Make A Wish

When Ivy's little brother makes a wish threw the Make A Wish foundation to meet One Direction before he dies, will it come true? Will Ivy get to meet them too and fall for one of them? Will her dream come true?

(WARNING: There WILL be sex sense in this fan fiction!)


34. Funeral

*Ivy's POV*

Today was the day. The day that I would be putting my little brother into the ground. The day that it would probably all sinks in that he is actually gone. The day that I will probably cry until I fall asleep. The day I lose my hero and gain my guardian angel. 

"You ready babe?" Niall asked me while wrapping his arms around my waist. I looked in the mirror one last time and nodded. I intertwined our fingers and walked down stairs to meet up with the other boys. 

"You look beautiful Ivy." Harry complimented while giving me a hug. 

"Thanks." I said plainly. 

"You should probably eat something before we go. You need food." Louie said as I was about to open my front door. I just shook my head no and walked out. I got into the passenger seat of my range rover and waited for the boys to come out. Niall drove and the rest of the boys piled in the back. After 5 minutes we were at the funeral home. I tried to get out but I couldn't move. A moment later Niall came around and opened my door. He grabbed my hand and helped me out.

"It's going to be ok. I'm right here. It's going to be ok." Niall whispered in my ear. His words were soothing and they helped a lot. We continued walking inside. Once we got in we were bombarded. The wake was open to the public, which was a mistake. People who had bullied me my whole life were their to "pay their respects" to my little brother who in the past they called retarded. They came up to me, giving me hugs, telling me how sorry they are, how they are there for me, but I knew that every word was fake. They felt bad and that's it. They didn't care. Then there were the people who came just to see the boys. Yes people came just to see the boys of One Direction. The boys would ignore them though and just shoo them away. It made me happy that they were there for Rylie and to support me. After the wake was the actual funeral. As they lowered Rylie into the ground I sang Little Things. The boys joined in when my voice cracked and I started crying. Once Rylie was in the ground, I started to sing Warrior. I changed all the I'm and I's to you and you're. At the end of the song I broke down. I dropped but Niall caught me before I could hit the ground. I started to sob in his arms as one by one people threw a handful of earth onto the casket. One by one they buried my little brother. One by one they buried a piece of my heart.

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