Hunger Games Book: 2

Kayde survives the Hunger Games left with a knife in her side and a slight bit of amnesia. The Capitol is after her new friends Katniss and Peeta. The 75th Annual Quarter Quell is approaching and it's way beyond everyone's expectations. Join in on all the action.


4. Arrival at District 12

We arrive at District 12 at two-thirty in the after noon. As I exit the train I stumble a little and Johanna catches me. I don't know why it keeps happening. We meet up with Katniss and Peeta. It feels like forever since I've seen them. "Kayde!" Katniss shouts. I smile at her and give her a big hug. "It's so great to see you," she says softly. "You, too," I reply. Peeta is right behind her. He smiles widely at me and embraces me, too. Effie starts to rush us along to be televised. "So what will happen is Johanna and Kayde will appear first as the victor sisters then Peeta and Katniss," she explains. You guys get all day until we leave. "Kayde and Johanna, welcome to District 12," Effie says. "Be ready to leave tomorrow morning bright in early," she adds.

Katniss leaves and meets up with Gale, her cousin as they call him. Peeta leaves to go with his family. Johanna and I tour around for an hour or two. Peacekeepers surround us at every turn. The people in District 12 look a lot similar to the people in my town. Tired and hopeless. It's very cold and snowy. We don't get much snow at all in District 7. I scoot my feet around in it not realizing how slippery the ice is. I fall back and regroup myself quickly. I feel a right feeling in my side. Johanna grabs me and turns me around. My whole side was bloody and leaking through my coat. I start to feel light headed again and dizzy. We rush back to find Peeta and his family. Everything begins to get blurry and I don't realize where we're going. Peeta helps me up onto a cot near the fire place. My side is still bleeding and I realize I'm loosing a lot of blood and that's why I'm getting dizzy. A hear commotion outside. It's a dull sound of yelling and screaming. Peeta and Johanna are gone already. I lift myself up and wrap the towel to my side. I stumble over to the door and look outside. Peacekeepers are attacking. Items are being thrown into piles and being set on fire. This is all overwhelming to me. I run out and look around. I see people running and gathering in a big group. I see Katniss pushing her way through. I run over and make my way through the crowd.

I hear yelling and a whip being thrown around. Everything gets fuzzy again but I make out Katniss getting in the way of the whip. Without thinking I run over and stop the Peacekeeper. He punched Katniss and hit her with the whip. She picks herself back up and stands infront of what looks like Gale. I walk in front of the both of them and try to prevent another whip being thrown. It was unsuccessful. This time the whip hits me. Straight on my neck as I attempted to to protect my face. I didn't feel anything at the moment. But then I find myself on the ground. Peeta and Haymitch show up but that's the last I remember before my head hits the ground. Everything goes black. Again.

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