The Hunger Names

The future of Earth is long since here and nothing's really changed. People are poor and people are rich though not in the sense they are today. Today we are rich with money. In the future, money isn't so important any more. Nope. To be rich now, your name has to be good.
You see, everyone's name has to be different and people want the nice, pretty ones, Rosalyn or Eve.
And when you're stuck with KyraStar1 or alicegal02 , you're going to do anything to get yourself a great name.
Even if that means kill...


4. alicegal02

 I'm all too aware of the risks of jumping into something without thought. No. This mission needed time and care. But I'm not going to mess this opportunity up. I cannot not afford to loose another chance. I have one shot.

One shot only.

I sit down heavily on a tree stump nearby, not caring whether the blood on my hands is mine or Alice's. It doesn't matter. I am too caught up in the adrenaline rush to consider the implications of what I'm  planning. That would come later, along with a rush of guilt and an undertone of relief. I need my sister's name. With it, I could rise above what I have become, a way to escape this vicious circle of kill or be killed, hunt or be hunted.

The beginnings of a plan start forming in my head and I grin. This is going to be good!

The whistle of a knife startles me from my thoughts. My head whips round to stare at the blade of a dagger buried deep in the bark beside my head, its hilt still quivering from the force of the throw. I draw in a sharp breath. Just an inch further to the right, and I would not have lived to win myself that power of a name.

My thoughts tumble over each other. I reach a conclusion the same instant I saw a flash of movement in the corner of my eye. I turn again, only to find my self face to face with an intimidating presence. I blink, and stare up at the face before me. Not as old as I'd first thought. Staring back at me is a boy, only a few years older than me, with black, spiky hair, and dazzling dark brown eyes. His eyes hold a hint of menace, and violence, but also a slight tinge of regret and sorrow. I push these thoughts away, to concentrate on defending myself. As I have already proved, I am not weak. No one weak would plan to kill their sister. 

I'm going to miss Ruby.

"Who are you, and what do you want?" My voice comes out as a growl, as I leap into a defensive stance.

In contrast, he's relaxed, leaning against a tree with an air of nonchalance that comes hand in hand with arrogance.

"Why, only to chat. What's a little banter between friends?" His voice is soft, velvety, and dangerous.

I'm sceptical as I raise a thin eyebrow. "We're not friends."

"No. But we could be. How about we start with names?"

I'm instantly back on guard again. Perhaps he notices me tense because he quickly carried on.

"I'll go first then shall I? My name is JetBlack221. See? Nothing to be afraid of!"

I wonder at his confidence. Tentatively, I reciprocate his words, with my own name. What had I gotten myself into?


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