Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


19. attack

I woke up to the feel of wetness around me, i slowly opened my eyes to feel a never ending pain, i screamed out in pain. "ZAYN,ZAYN" i looked to my side to see zayn pale as snow, blue lips and blood around his neck like he has been stabbed in the neck. I screamed at the sight and tried to get up. I placed my hand over zayn's face trying so hard to wake him up, this was not happening, i leaned over cold body and screamed until i couldn't scream any more, my eyes were full of tiers, i then felt that sharp stabbing pain again, i looked down my body as i slowly got up and saw blood dripping from my inner thighs, my baby was dead? i looked around and saw a dark shadow by the door, a shadow that was smirking, he had a knife in his hand with blood around it. I moved further away from the shadow until i hit a wall. The pains were getting worse. "You can't escape me be beautiful" a very familiar voice called out, wait that voice is very familiar. The person came out of the shadows and showed his rotten smirked face. "h-h-harry" "yes, you see esme, i didn't like the fact that you were having a baby with zayn, you knew how i felt about you and you go and do this.." he got closer and closer with the knife in his hands, my heart began to beat faster and faster. "harry" i begged, then every became a blur...

"Esme..esme" i opened my eyes and screamed. Tiers dripped from my eyes. "Esme, whats the matter, is it the baby?" i looked to see zayn looking at me worried, wait, zayn's not dead? it was all a dream, it was all just a dream. I sighed in relief but couldn't get the dream out of my head, why would i dream about that?.."Esme, please answer me, whats wrong?" zayn began to stroke my back. "It's fine zayn, just a bad dream" i half smiled and jumped out of bed.I felt my small bump on my belly and smiled. "Whats the plans for today babe? the beach? or some site seeing" zayn smiled. We only had a few more days left in Cyprus and i still needed to spend a day with the girls. "I'm spending the day with the girls zayn, sorry, i keep promising them but i'm always i'll or busy" He smiled before getting up close to me. "It's fine beautiful" i shivered at the word 'beautiful' as harry called me that in my dream before trying to kill me.."I'm gonna have a quick shower, go to the lounge every ones there" zayn smiled whilst giving me a quick kiss, i smiled before going into the lounge. They all stared at me, it was kind of strange. I guess it's because i only had one of zayn's long shirts on but clara and delaney had some long shirts on too. I looked around the lounge and saw harry smiling at his phone, probably texting some girl, he then looked at me and smirked bringing me some flashbacks of my dream, i let out a few tiers before my body started to shake slightly. "Esme, whats wrong?" i heard a faint voice, but my body wouldn't stop shaking, they all got closer to me and so did harry, the closer he got the more my body felt weak and restless. I couldn't stop shaking and then everything went black.


Zayn's POV

I looked at the blue hospital floor as i heard nurses rushing past and people talking. "Mate, drink this" i heard a voice but decided to ignore it. "ZAYN" i heard a loud shout. i looked up to see clara with a smile on her face. "She's awake!" i ran as fast as i could into the room and saw her, my beautiful girlfriend. Her face was really pale and it looked like she had no life in her at all, she looked over at me and shined her glowed eyes at me before smiling.

Esme's POV

I saw zayn smiling at me, i smiled back and as he came over to me i grabbed him with all my power and hugged him. I looked around to see everyone was here, zayn, the boys, clara and delaney but there was also another girl here, she didn't look familiar at all, i cocked my eyebrow at her and she half smiled. "I don't believe we've met, i'm esme and you are?" i asked as nice as possible, which was difficult because i felt so horrible and ill. "Oh, hello i'm lilly, harry's girlfriend" my eyes widened when she mentioned harry, i remembered going into some kind of fit from harry staring at me bringing back memories from my dream. I half smiled at her and leaned back into the bed when a doctor then came in. "Hello esme, i'm doctor harrington" i half smiled at him avoiding everyone's stares. "Now, it seems like you had a panick attack, now have you ever had one before?" the doctor asked. "is the baby okay?" zayn asked. i rolled my eyes before answering the doctor. "No, never" "can you tell me what made you panick?" i looked around the room to see harry staring at me. My heart raced faster. I breathed in and out very loudly. "Can everyone get out please" i demanded whilst breathing heavier once again. They nodded before walking out but zayn was still there. "Zayn, and you, please" "but-" "please zayn" he nodded before leaving the room. The doctor looked at me worried before opening his mouth to speak. "Okay esme, try to remember what made you panic" i looked at him and blushed, i do which isn't know why, he was an attractive doctor and i would feel like such an idiot for telling him this but here it goes. "Well, i had a nightmare that my boyfriends best mate killed my boyfriend and my baby and then tried to kill me, you see he told me he had feelings for me" i spoke. the doctor stared at me before letting me carry on. "And when he stares at me or came closer to me earlier i guess i just panicked". "Okay, the best thing to do esme is let him come in here, you need to tell him this and if you don't think it's safe i want you to call the buzzer and i'll be right back in here" he half smiled, i nodded and told him to bring harry in. 

Harry's POV

"can harry styles come in here please?" the doctor shouted, zayn and everyone else looked at me strangely, i was confused myself. "Erm why?" i asked. Lilly looked at me and half smiled whilst biting her lip. "I can't say out here" he replied and lead me into the room. I walked in and the doctor walked back out leaving me and esme alone. I half smiled at her and she just started to shiver as i got closer, i have ever been so confused in my life. "h-harry, you caused this" she stuttered, i looked at her wide eyed. "What? i haven't done anything" i snapped. "I never meant you caused it physically, but you caused this mentally and emotionally, you see harry i had a nightmare about you last night, you killed zayn, my baby and were about to kill me, when i saw you this morning smirk at me it reminded me of the dream and i guess i keep getting scared now" she explained whilst a tear left her eye. I looked at her wide eyed whilst sitting on the chair next to her hospital bed. "Esme, it was only a dream, listen to me, i would never hurt you, your baby or zayn, zayn's like a brother to me, i would never hurt him and you're a mate, i would never hurt you, and you're zayn's girl, and i would definitely never hurt your baby, yeah i confessed my feelings to you the other day but i would never hurt any of you" She smiled at my answer. "Harry, can i have a hug?" i smiled widely at her answer and embraced her with a hug. "You see, nothing to be scared of, now mumma, we need to get you out of this hospital" i smiled. "But before we do, how did you meet the girl?lilly, she's beautiful, lovely brown hair, blue eyes, perfect for you harry" i smiled at her question. "She's a good mate of mine, i needed to get over you, i didn't want to hurt your feelings so i tried to move on and met up with an old friend lilly, and i think i'm starting to really like her, we're already going out but you know it's early days" i smiled, she chuckled at me and kissed my cheek making me get butterflies. 


Esme's POV

I lay on the bed in the beach house whilst zayn packed the suitcase, we're leaving early as we didn't realize all the things we haven't done back home which need to be done before school and it's best for us all. I stared at my little bump in my belly and half smiled. I was worried, stressed and fed up, all this worrying getting too much. "I'm so relieved the baby's fine after that little attack of yours" zayn smiled, i looked at him and rolled my eyes. "You have to me fucking kidding me" i muttered and stood up just when zayn held my arm tight. "Whats wrong?" "just give me some space zayn" i spat, he let go of my arm and i walked out of the bedroom. How could he just think of the baby? yeah we're all thinking about it but he didn't seem to care about me in the hospital, whether i was okay, but it was all about whether the baby was okay.. 

I walked into the kitchen of the beach house and sat on one of the stools. "Fucking doesn't care" i muttered to myself. "Whats wrong?" i heard a low voice behind me, i turned to see..harry?. He sat down next to me and placed his hand on my thigh. "Whats wrong?" he repeated. "it's just..nothing" i spoke. "It's something alright, just tell me" "everything with the baby has just been so frustrating, i can't stand it, i haven't even told my parents yet, they won't talk to me ever again after i do tell them" he looked at me and hugged me. "This is normal, you are bound to feel like this and if they loved you as much as you love them then i guess they'll forgive you in the end" he spoke and walked over to his girlfriend lilly. Shortly after i walked back into the bedroom where i found zayn looking at pictures of us from this holiday. "Zayn, i'm sorry for flipping out, its just getting on top off me all this hassle about the baby, i can't wait but it's stressing me out and we haven't done much yet" i sighed. He looked at me and kissed me passionately. "As long as we have each other it will be fine" i half smiled and hugged him, i hope it all goes fine. 

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