Imagines... I take requests!! Give me a celeb, your name and what you'd like to happen and I'll write you one!! I do apologise if some are longer than others!! I don't know how many pages i write so I just write as much as I think is okay? If your not happy with what I've wrote please tell me so I can fix it!! I will do a maximum of 5 a night!!


5. Imagine... Partying With Harry Styles

It was friday night and me and (Y/F/N) were out clubbing!! We had spent all day finding the right outfit and finally we had!! We both looked stunning!! I was just finishing applying my make up when the taxi arrived! "(Y/N) Taxis here!!" (Y/F/N) yelled!! "Jeesh (Y/F/N) I'm coming" I said running downstairs placing my black stilettos on my feet!! We climbed into the taxi and awaited our destination!! 10 minutes later we were ou of the taxi and in the club! We'd had 3 drinks and were dancing when a couple of boys came up to us!! "Hey curly!!" I said to the curly haired boy! He smiled! "My names Harry!! What's yours? "(Y/N) !!" I shouted above the music! "Well (Y/N)!! I think you look beautiful tonight!!" He complimented! "Why thank you Harry!!" I smiled and walked over to the bar, Harry following! "What can I get you?" He asked?! "Oh just a water please!! My and (Y/F/N) are leaving soon anyway!!" I answered still swaying to the music "oh okay!!" He ordered out drinks and I downed the water! I saw (Y/F/N) making eyes at me wanting to leave now, so i told her id be 2 minutes! "Thank you for the drink Harry!! I'm going to go now! See you around!!" I said going to walk away! He grabbed my arm and pulled me back "umm can I get your number? I'd like to see you again!" I giggled at his words and gave him my number!

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