Imagines... I take requests!! Give me a celeb, your name and what you'd like to happen and I'll write you one!! I do apologise if some are longer than others!! I don't know how many pages i write so I just write as much as I think is okay? If your not happy with what I've wrote please tell me so I can fix it!! I will do a maximum of 5 a night!!


4. Imagine... Marrying Niall (For Brittany)

"You ready Brittany? It's almost time!!" My mum asked me? I nodded my head! "Yeah! I'm nervous? What if he dosent want to marry me any more?" I quizzed!! Butterflies were flitting around my stomach and I felt queasy! "Shut up Brittany!! He loves you!! And he loves you mr!!" She crouched down and spoke to the baby in my stomach! "Mum!!" I wined! She just laughed and walked me to the door! "I'm ready!!" The music started playing and I walked down the aisle hand in hand with my mum!! I saw Niall at the alter! He looked amazing!! All tidy and neat in his suit!! I felt the tears building already and I hadn't even started our vows!! My mum left me and I stood facing Niall!! He lifted vail over my head and smiled! "You look beautiful" he whispered! I just blushed! The rest of the wedding went smoothly and we were just about to give speeches at our reception when Niall stood up and offered to I first!! "Brittany!! I can't believe I have the pleasure to call you my wife!! Your funny beautiful and I'm so happy to be here with you right now!! I can't wait for our little man to be born and to hold him with you!! I can't wait to grow old together!! I can't wait to see our grandkids!! And I want to do all that with you!! I love you Brittany and I know you love me too!!" My eyes started to water!! I did love him!! I really did!! As soon as he sat down I threw my arms around his neck! "I love you Niall!! I really do!!"

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