Fear is the strongest emotion. For Hayden Rayon that's all she ever has felt, since she was little. She never could trust anyone. She was left for dead and now is a shy girl who could, or what a person thought, could never be opened.

She was like a case waiting to be cracked


3. Chapter 2: Hayden

     I woke up to the most annoying beeping sound ever. I groaned and rolled over, slamming my fist on my alarm clock. I rolled over, looking up at the ceiling before my phone began to blast Sleeping to Sirens' If you can't Hang. I snatched my iPhone off my bedside table and pressed the 'answer' call and pressed it to my ear to hear Luke's voice.


Hayden I've been calling for the last 20 minutes! I'm outside, so get ready and get down here.


      I numbly said an okay and clambered out of bed, peeling off my sleeping shorts and tanktop and replaced it with a plain blue loose t-shirt with my grey hoodie that read 'got milk' and I pulled on the only pair of jeans I owned, then pulled on my old worn out grey converse, man I need knew ones. I charged down the stairs, shoving my phone into my front jeans pocket. I quickly disarmed the security system, unlocking the door  and re arming and locking my house and running out, jumping into the passenger seat of the 1998 Mercedes. "Hope you don't mind.. I thought we could use more room for my clothes.." I apologized and he smiled as we pulled out onto the dirt road leading down to the valley.

      We stayed in a comfortable silence, Luke trying to start small talk but never succeeding in keeping it going. He's just to awkward. When we finally pulled up to a school, I stepped out timidly, seeing in big leaders 'Angel Fire High School.' I looked at Luke with confusion. "I thought I was going to school in Tejas."

     "Nah, to far. but we are going shopping there." Luke answered, whistling as he strode up to the school, me following after.

     When I walked in, the guys must've had a free period. Because all eyes are on me and all I see are guys. I lurch forward, all of a sudden feeling sick. I grabbed a hold of Luck's arm and squeezed tight. I wasn't having anything to do with any of these guys. I scanned over them, but none of them seemed like they were going to come at me so I relaxed a little. Then I saw a group of guys who I guessed to be the jocks-players-popular ones of the school. And oh boy, oh boy, I found them all pretty attractive. The guy who I assumed to be the leader of them, cat called to me. My cheeks and ears became extremely warm as all of them nodded, obviously they thought I was attractive. I looked away and didn't look back, just stared at Luke's back until we got to a door labeled 'Office.' And luckily, the principle was a girl. Dear lord I would've died.

      "Oh, you Hayden? Well, we pretty much have anything we need for your information." The principle, Mrs. Hornburg, handed me a list and four pretty thick books. "The list is what you need for this year and you schedule and those books are you homebooks. I hope to see you tomorrow! Well, if you need a few extra days you can come next week, but, come as soon as you can, please and thank you!" Jeez, this lady is to chirpy. I thought principles where supposed to be mean old hags. "Okay, goodbye! Hope you have a good day!" she called after us.

     When we got back out in the hallway, the only guys left were the ones that cat called at me. They all smirked when I walked past and I felt their leader put his hand in my hoodie pocket. Better that then my butt pocket. Before we walked out I heard the guy's friend do a chorus of, "ooooooooo Sam's gots a girlfriend!"

     As I climbed back into the passenger seat, I sat the books at my feet and scanned over the list and then at my schedule, smiling to myself as my first two periods were English and History. And, not to mention I was in all AP classes.

     The drive was long, and Luke wasn't kidding when he said it was a long drive. But, I enjoyed it nonetheless. When we finally arrived at Tejas, our first stop was a small store that mostly contained sweaters and hoodies. But I went crazy in that store. I bought about five hoodies and five sweaters by the end. Then, we went to a bigger shop but not something big like Aeropastle. I grabbed about 10 pairs of jeans and ten pairs of sweats, which were my favorite pants wear, to be honest. Throughout the day, I loved spending time with Luke, totally ignoring any guys and the slip of paper residing in my pocket.

     At the end of the day, I had 6 hoodies, 5 sweaters, 12 pairs of jeans, 11 pairs of sweats, about 3 dressy shirts, 2 leather jackets, one with brown leather and one with black leather, and I can't even count how many shirts I got. For footwear, I grabbed a black and tan pair of Uggs, two pairs of converse, one pink pair, one green pair, and some fancy cowgirl boots, not to mention all of my school stuff. And, also, my New Mexico license.

     When Luke finally dropped me off at my house, my feet hurt and it was 8:30 PM and I just wanted to sleep as he helped me carry bags and boxes in. Before slipping in to shower, I prepared my school bag, prepared to get up at 6:00 AM. Yay. That's when I remembered the jocks and the guy who had slipped something into my pocket. I pulled it out and on it was written, I'm guessing, his number. Below it read 'I'm not as much of a jerk you think I am, I promise. I could show you around tomorrow?'

     I sighed, not knowing to trust him as I slipped into the shower, soon after I was in bed and drifting off to sleep when I heard a knocking. I groaned and climbed down stairs and opened the door to Luke, standing in the door way with a Siamese kitten in his hand with a red bow tied around his neck. Behind him on the floor sat a litter box, cat litter, a small carrier and a cat bed. "I forgot to give him to you.. Sorry to wake you but I thought you could use someone else in the house." I smiled, showing I wasn't mad as I took the cat in my arms, petting inbetween the small ears as Luke set up the litter box. "He is fully trained, by the way."

     "Thanks, Luke. He is adorable. I'll name himmmm.... Tepers." I smiled at the name, "I know I pick weird names.." Luke just smiled.

     "Well, I'll let myself out. Goodnight, Hayden." and with that he was gone, a slam of the door resounding throughout the house.

     I settled into bed with Tepers curled next to me as I drifted to sleep, dreading tomorrow.


Sorry guys you had to wait.... and this chapter is just a filler so excuse me, please. I have a lot going on with my other movellas. With Blue Eyes Kitten and everything but I think I'm going to change Warzone's coming out to February and might change Stronger to March but that is not likely. But most likely Warzone Chapter one will be out. I will post the prologue either tonight or tomorrow so keep you eyes pealed.


-Dakota xx



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