Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


1. forced

I looked at my reflection through the dusty mirror in my room, a tear escaped my eyes, why am i the victim?why do they hate me so much. I looked at my arms to see my fresh bruises marked along my skin. I traced my fingers gently along the marks and winced in pain. "Esme, hurry up, we're leaving soon" i heard my mum call, i quickly threw on a hoodie making sure non of my marks were visible. Yes, my parents have no idea about my life, they don't know im the victim of the gang of bullies and they won't find out either. I tied my hair up into a pony tail and slipped on my old teared van's. I wiped around my tear stained face with a makeup wipe then grabbed my phone and school bag. Another day of pain here i come. i thought to myself. "Hurry Esme" my mum shouted. I sighed and went downstairs. "Okay mum, i'm coming" i walked down the stairs wincing at the pain from my legs, my body felt like jelly from all the abuse yesterday. "Get in the car while i get your brother" my mum ordered, i got into the car and plugged my earphones into my ear's. Skyscraper by Demi Lovato came on. Once my mum got in the car with my little brother kieran she started the car straight away.

I looked out of the window to see the school, i unplugged my earphones and put them in my school bag followed by my phone. "Have a nice day darling" my mum smiled. "Oh, don't worry mum i will" i faked a smile and got out of the car. If only that was true, if only i would actually have a good day for once. 

I walked through the school doors with my head down hoping no one would say anything to me. "Look who it is, esme Saunders, you looked beautifully ugly today" louis commented, what was i thinking of course they were going to say something, they always have done, always will. Louis tomlinson was one of my main bullies, along with his other 4 groupies, zayn malik, harry styles, liam Payne and niall horan. I ignored louis commented but i soon regretted it when he pushed me up against the lockers and held my arms behind my back so my face was squashed between the locker. "It's rude to ignore people" he spat inside my ear making me shiver. "i-im s-sorry" i stuttered. You could say i was their toy, they would mess me about everyday. "Yes, you better be or you know what will happen to you" just as i was about to speak i saw my other 4 bullies heading this way. "Look who we have here then" harry spoke whilst pulling on the back of my pony tail. "Ouch" i gasped in pain. "What? did i hurt you..aw poor esme, this is what you deserve" I closed my eyes and a tear fell. "Aw little esme is crying" liam spat, they all started laughing. "What shall we do with her today then?" niall asked. Please don't put my head down the toilet again, please please please.."Maybe we should take her to the toilets" zayn smirked. Just as they were about to pull me from the lockers the bell rang. I sighed in relief. "Don't worry esme, this isn't over, we'll see you at lunch" the spoke and just before they were about to walk away they pushed me hard against the lockers causing me to headbutt the locker and fall to the ground, everything went blurry, i heard the boys laugh and saw there misty bodies walk away. I sat up against the locker and hid my head in my lap and cried. "MISS SAUNDERS WHY AREN'T YOU IN CLASS?" i heard a scream..I dried my eyes quickly and got up. "S-sorry m-miss i fell over" i stuttered. "Well come with me and i'll take you to class, i know you have been skipping lessons" she half shouted whilst placing her hand hard on my back. 

I entered the classroom to see louis and harry sat at the back on the class smirking at me. I put my head down and walked to my seat, unfortunately my seat was in front of them at the back. I sat down ignoring their gaze and rested my head on the table. "MISS SAUNDERS SIT UP STRAIGHT" the teacher shouted. I sat up quickly getting a few laughs. "Right class, i want you to work in groups of 3 today,i'll be choosing the groups" please please please don't put me with harry and louis, please!. "Esme, you can go with louis and harry" I sighed and turned to face them. "Harry, i forgot my sunglasses" louis smirked towards me. "What for?" harry smirked back. "Well now i have to look at her ugly face" they both burst out laughing, a tear escaped my eye but i wiped it away before anyone could see but obviously not quick enough. "You cry a lot huh?" harry asked smirking. I nodded. "I can't hear you esme?" "Yes" i half shouted. louis grabbed the collar of my top as harry grabbed my hair. "Now listen here esme, you don't talk to us like that, you got it?" Harry hissed. I nodded up and down like a bulldog but obviously that wasn't good enough because louis put his hand by his ear signalling that he cant hear me. "Yes" i spoke, they let go of me and laughed. 

The lessons dragged by but it was soon lunch time. I walked quickly to the canteen hoping to get there before the bullies could catch me. "What would you like darling?" the women asked nicely. Well at least she's nice. "Can i have today's special please" i faked a smile and she gave me a tray with some food on and a drink. I grabbed it quickly and thanked the women before rushing through the corridors avoiding everyone, i felt myself trip over something and fall flat on the floor landing on my lunch. my lunch went all over my top and my face making everyone laugh at me. "ESME LOOKS PRETTY LIKE THAT" they were shouting, i looked to see what i tripped over to see the 5 boys leaning against the lockers laughing at me, i got up and ran to the girls toilets crying my eye's out, i locked myself in the end toilet which was where i was most of the day, it was like my second home. i looked at the toilet door to see a few new drawings and messages. 'Esme Saunders is ugly' i cried more seeing the messages and hit my head repeatedly against the back of the wall. 


I opened my eyes to hear a bell ringing i must have fell asleep in the toilet cubicle, i walked out with my school bag slung over my shoulder and as soon as i walked out of the school doors i saw my mums car, i ran to it hoping not to see any of the boys and luckily i reached the car just in time as i saw the boys coming from the school door's. i jumped into the car and my mum looked at me worried. "How did you get that bruise on your head?" she asked curious..mum, i got it from my day to day bullies who bully me everyday, the guys who ruin my life, well today they pushed my head against a locker so i always became un-conscious, but don't worry,im use to it..i thought to myself. "Oh, i just erm..walked into a locker, wasn't paying attention" i quietly replied, she looked at me as to say 'yeah yeah' but didn't say anything and started the car.  

Once we arrived home i ran up to my room and got out my diary, yes, i keep a diary, it's the only thing that keeps me busy as i have no friends, i use to have 1 friend, but she moved to Australia, when she left that's when i started getting bullied. 

Dear diary

Today was a normal day, well normal to me anyway, i got my head banged against a locker by the bully's and i nearly fainted from it, they were close to putting my head down the toilet again but i was saved by the bell, and just as i thought it could get worse i had to work with harry and louis in first lesson today. and at lunch i was the laughing stock of the school, my new name was 'esme the cream face' i spent another hour in the same toilet cubicle today, why can't i have a day without the boys hurting me, i wish i would just be normal like the rest of them. Zayn was quiet again today, he doesn't seem to say much to me or hurt me like the other guys which is odd but he still makes comments about me.

Once i was done writing in my diary i hid it in my box under the bed and i got out my laptop. I checked the student portal and saw we had some homework to do for tomorrow's lesson, i done the worksheet and logged off my laptop. "ESME, DINNER" my mum called out from downstairs, i stomped down the stairs and sat straight at the table. My mum served me my dinner and i started to eat straight away. My dad started reading the magazine out loud which annoyed me and my brother was flicking his pees at me. "Kieran, stop flicking food at me" i warned him. He started to laugh which reminded me of the boys back at school. "KIERAN" i shouted earning stares from my mum and dad. "DONT YOU DARE SHOUT AT YOUR LITTLE BROTHER LIKE THAT" my mum and dad moaned. "Well he started it" "quit moaning and eat your food" my dad spoke and i kept quiet after that, you see my parents always take my brothers side, they next believe me even though im 17 and my brothers only 10, surely they should believe the oldest person.

Zayn's POV

We sat on the couches drinking beer as we do every night after school. "So whats the plan for tomorrow?" louis asked us all, we all looked at him confused. "We have school" liam spoke. "I mean, esme, plans for esme" he snapped, jeez, whats up with him. "Oh, well i have a great idea" harry chimed in. "And whats that styles?" niall asked. "I say we act like we fancy her and be all nice to her, then break her heart at the end of the week, it will be priceless" harry suggested. the boys smirked and so did i, i hated the idea though, i hated the fact that the boys bully her too, they don't even know her and they bully her, i only go along with it because they are my friends, i don't know why though.."Thats an amazing idea bro" The boys bro fisted each other then i bro fisted them all. "This is going to be sick" they all spoke. "I know man" i spoke. i'm not looking forward to this at all, i don't see why they bully her, she hasn't done anything to them, they just look at her as a piece of meat, they call her ugly but she's not..she's anything but ugly.."Zayn, did you just say esme wasn't ugly?" harry laughed. Shit i must of said my thoughts out loud.."No, i was talking about megan fox..not esme ew bro" i spat.."I know right, megan fox is hot" they all laughed. Im not looking forward to this plan at all.









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