Make A Wish

When Ivy's little brother makes a wish threw the Make A Wish foundation to meet One Direction before he dies, will it come true? Will Ivy get to meet them too and fall for one of them? Will her dream come true?

(WARNING: There WILL be sex sense in this fan fiction!)


11. Time to go Home

The last couple days in London flew by! It seemed like it was only an hour ago that we first arrived here. But knowing that I would be back with in a week made it easier to day goodbye to my favorite place. That morning I woke up and took a shower. I put my hair up in a messy bun and put on some mascara before slipping on my glasses. I put on some sweatpants and a T-shirt. I put on my UGGs and threw my columbia on over my T-shirt. I heard a knock on my door so I went and opened it. Rylie jumped on my leg and smiled up at me. i just laughed and walked out to the living room with him still clinging to my leg. I lifted him up on the couch and he let go, giggling a little. I walked into the kitchen to see the boys and my mom talking. 

"There she is!" My mom said when she saw me walk into the room. I said good morning to everyone and got some breakfast, which consisted of a piece of bread and Nutella. I was till half asleep until I felt strong around snake around my waist, sending shocks threw my body. I turned around and saw Niall. He smiled at me and pecked me on the lips. 

"Morning love." He said smiling down at me. I gave him a half smile back and turned around, focusing on my breakfast. I didn't feel to good and I could tell it was one of my "down" days. Which basically means that I am more depressed for no real reason, but I just feel down. I continued eating and once I was done, we were ready to leave. I was extremely excited for the guys to come back with me, and I would do an interview with them. I grabbed my bags and loaded them into the van. We all piled in and headed to the airport. The flight was long. Just like the one there, but this one seemed a little shorter. I sat in-between Rylie and Niall. I slept almost the whole way, leaning my head on  Niall's shoulder. 

"Babe, wake up. We are almost there." I heard Niall whisper in my ear, feeling his warm breathe on my neck making me shivered. I opened my eyes and smiled at him. I was feeling much better than before. And the best thing is that there is snow now in Wisconsin, considering it was almost Christmas. The boys would be spending Christmas with my family in Wisconsin, which means Lou gets to spend his birthday with us. I was excited to see my dogs again. One thing that I really didn't care about was seeing my dad again. I mean I love him, he's my dad! But we just didn't get along all the time. 

About 5 minutes later we landed. I looked out the window and saw snow. A smile appeared on my lips. I jumped up and intertwined my fingers with Niall's. We excited the plane and got in a limo. We drove the 2 hours it took to get back to my house. My house was in the country, about 15 min from the town I live by. It was snowing about an hour into the trip. Once we drove up the long drive way, my eyes lit up. I saw my parent's lovely log house with white christmas lights hung in their normal spots. My dad was just finishing wrapping up the second pillar in lights. He heard the limo and looked up. He was kind of surprised to see a limo driving up his driveway. We parked in front of the house and got out. My dad gave my mom a kiss and gave Rylie a hug. He turned to me and gave me a bear hug, showing that he was happy to see me. He hadn't seen me for a month or so. 

"Dad, this is Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry. Boys, this is my dad." I introduced. 

"Hello sir." Niall said, shaking my dad's hand.

"Hello." my dad said with a small smile. It was basically the same conversation with each boy. We helped my mom take her and Rylie's stuff into the house. I said hello to my two dogs, and we said goodbye and got back into the limo and headed for my house, which was in town. We pulled into my drive way and hopped out. I ran up to my house and unlocked the door. I went back to the car and grabbed my bags. The boys and I got inside and their mouths dropped. 

"Your house is amazing!" Liam stated in awe. 

"Thanks!" I said with a cheerful smile, "Do you guys want a tour?" They all shook their heads yes and I started to show them around. "This is the kitchen, this is the living room, the downstairs bathroom." I walked up stairs and continued, "This is one guest room, and the second one, this is the upstairs bathroom, my room, and the movie/game room." I said finishing the tour. "Everyone can choose their room. Their are 2 beds in each guest room." I finished saying and turned to Niall, "You can sleep in my room if you want." A smile grew across his lips. I took it as a yes and turned to the other boys. "Do you guys want to go around town and take a look?" I asked. 

"Ya sure!" Zayn said excitedly. We put on our coats and gloves and went out to my car. We got in by black Range Rover and took off down the road. We went to Starbucks first and parked the car. We went in and got our drinks and left. We decided to walk around town and by the end of the night we would be at the restaurant that we would eat dinner at. It had the BEST burgers and cheesy fries. After we ate dinner, we went back to Starbucks to get my car. We drove back to my house and decided to watch a movie. I saw a snap chat from my "friend" Claudia. I responded with a snap chat of me and the boys. She spazzed out. It was funny to say the least. She called me so I answered. (Phone conversation: C-Claudia I-Ivy)

C- Are you seriously with them?!?!

I-Ya I spent a week in London with them and they came back here to my place for 2 weeks, then I go on tour with them because I am now their opening act!

C- Oh my god! You lucky bitch! Wait, so I am going to be seeing you in concert to?

I- Yup!

C- Oh my god. I can't believe you are that lucky! 

I- I know. I'm still in shock myself. Hey you are in front row right?

C- Ya why? 

I- And you have an extra ticket?

C- Ya?

I- Would I be able to pay you and have that extra ticket and sit by you?

C- Ya of course! 

I- Awesome! I will talk to you later! you can come over tomorrow or something if you want and meet the boys.

C- That sounds awesome! Bye!

I- Bye.

I hung up and turned to the boys. 

"Who was that?" Louie asked.

"That was my "friend" Claudia."


"Ya we used to be best friends but then she changed. We are still kinda friends but she kinda uses people." I stated. They nodded and we turned back to the movie. I fell asleep about half way threw. I don't remember what happened later that night, but I know that I fell asleep in the arms of the person I love.

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