Hunger Games Book: 2

Kayde survives the Hunger Games left with a knife in her side and a slight bit of amnesia. The Capitol is after her new friends Katniss and Peeta. The 75th Annual Quarter Quell is approaching and it's way beyond everyone's expectations. Join in on all the action.


3. Victory Tour or So I Thought

It's the day. The day we travel to all the districts over a couple months and prepare a speech to give to each families and districts of the fallen tributes. I first leave from District 7 and go straight to District 11 to meet with Katniss and Peeta. I have to leave earlier than anyone just so I can get there before they arrive at District 11. All my town and my district gather at the train to say goodbye. My family didn't come. I don't blame them. Over the past couple weeks I didn't make an effort to visit them because I assumed they didn't want to see me alive and well. Only Percy and Rame were at the station. Not any of my other siblings. My mom is never around for anything and just stays at home enjoying the victor's village. Now that she has two daughters living there, she has no time for me.

I say my last goodbyes over and over to Percy and Rame. I wanted Rame to come with me on the tour but he's not allowed. The Capitol has been very strict about all the victors and their families since the Capitol defiance. There are Peacekeepers everywhere and twice as intimidating. We got word from President Snow that there's been a delay in District 12 and we are going straight there. Instead we'll kick off our tour tomorrow. I'm anxious to get there and already missing Rame. We'll be televised tomorrow then leave one hour after.

I talk to Johanna pretty much the whole ride over. We talk about the victory tour and what to expect. I'm fortunate to have my sister here to explain the odds and ends of everything. We'll have note cards written by either Effie or Freema. We give our confluences and pretty much run in all their faces our victory. This I'm not looking forward to. Freema is more excited than anyone during lunch. I receive a gift from her and Johanna. It's a silver pendant with the District's symbol on it. It's in the shape of a circle and glistens in the light. I thank her and Johanna and they put it around my neck. I flinch when Johanna bumps into my shoulder. She latches it and pulls my shirt to reveal the stitches on my shoulder. "Looks like it hurts," she says. "No," I answer. "You don't have to hide your pain from any of us, Kayde. Does your head still hurt?" She asks. "I can only remember parts of things during the day," I say. "I asked if your head still hurt," she snaps back. "Sorta," I say hesitantly. She waves off my answer and goes to her room. It's only one o'clock in the evening and we're less than an hour away from Districr 12.

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