Make A Wish

When Ivy's little brother makes a wish threw the Make A Wish foundation to meet One Direction before he dies, will it come true? Will Ivy get to meet them too and fall for one of them? Will her dream come true?

(WARNING: There WILL be sex sense in this fan fiction!)


17. Leaving

*Ivy's POV* 

It was a week after Christmas. The girls went back home because of work and what not about 5 days ago. It was now our turn to go back to London. I was finishing up packing when I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in!" I hollered from in my closet. I turned my head to see Louie standing in the door way. "Hey." I said with a smile. 

"Hi love, how are you?" He asked. We have become even more close now, so have me and all the other boys too. I didn't think it was possible to become more close with them, but it happened. 

"I'm alright." I said with a shrug. I was becoming nervous. I knew what he was going to ask me about, but I didn't want him to. 

"You sure?" He asked knowing that I was lying. "Cuz you know I heard you throwing up this morning. And 2 nights ago. And 4 days ago…" He said trailing off.

"So I haven't been feeling the best? What's so wrong with that?" I asked. 

"Ivy, I know you. I know when you are lying. Ive noticed that after almost ever meal you to go the bath room. I started to follow you now and I know that you just throw up you food. And Ivy that isn't ok. You are better than that! Why do you feel like you need to do that?" He asked. His voice was serious, but there was a hint of sadness in it. 

I took a deal breath and then let it out, "I don't know. I will eat, but then I just feel guilty, like I'm letting myself down. And if I don't throw up, then I feel so fat and worthless." Lou walked over and sat next to me. 

"Ivy, you are perfect. You are skinny. You are worth it. Alright? The boys and I love you and don't want you to feel like this. Or do this to yourself. If I need to, I will take you to a therapist, even if you don't want to. Because this is serious. You have developed another eating disorder. And I'm not going to stand her and let you slowly kill yourself." He said looking straight into my eyes. All I could do was hug him. I didn't know what to say. I was close to crying, but I attempted to hold it in. Against my will, a couple tears feel. Louie let go of me and wiped them away. "Come on now, there is no crying!" He joked, "We have to leave in an hour. I'm done packing, do you want me to help you finish?" I nodded and gave him a smile. He helped me finish packing and by the time we were done we still had 45 minutes before we had to leave at 2. I walked down stairs was greeted by all the boys. 

"Are we still going to stop by your parents house before we go?" Zayn asked.

"Ya, if thats ok with you guys." I said looking around at them.

"Of course that's ok! We want to say good bye to our new family!" Louie said. I laughed and smiled. The boys love my parents and Rylie. It's actually quite cute how the guys are so good with Rylie and how they love spending time with him. The guys and I did a sweep around the house, making sure no one forgot anything. When we were done we got in a limo and headed to my parents house.

-skipping the ride-

I walked in and headed to the living room, where I heard the TV on. I saw my dad sitting on one of the couches. He looked up when he heard the door shut. "Hey!" He said with a smile while getting up to greet us. He gave me a hug and gave all the boys hand shakes. "Christine! They're here!" My dad yelled up the stairs to my mom. She came running down a couple seconds after. She embraced me in a hug and squeezed me so tight that I couldn't breath. 

"Um Mom… I can't breath!" I managed to push out. 

"Oh sorry hun!" She said letting go, "I'm just going to miss you so much!" 

"I will talk to you every day! I promise. And send pictures!" I said with a little laugh.

​"Good you better!" She said seriously at first, but then broke out into a smile. We talked for a little bit longer before saying good bye. 

"Bye mom." I said giving her a tight hug. I attempted to pull away but she just hugged me tighter. 

​"I don't want you to leave." She said, her voice cracking.

"What did I say?! There is no crying! I will be back before you know it. And the boys won't let anything happen to me." I reassured her. 

"You're right." She said as if she was trying to convince herself. I gave her another hug and moved on to my dad. I hugged him and said good bye. Lastly I went to Rylie. I knew he was going to be the hardest one to say good bye to.

"Bye Little Man. Stay strong while I'm gone alright? And don't give mom any trouble." I told him before giving him a hug. He clung on to me. I could feel the tears coming to my eyes. I let go and looked at him. His bright blue eyes were watery and sparkled in the light. His mouth wasn't in his normal smile, but instead there was a frown, a sad frown. I don't think I have ever seen him frown like that before. It broke my heart to leave him, but I had to live my dream. "Hey now, turn that frown upside down! I will Skype you every night ok?" I said to him. He nodded and hugged me again. He let tears slip from his eyes. I didn't even try to hold mine in any more so they poured out of my eyes. 

"Babe, its time to go." Niall said from behind me. I let go of Rylie and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I turned to Niall and intertwined our hands. I said my last good byes before walking out the door. As we got in the limo Niall gave my hand a small squeeze, he knew I was having a hard time. I gave him a small smile and took a deep breath. I just had to remember that I would be back before I knew it and that I would be traveling the world with my 5 favorite people in the world, doing what I love. 


-AN: Sorry this chapter is short! The next one will be longer. xx-

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