "Hey esme" they all smiled "H-hey" i faked  a smile. we all got into a car, which i presume was niall's since he was driving. 

Once the car stopped we got out one by one. "This is niall's house, we chill here every night after school" they explained, i just nodded, whatever they are up to i'm not looking forward to it. They lead me into niall's house and it was really nice, they all jumped onto the couches and i just stood there, too scared to move. "Sit down esme, we don't bite" liam smirked, i sat down next to zayn and niall, i felt uncomfortable around these boys. "Let's watch mirrors" harry suggested and put it in, i hated that film, i always have, it makes me feel so scared, but i weren't gonna tell the boys that, they will take the mick out of me and probably abuse me even more. The film started and louis came in with some beers. "want one esme?" louis asked. "N-no t-thank you, i don't drink alcohol" i stuttered. they smirked at me. i flinched whilst louis patted my back. "You don't have to be scared esme, we aren't going to hurt you!" liam muttered. "Sorry" i spoke whilst we carried on watching the film, maybe they weren't up to something, maybe they are actually being nice..

Zayn's POV

I looked at esme a couple of times, she looked uncomfortable and the other boys could notice it too, but can you blame her, we have bullied her for 2 years.. I looked at louis to see him trying to get my attention, he mimed 'make a move' i looked at him confused at first but then i knew he wanted us to get closer to her this week. I put my arm over her shoulder making her jump a little, she looked at me and i saw a tear leave her eye, i looked at her with worry in my eye's, she wiped the tier away quickly and carried on watching the film. "Don't be scared esme, like we said we are not going to hurt you, we promise, we have hurt you before in the past but we got forced to, it wasn't out decision, a boy made us from our school but he got kicked out so we don't have to harm you anymore, we're sorry for being jerks esme" Harry spoke, i looked at them confused and they winked at me. "Yeah sorry esme" we all said and hugged her. "It's okay i guess, it wasn't you guys faults" she spoke, she didn't seem as scared now, the boys smirked when she carried on watching the film, they are going to break her heart when it comes to the end of the week.

Esme's POV

I can't believe they were forced to bully me, so is this the end of the bullying, i guess today really is my lucky day then ay.."I have to go home now, my mum will be worrying about me" i spoke, i don't see why these boys want to hang out anyway, i'm the nerdy girl who got bullied a lot and they're the cool popular boys.."Okay, see you tomorrow at school beautiful" they smiled, they each hugged me and i walked home, luckily it weren't that far away from niall's house. I went home with a huge grin on my face, life is going to be so much easier now. Once i arrived home my mum called me in the kitchen for my dinner. So my wish really did come true.






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