Fame is not that easy

I`m Summer just turned 17 years, i have 2 amazing brothers Nathen and Fahid.
Nathen and Fahid are a DJ duo, cool isn`t it?
Well i sing and songwrite my new album ‘FROZEN’ just came out a week ago. And i'm friends with one direction, might i be falling for Harry?


7. Dani

“DANIELLE!?!?!?” Perrie screamed while hugging me. “Hey Perrie” I laughed hugging back.  “OMG it’s really you?” Eleanor asked while joining the hug, soon everyone joined the grouphug. We sat down on the couch and chatted a little with each other. “So Dani what do you do as a job?” Harry asked. “I am a professionally trained ballet dancer but now work in the Commercial dance industry alongside modelling for companies such as T-Mobile, Ministry of Sound and Pretty Polly, and I’m going on tour with Summer, I’ll be one of her backup-dancers” I answered his question.
*Later 19:00*
*Summer’s P.O.V*
I was upstairs in my room, just quickly checking my mail. Tomorrow i have to chose who will be my opening and end act, I’m really exited who’ll be there. I closed my laptop and walked back down stairs. “NO! I WANT THE LAST CUPCAKE!” Niall said while snatching the cupcake out of Harry’s hand.       
“No I Had It First Niall” Harry said trying to reach for it. I walked to the fridge for a water bottle and back out still hearing Niall and Harry arguing about who could have the cupcake. “Hay guys” I said plopping down on the couch next to Fahid.”Hey” they said back. “What are you doing?” I asked looking at them, cause the tv was of and it was totally silent. “Noting we are bored”  Nathen said. “How about we go clubbing?” I asked them. “OKAY LET’S GO THEN!!!” Louis yelled. “Oke then we will meet at the club, so you girls can change and come with your car?” Fahid asked. “Yup” I said.
*20 mins later*
*Summers P.O.V*
The boys left about 5 mins ago. Perrie is now showering in my shower while Dani’s in my parents. Sophia left  when her and liam broke up and went back to her family, but were still friends. For Dani and Liam, still nothing happened but I think they need time cause Dani came here today and yeah they just need time. For Niall and Ellie they are like constantly flirting and things I think they’ll be together soon, and then there is me and Harry I don’t know I really like him but I don’t think he likes me back. I think his feelings for me faded away or something cause he told the boys and girls he likes me or something but maybe it’s just in a friend way.
I already know Harry for 5 years, even before the X-factor. About 1 and a half year ago I kinda broke up with Owen. Since then I have been waiting on Harry to make a move or something but guess what. NOTHING happened, so yeah I’m thinking of giving Owen a chance.
“Hello? Earth to Summer?” Ellie said snapping me out of my thoughts. “Huh what?” I asked. “what were you thinking about?” she asked. “I might give Owen a second chance” I said. “Are you sure about that?” she asked. “Yeah it’s been on my mind for a while” I said. “Follow your heart then” she said smiling at me. “I will”.
*20 mins later*
“Are we ready to go?” I asked the girls. “Yes” Perrie said.
(Eleanor the middle, Ellie right and Dani left) only the dresses
 (Perrie’s dress)  only the dress
 (Summer’s dress)  only the dress
 (Shoes and things)
“Let’s go then” I said.

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