Imagines... I take requests!! Give me a celeb, your name and what you'd like to happen and I'll write you one!! I do apologise if some are longer than others!! I don't know how many pages i write so I just write as much as I think is okay? If your not happy with what I've wrote please tell me so I can fix it!! I will do a maximum of 5 a night!!


3. Imagine... Picnic With Harry Styles (For Elin)

I was getting ready for my first date with Harry!! I had liked him for a while and I knew he liked me... I just didn't know how to tell him! Anyway, I was getting ready, I was wearing a baby blue strapless dress with some silver ballet flats!! I was ready with 2 minutes to spare!! Just as I got downstairs the door bell rang!! I opened it to a very sexy dressed Harry Styles!! "Wow look...Wow!!" I giggled as I watched his eyes rake my body!! "Thanks! You don't look so bad yourself!!" I locked the door and walked out to his car! He opened my door and ran around to the other once I was in!! "So Harry? Where are we going?" I asked nervously? "Umm? I'll tell you when we get there!! It's a surprise!" He answered!! "Oh okay?" I replied and he smiled!! He turned on the radio and started singing along! I just giggled and watched him! About 10 minutes later Harry pulled up to the beach!! "But Harry? It's like 8pm? It'll get dark soon?" I stated/asked? "Yeah! But there's something I wanted you to see!!" He came around and assisted me out the car! "Thank you!" I mumbled!! He smiled took my hand and led me to the beach!! We were walking for about half an hour! Talking, laughing, having fun until he told me to turn around? I did has he said and be guided me backwards! "Turn around Elin!" I did as he said and I couldn't believe what I saw!! Logs laid out around a fire it was so beautiful!! There was a picnic washer laid out, and the sun was just setting!! I don't think this could have been a better date!! "Just wait here!! I'll be 2 minutes" Harry said running off! "Oh okay!" I stood awkwardly for about 5 minutes but then I heard soft singing and music!! Then Harry and the rest of the boys came walking around the corner singing!! They stopped a few feet infront of me and Harry kept walking! He walked up to me and took my small hand in his! "Elin? Would you do the honours and be my girlfriend?"

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