Make A Wish

When Ivy's little brother makes a wish threw the Make A Wish foundation to meet One Direction before he dies, will it come true? Will Ivy get to meet them too and fall for one of them? Will her dream come true?

(WARNING: There WILL be sex sense in this fan fiction!)


5. England

The next morning my alarm went off at 5 a.m. I got up and took a shower and got dressed. I didn't bother putting my contacts in because I knew I would sleep on the flight. I let my hair dry naturally in waves and some curls. I put on a pair of VS yoga pants and my 5SOS hoodie. I slipped on my grey vans and packed my make up, brushes, curling wand, straightener, contacts and solution, medicine, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, comb, and anything else I thought I might need. I grabbed my bags and put them by my front door. I grabbed my small back pack and put my phone, earbuds, charger, my laptop, and a few other things in it as my carry on. By this time it was about 7:30. I texted Ellie and said our flight would leave at 10 and what hotel we were staying at. I went threw my checklist and made sure I wasn't forgetting anything. A couple minutes later my door bell rang. I opened it to see a driver. He took my bags and walked me out to the car. I hopped in and I saw my mom and Rylie already in there. The driver pulled away from my house and headed for the air port. We arrived and had about 10 minutes until we needed to board our plane. We grabbed our bags and said good bye to the driver. We walked to out gate and sat down, waiting for our flight to be called. Our flight was called and my mom handed the lady out tickets. We boarded the plane and took out seats. We were in first class! 

"I didn't know that we were going to be in first class." I said to my mom.

"The Make A Wish person said that the boys paid for our tickets, other wise we wouldn't be in first class." My mom stated with a thankful smile.

The flight was long. I slept for about half the way, Rylie slept for almost the whole trip. My mom and I took shifts with sleeping and watching Rylie sleep, making sure he was still breathing and was ok. We landed and exited the plane. We grabbed our bags and walked over to a guy that had our names on a sign. 

"Christine, Ivy and Rylie?" The man named Nick questioned.

"Yes sir." I answered cheerfully. I loved british accents and I was now surrounded by them! I loved Irish accents too, but I heard those every day with my mom, dad and Finn (my older brother). We went to the front doors of the airport and saw a limo. Nick went over and opened the door for us to enter.

"No way!" I said in disbelief. 

"Yes way! This is your ride for your duration of your trip here! And I will always be your driver." Nick stated with a smile. 

We got in the limo and it took off. Nick took us to our hotel where we would be staying for a week. We would be meeting the boys tomorrow and then making plans with them threw out the week. We were staying in the pent house which was the 15th floor. I opened the door and my heart stopped. It was gorgeous! Rylie walked in and flopped on the couch. He had a huge smile on his face. And seeing that smile made me ten times happier. Because it was late we said good night to Nick and he told us what time he would be picking us up in the morning. We got ready for bed.

"Hey Ive, can you come here!" my mom called. I walked out of the bath room and over to Rylie's room, "He won't go to sleep. He wants you to sing." She sighed. I laughed and slid into his bed. He looked up at me and smiled, he got comfy and closed his eyes, waiting for me to sing. 

"Little Things?" I questioned. He nodded, not even opening his eye. 

I sang little things until he was asleep. I said good night to my mom and went to bed. Tomorrow was going to be the best day of mine, and Rylie's life.


*Niall's POV*

Tomorrow the boys and I were meeting two huge fans. One was the one who made the wish threw Make A Wish, and the other was his sister. The people at make a wish said she was just as deserving of a wish as her brother. They said she gave up her life to help her brother stay alive, and I must admit I was excited to meet them. The lads and I read about there story and we decided to meet them tomorrow and hang out with them all week. We booked them first class plane tickets and even paid for there hotel and we gave them one of our drivers, Nick, for the week. The boys and I felt like they deserved it and it was the least we could do. We are all excited to meet them tomorrow.

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