Hunger Games Book: 2

Kayde survives the Hunger Games left with a knife in her side and a slight bit of amnesia. The Capitol is after her new friends Katniss and Peeta. The 75th Annual Quarter Quell is approaching and it's way beyond everyone's expectations. Join in on all the action.


5. The Evening After

I remember less and less of everything that has happened. I don't remember ever going to Katniss's house. I don't remember Johanna ever being worried about me. But that's what happened when I woke up. Johanna was sitting next to me. I was on a couch and everything was dark. It was night time. Johanna was next to me asleep. "Johanna," I whisper weakly. She wakes up quickly and she looked surprised. "Oh my god!" She exclaims. "How are you feeling? What do you remember?" She asks frantically. "Nothing and I don't feel anything I'm just cold. Is Gale ok?" I ask. "Yeah he got slashed in the back pretty baldly but he'll be fine tomorrow," Johanna explains. She holds me and I fall back to sleep.

It's now the day of the victory tour. It's official we're leaving early and there's no wasting time. No putting it off for the next day. I take it easy and just sit on the train. Katniss and Peeta say goodbye to everyone. I didn't get televised yesterday or today as I was suppose to. I was in no shape to be speaking to anyone on TV. Johanna ended up taking the interview in her own hands. She wasn't allowed to mention where I was or what happened to anyone.

I go as far back on the train as I can to avoid any noise. The lights are dimmed and I'm bundled up in a blanket on a sofa. I lay my head back and try to get my head to stop throbbing. Ever since the games my heads been a little messed up. It feels like it's been pounded against a wall every time I wake up or move around. I usually just ignore any pain I have but it's not as easy anymore. I hear Katniss and Peeta enter back on the train. Johanna starts calling my name but I just ignore her. The door opens and it's not Johanna. "We'll be arriving at District 11 in about two hours," Freema says. "Are you in any condition to say a small speech?" I don't answer her. "Well I'll need an answer soon," she says. Freema leaves and Johanna walks in. "If you want I can do the talking for you. You'll still have to come up on the podium and be visible," she says. "That's fine," I say. She leaves and everyone stops visiting for two hours. Freema probably told everyone I was irritable and not in any condition to be talked to. That was partially true.

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