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Blair Down was a young and bright girl, just trying to look for some love. She didn't have a very good connection with her father, and her mother passed away when she was 6. She was an only child. With her last year of high school now over, she decided to take a break and fly to Australia. Little did she know she would have the best time of her life. But something cuts it short...


3. Chapter Three

*Two weeks later*

The familiar scent of fresh coffee and toast filled Blair's nostrils as she pushed her way through the glass door, a small bell ringing above her head. She smiled and waved towards Will, a tall, curly haired boy whom she worked with. One of her closest friends here. He returned the smile, his grey eyes lighting up when he saw her. Blair politely pushed her way through the cafe and out the back, shoving her things in her locker. She tied her apron around her waist and stalked out the locker room. 

She smiled towards another co-worker of hers who was currently delivering a customer's order. Blair walked over to the unoccupied register and called upon the next customer. 

"Hello there Peter, and how are you this fine morning?" Blair smiled as she punched in Peter's regular order of a coffee and small blueberry muffin. 

"I'm good, and I assume you are doing well yourself?" His soft voice questioned, handing over the $5.50 in change for his order. Blair, only just learning the cash register a few nights ago, pulled open the cash drawer and shoved the money inside. Ripping off the order and handing it to Will who was now at her side, she answered, "I'm good as always." Peter smiled before walking over to the "pick up line", where he politely kept to himself, wanting for his order. Will watched on as Blair gazed upon Peter, a goofy grin plastered on her face. 

"I don't see what you see in him. He isn't even that good looking." Will exaggerated, his tone of voice pulling Blair out of her gaze, reverting her eyes towards Will. 

"He may be good looking, but he isn't you." She nudged his shoulder with hers, catching him off guard.

"I am pretty great," Will smirked, "and he isn't allowed to do this now is he?" He finished and his lips connected with her cheek, sending butterflies throughout her stomach. No guy had ever had this effect on her, this was all new. He pulled his lips away, snaking his arm around her waist, pulling her close. Their bodies pressed together, their faces inches apart. His breathing was heavy, and Blair could feel his beating heart through his shirt. 

"Oi, you two. No lovey dovey stuff whilst working." Simon growled from the kitchen. Both Blair and Will sent an apologetic smile towards their boss, before removing themselves from each others grasp. Blair smiled absentmindedly. 

"Next please." Blair called to the waiting customer. 

"Good morning miss." A dark haired teenager smiled. 

"Morning! How may I help you?" Blair returning the smile, asked him. 

"Could I please just grab a large cappuccino and a ham and cheese toastie please." He ordered, pulling some change out of his jean pocket. 

"That just comes to $9.45."

Blair gracefully took the change from the boy and threw it in the cash drawer. She tore off his order and handed over his change. 

He walked off and took a seat at a small table by a large window. 


5 minutes later Blair found herself delivering the coffee and sandwich over to the young teenager. He was gorgeous. Their was no denying that. As she strolled over towards him, she watched him as he was burying his head into a book. She watched the way his eyes scanned over the pages, his hair falling in front of his eyes. She reached him quicker than she had hoped and had to revert her eyes away from staring any longer. 

She cleared her throat and placed his sandwich down on the table in front of him. His eyes flickered up from his book and Blair noticed how green they looked in the sunlight as she returned the stare. He smiled and placed his book down just as she was placing his coffee down. Her nervous hands got the better of her and the coffee tipped over, covering the boy and his book with hot coffee. 

Blair, shocked at her actions, stood frozen, her mouth slightly open. "Oh my I am so sorry!" She squeaked, hurrying to grab a napkin from the table and dabbing it constantly on and around the spilled drink. He took a hold of her wrist, freezing Blair of her actions, his eyes bore into hers. 

"It's okay, I didn't like these clothes anyway." The corner of his mouth curved into a small smile. 

"By the way, the names Michael."

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