Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


8. Hangover

"Esme, wake up, you're not being late again" i heard a croaky voice. "Leave me alone" i moaned/ "GET UP" i shop my eyes open to see my mum standing over me with an angry expression spread across her face. "Mum, i feel too i'll to go to school today" "Well you shouldn't go to a party and get drunk on a school night, what has happened to you? esme, this isn't you at all.." "Wait, how did you know i went to a party?" "I asked you when you came home yesterday, you were a right state, you probably won't remember because you were too drunk, now get up, you're going to school" "But-" "no but's, just get up, and don't answer me back, me and your dad are already annoyed with you so just get up or you won't get a lift to school". "Alright alright, i'll just walked to school anyway" She shot me a death glare and walked out of my room. God what's her problem. I walked out of my room dragging my half asleep body along, i stepped into the shower letting the water hit me hard, it felt so good to have a shower whilst being hungover.

I walked back into my bedroom with the towel wrapped around my body. I walked to my wardrobe and got out a burgundy jersey jumper which had 'hipster' wrote on it, some black skinny jeans with rips by the knees and some black combat boot's. I got changed and dried my hair with the hair dryer, i couldn't be bothered to do anything with my hair because i felt too i'll and hungover so i left it wavy. I applied a bit of foundation and mascara and some dark plum lipstick, i tried to hide the illness in my face as much as possible. I got my grey handbag and slung it over my shoulder. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=106928812 

I walked downstairs and grabbed an apple to eat, maybe it would help my stomach stop roaring.."I'm taking your brother to school, don't be late for school again, or you'll be grounded" my mum hissed. "Ay, aren't you going to drive me?" "No, you were acting like a little girl to me upstairs and said you will walk so you can walk" I rolled my eyes at her and got my phone out, why has she always got to be so serious. I put a cigarette in my mouth and just as i was about to light it my mum walked back in the house. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" "Erm.." i didn't know what to say. She came over to me and grabbed the fag from my mouth and took the lighter from me. "Have you got anymore of these?" She asked curiously whilst pointing to the cigarettes. "N-no" "Don't lie to me" she looked in my bag and pulled out the packet of cigarettes. "What has happened to my sweet little girl who use to be nice and good at school ay?" I gave her a death glare. "Mum, you knew nothing about me, i've changed for good and you will have to put up with it, sorry i don't please you but it's for my own good" "And why is it? look at you smoking and being late for school..whats gotten into you, your dad will be so angry with you about this..he's already sick to death of your attitude and you going to party's, he misses the sweet daughter of his" "You both payed more attention in kieran than me so cut the crap" I hissed. "You know that isn't true" "Nan pays more attention to me when we got and visit her.." "Well if you care so much you can go stay with your Nan for a while and get sorted out" I looked at her and rolled my eyes. "Fine" i half shouted whilst walking out of the front door. At least my Nan would understand me. 

I walked down the road and saw the school gates, i sighed and walked slower, I needed a cigarette right now but my mum had to take them from me didn't she..I walked through the school gates and heard the school bell go off, i was just in time for first lesson. I walked through the school doors and went straight towards my locker. I opened it and saw the packet of chewies i put in here yesterday, i got one out and shoved it in my mouth then slammed my locker shut. I walked to my first lesson which was geography and remembered zayn was in this lesson..great.,I walked in the class to get shouted at straight away. "Why are you late esme?" "I'm a slow walker i guess" "Stop being idiotic and sit down, don't ever be late to my lesson again" i rolled my eyes and saw some girl sitting in my seat which was behind zayn..I walked over to her and slammed my hand on the table, harder than i should of. "Why are you in my seat?" I hissed. She looked up and smiled. "Because i arrived before you, if you care so much about the seat you should come to class on time" she spoke whilst tapping on her watch. "Well, does it look like i care about my seat, now get the hell out of my seat and go to your own, god, if you fancy zayn so much just fucking sit next to him" "W-what? i don't fancy him" "It's a bit obvious love, now move" she looked at me and stood up, her cheeks were bright red, well deserves her self right. I sat down and placed my head straight on the desk and closed my eyes, maybe a little nap wouldn't hurt. 

I felt a tap on my shoulder, i looked up and saw zayn staring at me. "What?" "I'm sorry about last night, i didn't mean to be a little hasty" "Zayn, i get it, you can't tell me blah blah blah" i rolled my eyes and put my head down.. "Why are you being so moody?" i looked up and gave him a death glare. "Why are you judging me? god i always thought you were different to your other bully friends, but i was wrong, you're judging just like them, why? you don't even know me that well zayn" i hissed. He looked angry. "I'm nothing like them" he spat whilst hitting his fist on my table. "So answer me something, why can't you tell me why you are always so nice to me, even when i'm a bitch, and answer me this, why did you never hurt me when your precious friends use to?" "Because i would never hurt a girl..not even you" "And what do you mean by that? zayn what are you hiding from me?" I wasn't a very patient person and this was eating me alive. "This is not a good time to tell you anything" "Zayn, it doesn't matter, just don't talk to me.." i spoke and ignored him after that, i will find out what he's hiding.


I grabbed an orange juice from the canteen and sat down on a table next to jake and clara. "Whats wrong esme?" they both asked. "I have a bag hangover and my mum's technically kicked me out to go stay with my Nan" "What? why?" "she caught me smoking and said she doesn't like the way i've been acting, i told her she doesn't know anything about me and why i'm acting like this..she doesn't know what i use to go through at school everyday, and if she did she probably wouldn't care" They both hugged me making me half smile. I looked around the canteen and saw a girl talking to zayn, it made me feel a bit angry and jealous. I knew that deep down i had some kind of feelings for zayn, but he wouldn't understand, we're nothing alike, and he's just a mystery boy. I'm not gonna let feelings get in the way of my hate for them boys. I shook it off and heard my name, i turned around and saw the same girl talking to zayn who was talking about me and pointing about me. I got up making clara and jake look at me suspicious and i walked over to her, zayn saw me approach and put his head down. "Have you got something to say about me? if you have i would prefer you to say it to my face and not behind my back" I hissed. "Yeah, i was just telling zayn how gorgeous he was and that how pathetic it is that you flirt with him so much.." i looked at zayn and made a 'pft' sound, i may flirt with zayn when i'm drunk..and i may have feelings for him but i'm not letting them know that. "Are you taking the piss? i don't flirt with zayn, If i liked him i would be all over him right now like you are, so if i'm right it's you that likes him, so you have no right to make accusations about me, look at yourself, you aren't exactly perfect, but i can see you and zayn are perfect for each other, you're both stuck up each other's asses. Zayn looked up with sadness in his eyes. I kind of regret saying that. The girl looked at me and stomped away, thank god she's fucked off, if she would of said anything else i would of really done something i would later regret..I stared at zayn whilst he stared at me until my phone rang.."hello?".."esme, i've spoke to your nan and she can't have you stay with her, she said she's sorry, so i guess you will have to find a mate's house to stay at".."why are you doing this?..".."because me and your dad are fed up of your attitude and rudeness, we want you to learn a lesson and sort yourself out" i sighed and put the phone down. A tear escaped my eye but i wiped it away quickly. "What's wrong?" i looked up and saw zayn watching me. "It doesn't matter" "it obviously does, just tell me, i'm not gonna tell anyone if you are worried" could i tell him? i mean i do like him and.."Well, let's just say my parents hate what I've been acting like and they have kicked me out for a while just so i can sort myself out" He looked at me with worry in his eyes. "You can stay with me if you want? even if you don't want to talk to me you can still stay at my place.." i looked at him with confusion. "Zayn, i'd..like that, but don't you live with your parents?" "nope, i like being independent without parent troubles" he half smiled. "Thank you so much zayn, i mean it, i am such a bitch to you and you're so nice to me" he smirked and hugged me. "Don't mention it, and you know, we might have a laugh" he nudged me making me smirk. "What are you two smiling about?" niall interrupted us, "Oh, nothing really" zayn spoke, why wouldn't he tell that? i'm going to find out what's going on with zayn and staying with him will make that easier for me. 


I sat on the bed in zayn's spare room and sighed,why would my parents kick their own daughter out their house. I heard a knock on the door and i walked over to it and opened it. "Is this room service?" i joked whilst looking at zayn up and down" he winked and we both laughed. "I was wondering if you want to watch a film with me in my room?" "I'd love to" we both smiled and i walked into zayn's room with him. It was quite tidy for a boys room. I sat on his bed next to him and the film started. he placed a bowl of popcorn on his lap which we shared. I then felt myself dozing off, i closed my eye's and felt myself fall into a deep sleep. I didn't realize how tired i was.








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