Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


13. crying

I sat in the canteen with clara, jake, zayn, liam and delaney, we all spoke about Clara's party tonight. Everyone knows about me and zayn dating now, it was a shocker to everyone especially the guys but they will survive, since delaney has been with liam he's been so much nicer to people and i really respect delaney for helping him change. "So how many people are going to your party clara?" delaney asked. "Oh, i invited the whole school" she smirked, we all looked at her shocked. "Whats your mum gonna say?" i smirked. "Oh my parents are on a business trip for a week luckily" she had a huge devilish grin on her face. "Well, it's going to be one hectic party" jake smirked. Zayn started to kiss my neck, i had to bit my lip to stop myself moaning. "Guys, get a room, seriously?" jake spoke with his sassy voice" we both laughed at him and zayn carried on kissing my neck whilst rubbing the top of the thigh with his hand under the table. "Zayn, don't" i whispered into his ear, he looked at me and smirked before he stopped torturing me. 

"Guys, i'm going to head to my next lesson okay? see you all at the party and zayn, meet me by your car" i smiled whilst kissing him. "See ya babe" they all waved as i walked out of the canteen. I wanted to take a walk really, i hated staying in such a crowded place for so long. As i walked down the corridor i felt someone knock past me. "Excuse me?" i spoke whilst turning to face them, they looked up and smirked, oh great it's harry.."Why hello beautiful, we really need to stop these little meetings of ours" he smirked. "What meetings? i walked past you that's all" he looked at me and licked his lips making me cringe. "You are so sexy when you're angry" i spoke, i rolled by eyes before walking away. "Oh and see you at the party tonight" he laughed, great he's going, well at least i'll have zayn there with me. 


I turned up the music on the stereo really loud as i got ready for clara's party, zayn popped out to get a load of alcohol to take to the party as he's already ready. I put on a grey  skater dress which had a zip right along the front of it. It came way above my knees and actually showed off my perfect curves. I slipped on a pair of black heels to go with. I straightened my hair and sprayed it with anti volume spray adding some volume to it and applied my plain face with some foundation, mascara and dark red lipstick. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=108057985

"Babe, i'm back" i heard zayn shout from downstairs. "Okay, 1 minute" i grabbed my phone put it in the small black bag i had. I walked out of the room and walked down stairs and saw zayn packing the alcohol in a stronger bag. I walked behind him and placed both of my hands over his eyes. "Guess who" "hm, a gorgeous girl named esme?" he smiled. "Wrong, just some girl named esme, lets cut the gorgeous out of it" i laughed whilst taking my hands from his eyes. He turned around to face me and his mouth opened wide. "Fuck esme" i looked at him and laughed. "What? is there something wrong zayn?" i asked suspicious. "Well yeah, you look so damn sexy that i don't think i can resist you" i laughed at him and hit him on the arm jokingly. "Seriously i just want to rip that dress off you" he licked his lips, i bit my lip as he came closer to me. "Zayn, we need to get going" He ignored me and started to kiss me neck making me moan as he kissed each spot. "No zayn, save it for later come on" i spoke whilst walking away from him. "Ugh" he moaned whilst we walked out to his car. He put the alcohol in the trunk and we drove straight to Clara's.

Once we got there zayn looked at me and smiled. "I honestly can't wait to get you home and rip that dress off you" he smirked. I laughed at him as we got out of the car. We walked through the house and the loud music pierced through my ear drums. We went straight to the kitchen and put the alcohol on the kitchen table. "Thanks for coming guys, and thanks for the alcohol" clara smirked whilst tripping over everything, well she was very drunk. Actually i think everyone was drunk. "Let's get started" zayn smiled. We got some shot glasses and started to do some shots, we ended up having 7 shots each before we started to feel dizzy and alive. I grabbed a bottle of vodka and smirked. "Fuck this" i laughed and started to down the vodka, i managed to drink at least half a bottle before i couldn't drink anymore. I looked around for zayn but he seemed to have disappeared. I shrugged it off and went into the lounge. I started to dance on my own, i literally got on the floor and started to slut drop and everything making people whistle. I felt someone's hands behind me, i turned around to see if it was zayn but it was the one person i didn't want to see even if i was drunk. "What do you want harry?" i slurred as i nearly fell over. "I wanted to dance, i mean look at you, you look so sexy right now that i  don't know how i can keep my hands off you" he smirked. "I have a boyfriend harry, which is one of your best friend's so back off" "Does he love you" i looked at him weirdly. "Obviously, or he won't be with me and try to make so much effort with me" He laughed at me whilst walking off.  What the hell, was he trying to tell me something..As i was about to go find him someone grabbed my wrist. "Hello sexy" i looked behind me and saw a boy I've never seen before. "i haven't got time for this" i spoke, he tightened the grip on my wrist. "Don't be rude to me" he hissed. "And what are you going to do?" he pulled me into a corner where no one could hear us, he pinned me up against the wall and grabbed my wrists tight. "You don't wanna be rude to me babe, especially when you don't know me" he smirked, he started to kiss me neck making me feel uncomfortable. I tried to get off him but he was to strong. "Oi, leave her the fuck alone" i sighed, i knew zayn would save me. The boy got off me but it wasn't zayn i saw who saved me, it was harry..

Zayn's POV

I sat in the bedroom with lauren confused. "Lauren, what did you want to speak about? it better be important because i only came to this party to have fun with my girlfriend" i spoke pissed off. I was quite drunk but i just wanted to be with my gorgeous girlfriend, lauren dragged me away from her because she said she needed to tell me something. "Zayn, it was just an excuse to get you alone" she smirked, I stood up about to go out but she pushed me onto the bed. "Lauren, i have a girlfriend who i love so if you don't mind" "but you could do a lot better zayn, and everyone knows that, you are the hottest boy in school and i can't resist you any longer" she bit her lip and climbed on top of me.

Esme's POV

"Harry, why did you laugh when i told you that zayn loved me?" i asked suspicious as i took a few sips of vodka. Harry took me outside after i nearly got abused by that horrible boy who pinned me against the wall. "Its not my place to say es" he half smiled. "Harry, i don't get you, you are a complete arse but now you're being nice, why?" "because i feel sorry for you" he smirked. "Why? i'm happy" "because if zayn loved you so much he wouldn't be upstairs right now with some other girl" he smirked and walked away. I Some how believed him, well i haven't seen zayn since we arrived..I walked into the house and ran up the stairs whilst tripping over a few people. I walked into one room and saw two people making out of the bed, i looked closely and saw it was clara and some boy, i smirked and opened the next door and i saw some blonde girl on top of zayn, they were..kissing. Tears formed in my eyes causing my vision to be blurry. "HOW COULD YOU" i screamed. They both looked at me and zayn pushed the girl off him. "It's not what it looks like esme, she came on to me" he spoke. I slammed the door shut and ran downstairs and straight out side, i was no way staying at zayn's house tonight. I saw harry outside in his car so without a thought i got into his car. "What th-" he spoke. "Harry, can i stay at yours tonight please?" i sobbed. "You saw them then?" he spoke. "Y-yes" he started the car and we drove away. I can't believe zayn would cheat on me like that.








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