just another fan

ellie is a normal 18 year old girl who loves one direction she goes goes to one of there concertsand every thing turns upside down.

read more to find out what happens to ellie


5. Going out

 Ellies POV 

my phone rang so i picked it up and it was harry saying he was outside in a sliver car so i got the girls and we went 


Harrys POV 

i seen her comming out the the hotel entrance and she was looking really pretty her hair was in a big messy bun and she had leggins and a baggy jumper on which didn't mind me because i never told her where we were going. 

i got out of the car and opend the door for them all ellie sat in the front while katleyn and kara happily sat in the back which i didn't think botherd them at all. we got to the place where me and the lads were staying  when we got to the rooms were were all staying in   and the lads were just excited as kara and katelyn were. as per usual naill was in the kitchen zayn was just going into the bathroom and louis was annoying liam. we chatted for a while then me and ellie set off 


Ellie's POV

after we dropped kara and kateyln off we set off but harry still woulden't tell me what were were doing and we seemed to get further out of the main town and then i seen it i think he was taking me zorbing the big hamster wheels that u get in and get pushed down a huge hill to be honset i was so scared i dont think i havd ever been so scared in my life 

we got out the car and i was right we were going zorbing he was alughing when he saw my face he goes havent u ever done this before and i go no im so scared then he goes well at least u wore the right sort of cloths then we went to go a get ready for it. 

we finally were rady and then i got told that it was two per zorbing ball i was relifed to hear that it calmed my nerves alot so then came the hard bit getting in to the ball harry went first and i had never seen somthing so funny he was just wriggling about trying to get in so then i decided to push him which helped quite alot then he disapperd into the ball. then it came to me i was trying to get in but it never seemed to happen very well then i got pushed it and i feel stright onto my face when i hit the inside of the ball harry helped me up then we got strapped it 

it took 5 minutes for both of us to get strapped in because we had so many harnesses attached to us it did take a while but then we were ready and my nerves came back again harry was facing me and he told me it would be okay then the man who strapped us in jumped out of the ball and rolled us over to the hill i went upside down a few times and it felt strage not falling then i remberd i was strapped in. then we got pushed 

i screamed for most of it and harry was laughing but kept checking i was okay then a suprise hit us a little bump half way down the hill and we went flying for a bit then we slowed down i got out myself and i don't think i have ever seen my self jump out of a ball so fast i was relifed to be on the floor again.


Harry's POV 

she was so cute she may of screamed for some of it but it was cute i thought she enjoyed it and i think she thought that herself when we finally ready to go ellie panicked about her hair so i she went into the toilets and sorted it out i thought i was fine it look the same as it was before we got into the zorbing balls but i didn't complian about it 

she came out and she had it out of the bun and she looked amazing it was wavy and looked great. so we got back in the car it was 3:00 by then so we went to macdonalds for some lunch and she had a cheese burger but didnt eat the gurkins and she ate so nicley like ripping little pices off it was cute watching her we finshed eating at 3:30 and set off home before i started driving i got a text from louis saying 

kara and liam have gone out to the chippy to get us some food do u want any thing and hows it going with her ????? when u comming back and by the way are they all staying wth us tonight coz we can get a chippy later on intead of now ? louis 

so i replied to him saying 

umm yeah get them to get a chippy later and its gone great her face though we she found it we were doing zorbing awwh she looked scared but she was alright about it she was cute when we started going she was screaming but i was alright with that!!!! harry 


Ellie's POV

we got back to where the boys were staying and before we got out he said stay here tonight it will be good fun spoken to paul and he seems  okay with it and there is more than enough room here katelyn and kara aswell  so i said okay but i need to go back to the hotel and get my stuff  and i told him what and  he said well that can be done but u dont need it right now do you??? and i go well no not really 

i found it quite strange when he asked if we wanted to stay the night we wern't going out well as far as i knew we wern't but then he did show sign's like when were were walking to to macdonalds he held my hand or was that just being friendly ???? 





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