I thought wrong ;/

Alexandra meets one direction back stage they give each other their numbers they start talking but zayn and Harry go to far .......



HEY GUYS ! I'm sorry I haven't updated but I have lots of homework but I PROMISE I'll update soon ! (;

*****************three weeks later*****************

I have the tickets for the concert and the concert is tomorrow but I have no clothes ! I have to go shopping let me text my bestfriend see I she'll come with me (;

To Liz : heyy bestfriend

From Liz : heyy bestie

To Liz : wanna go shopping ?

From Liz : sorry I can't gotta babysit

To Liz : aww ;( okay

I guess I'll have to go alone -.- I don't want to bring my little sister she's 15 I'm 18 she's a little brat I hate her ! I got dressed **outfit**

I had a short shirt tht was white and open in the back with a black tank top under with some blue high top shorts and tank top tucked in with some black high heels and a blue and white and black cross side purse . I curled my hair and put some eyeliner on and little bit of perfume and off I went . That's my simple outfit even tho it sounds like I'm going to a party but don't forget my black sunglasses (; I went downstairs got the Keys . I drove to the mall I live in London it's hot over here { I might be wrong because I don't know nothing about London } I came out the car and walked in and the first store I went to was Forever 21 my favorite store ! I got my clothes there I got a shirt that is open in each side with a white high top pants and some white high heels and the shirt is pink and with a pink purse thats little that you put money in and ID also I bought some white and pink makeup and a cute glossy lip gloss (;

{ sorry guys the chapter are short but the story is long ill promise you I'll update well read and comment what you think what should I add and please like thanks ;$ }

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