Hunger Games Book: 2

Kayde survives the Hunger Games left with a knife in her side and a slight bit of amnesia. The Capitol is after her new friends Katniss and Peeta. The 75th Annual Quarter Quell is approaching and it's way beyond everyone's expectations. Join in on all the action.


1. Post Game

I wake up in an unfamiliar room that's white and stuffy. I'm surrounded by medical supplies and hospital beds. There's no one around and I'm lost. I don't remember how I got here or where I am. I don't even remember the last thing I did. Someone walks into my room. I don't have the energy to sit up but I try anyway. I get a sharp pain in my side and an ache in my head. I lift up my shirt to reveal several stitches going up my rib cage. "Kayde!" Someone yells. I turn myself around to reveal my best friend Rame. He runs over and embraces me. "What's going on?" I ask. "You and Katniss and Peeta all survived! You guys outsmarted the Capitol and they all saved you guys!" Rame explains. "That's not possible, there's only suppose to be one victor and I was suppose to die in the arena," I say. "Well thank god you didn't! They didn't realize you were still out there dying when Katniss and Peeta killed Cato," Rame explains "And they managed to pull off a fake suicide to defy the Capitol," he says. "What do you mean a fake suicide?" I ask. "They had poison berries and threatened to both eat them at the same time so there'd be no victor," Rame says. "That's crazy," I manga to say. I just feel like laying down right now after having a knife taken out of me and being stitched up all over. My head starts to ache and I ask Rame where they are. "They're back at their District but you'll go home first and go on the victor's tour," he explains. Just what I need. To go on a tour while I feel like I'm going to fall apart any minute. "When do I leave for District 7?" I ask. "You're already here, but right now we're on the border at a Capitol hospital. It didn't feel like we were already home. I don't see Johanna or Percy or any of my family. I don't think any of them wanted me to live during the Hunger Games.

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