Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


9. he likes me..

"Rock a by baby" i heard a singing, it was like my mum and dad when they use to sing me songs to sleep. "Hush a by baby" i heard a chime again, i opened my eye's and saw.."Harry?" "And the baby awakes" I rolled my eyes and got out of bed. "I'm not a fucking baby harry.." "Someone's moody in the mornings" "yeah, it's called a hint, you should get it and stop treating me like some baby" "You know esme, you really have changed, when zayn told us you were staying with him we were glad, it would mean we can hang out more, like old times.." i froze and looked at him. "Yeah accept 'old times' were when you used me and bullied me, well thats not going to happen ever again, and i have changed, for the better" He looked me up and down and smirked. "Whats so funny?" "You haven't noticed yet have you?" I looked at my body and realized i was only in my pants and bra. "Omg, harry get out!!" i tried to cover myself but it just wasn't working. He winked at me then walked out of the room. Fucking idiotic boy. I grabbed some pj shorts, which were really short..from the closet then grabbed a really long shirt, which i presume were one of zayn's since they were right at the back of the closet and since he's the only boy who lives here..I put them on and put my hair into a messy bun. 

I walked down the stairs and heard a few whispers. I sat on the stairs and decided to listen.."But if she was so effected from us bullying her those past 2 years why would she even be here? talking to us and hanging around with us? i mean who does that to people who have treated her like shit..she's hot and all but something's going on, she's up to something" i heard liam and harry speak. They just don't understand me at all..

I walked down the rest of the stairs and they all looked at me. I ignored them and walked into the back garden, it was quite sunny so i wasn't cold. I saw some seats by the outside pool and i sat on one and looked at the sky, i always looked at the sky whilst thinking. How can zayn even afford all of this, is he rich or something?jeez. "u-hum" i heard a fake cough from behind me, i ignored it and carried on looking at the sky. "What's wrong?" i looked to the side and saw niall sitting on the seat next to me. "What do you want niall?" i asked in annoyance. "Well me and the boys were wondering why you came out here and not come to sit in the lounge with us?" "I just want to be on my own..and why are you bothered anyway?" "we do care you know" "if you cared then why did you all bully me for 2 years ay?" he looked at me and put his head down in shame, and he should be ashamed. "If you are still mad about that then why are you staying with zayn?" I looked at him and rolled my eyes. "Honestly, i dont know, i honestly dont know why i said yes to staying with him" i spat and ran back into the house, the boys looked at me and i ran up the stairs. "Esme, wait, i'm sorry" i heard niall half shout. I ignored him and slammed the bedroom door shut before locking it. 

I heard my phone go off so i answered it straight away. "Hello?".."Es, it's clara, me and jake were wondering if you want to spend the day with us, after all we don't want you spending the day with your enemies" she laughed down the phone. "I'd love to, i'll meet you by starbucks in 30 minutes?" "yeah..perfect,see ya".."see ya" i put the phone down and walked into the on-suit which was in the bedroom luckily. I brushed my teeth quickly then changed into a black short jumpsuit, some white vans, a black fedora hat with some sunglasses and a white handbag. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=107416459 It was boiling outside so i needed to make sure not to sweat and wear loose clothes.i left my hair down wavy with some foundation, mascara, dark eye shadow and some red lipstick applied on my face. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs. "Where are you going?" zayn asked. "I'm going to meet a few people..why?" "just wondered" he shrugged. "Don't be too late home your tea will get cold" harry laughed and louis joined in shortly after. "You need to grow up" i spat and walked out the house, those boys annoy me so much. I felt something pull on my arm.."Niall what do you want, im going out." "i want to say sorry about earlier, i didn't mean to be a dick to you" "it's fine, i'm just fed up of being treated like a child to you boys, you already ruined 2 years of my life.." "we're sorry you know." "well i won't believe that until i see it, but at least you have the decency to apologize" i smiled and hugged niall. "We should hang out sometimes esme, you never know you could really like me" he winked. "Yeah i'll never know, and sounds great" i winked and walked away. 


"So yeah we kissed, and it felt..right, you know what i mean? we're meeting again soon, you guys should meet him with me" Jake suggested. "Sounds good to me" i spoke. "And me, let's do it, what time are you meeting him and where?" "Well, it's 6 now, so 6:30 at the nightclub down the street" he said proudly. "let's leave now then?" clara smirked. We drank the last bit of our drinks and left the restaurant. We walked towards the bar which was luckily only down the road and saw a goodlooking boy who was absolutely gorgeous..standing outside staring at us..he started to wave. wait..that must be the boy jake kissed. "jake, is that him?he's gorgeous" i smiled. "Yes, and keep your hands off girl, he's mine" we all laughed and the boy walked towards us. Jake and the boy hugged each other and kissed, something has to be going on..are they going out or.."Guys, this is callum" " hey, i'm clara and this is esme" clara smiled and we both hugged him. He gave nice hugs.. We walked into the club and jake and callum went to dance straight away whilst me and clara ordered some drinks. We had a few shots until we felt drunk enough to make a fool of ourselves. "Shall we dance?" clara laughed. "Y-yes we shall" i pulled her arm as we walked to the dance floor. We started to dance over each other like we did last time. some people whistled at us making us laugh. A boy came up to clara and started dancing behind her whilst he had his hands on her hips hugging her from behind, she started to laugh and sway her hips more, like she was grinding up against him. I felt someone come behind me, i smiled and the smile disappeared straight away. "What are you doing here beautiful?" I looked at him in confusion. "I'm here with some friends, why do you care, can't i have a break from any of you?" he smirked at me. "What's so funny harry? shouldn't you be sleeping with randon girls somewhere" his frown dropped. "Duh, that's why i'm here, and i see you have captured my eye" he winked, i knew exactly what he ,mean't, i was slowly sobering up now. I slapped him hard around the face, it actually felt good. He grabbed my arm and pulled my closer. "Get off me harry!" "What if i don't want to? do you remember when we had that fun memory in the back of my car" he winked. Anger was growing inside of me. I knew harry was drunk from the way he stumbled about and the smell of alcohol on his breath. Of course i remember having sex in the back of his car, i mean, it was my first time, i'll never forget it unfortunately.."Get off her!" i heard a shout from behind, i turned my head to see callum.."And what are you going to do?" harry smirked and callum pushed him away making harry stumble, he laughed and walked away. A tear fell from my eye making my mascara run. "Callum, can you take me home please?" i shouted over the loud music. "Yeah sure babe" i took my heels off and held them. we walked outside and i got into callum's car. I gave him zayn's address and we left the club. "So who was that guy?" he asked. "Some idiot who i despise,  it's a long story, if we meet again, which i hope we do, i'll tell you" he smiled rubbed my thigh. "Callum, wheres jake?" "oh he went to look for clara" "oh, whats going on with you and jake anyway?" "i really like him..and i hope he really likes me" "well he does like you, he told me" callum smiled and the car stopped. I opened the door and callum got out too. He helped me to the door. "Thank you callum, jake really is a lucky guy you know" "you're welcome and thank you" he bent over and kissed my forehead. I smiled before hugging him. "See ya" I closed the door shut and wiped the tiers from my eyes. "Who was that guy?" zayn asked annoyed. "What's it to do with you?" "well i want to know.." "well don't worry, he's gay" zayn sighed in relief.. "anyway whats wrong?" he asked worried. "Why do you care? why do you guys all act like you care? you all bullied me a week ago, whats changed?" "you've changed.." "So you only use me because i look better? because i'm no longer the nerdy girl" i half shouted. "I didn't mean it like that.." "explain to me zayn, please explain what you mean" "I liked you when you were the girl you were before, and i like you now.." i looked at him in disgust. "how low can you get zayn?why lie..to get into my pants like harry always tries to?" He looked angry. "I don't lie to people i care about..didn't you notice that when the guys bullied you i never hurt you once?.." i looked at him confused. "Can't you see i like you, i have feelings for you, even when the guys hurt you i felt angry at them but i couldn't stop it.." a tear escaped my eye, so h-he likes me?.."zayn i-" but before i could finish i felt his lips against mine. I snaked my arms around him and deepened the kiss, it felt so..right. 








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