Crawling Back

Justine and Harry have been together for almost a year now. They have been public for sometime now. This couple is in love...well until Kendall comes along and Harry and Justine are no more...

or are they..


1. Before You left

Harry loves to come and visit me. He tries to come at least 4 times a month if not more. If we don't see each other for a while like when he's on tour we like to skype or snapchat. Harry is such a dork tho. He is so caring and so sweet my parents love that im with him to. I haven't seen him in 2 months well besides he snapchats and skyping. I just can't wait for him to get his ass back in the states so we can cuddle. 



*2 weeks later*



I woke up at 5 this morning and got ready im picking Harry up from the airport! 


*At the airport*


I've been waiting here for almost and hour now. I think his plane is delayed. So i got up and asked the lady at the desk and she told me it will be another hour till they should be here. So i go and get something to eat and the McDonalds they have in here. As im in line someone taps my shoulder.


"Are you Justine?"

"Yes i am"

"The one thats dating Harry Styles right?"

"Yes thats me"

"Oh My Gosh! i love Harry and you two are so cute together OMG are you waiting for him too? OMg can i get a picture with you OMG i can't believe im meeting you i love you!!!"

I laugh "thank you! And yes im waiting for him his plane should be here in an hour or so and i'd love to take a picture with you"


So i take a picture with her and she asks me if i'd retweet it. "I'd love to just wait till i get my food.. are you hungry?" i asked her. 

"yeah but you dont have to buy me anything"

 "Yes i do you don't want to be hungry and possible pass out meeting Harry now do you?"

so i bought her McDonald's also and we went and sat down and i retweeted her picture tweet. 


We talked for ever it seemed like till i got a text from Harry saying 10 minutes till landing. We went and throw away our trash. By this time there were hundreds of fans waiting to meet Harry. I took a few pictures until i seen the plane land and went and waited closer. When i seen Harry i gave him a hug i wanted to kiss him but not in front of the fans i didn't want to upset them. Harry took pictures with them as did I. I was  surprised that they even wanted a picture with me. I didn't think that having a picture with Harry's girlfriend was important since it's not Harry.


After about 30 minutes he finally told them he was hungry and had to go. He grabbed my hand and we both started walking. The fans of course followed. It felt so much different. I dont know why but it did. I didn't want to make the fans hate me so i didn't kiss him till we got into my car. I knew how fans were when your favorite celebrity kisses their girlfriend in front of fans. 


We kissed for like what seemed like 10 minutes. I loved Harry and Harry loved me. "Harry im so happy i missed you so much!!" "I missed you to babe" 


we were interrupted by his phone ringing. As he answered it i turned on the car and we headed off for my house. The other boys were going to get here in a few days so until then i could hang out with Harry just by ourselves which i loved the other boys but i loved being alone with Harry more. 

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