Fame is not that easy

I`m Summer just turned 17 years, i have 2 amazing brothers Nathen and Fahid.
Nathen and Fahid are a DJ duo, cool isn`t it?
Well i sing and songwrite my new album ‘FROZEN’ just came out a week ago. And i'm friends with one direction, might i be falling for Harry?


4. Brooklyn part 2

“Can we have our clothes, please?” Eleanor asked me. “Let’s go then” I said standing up walking towards my Fahid and Nathen’s closet, yeah I know we share a closet but it’s huge actually, We walked down the stairs. “WoW” Perrie said. “Yeah, omg is this filled with your clothes alone?” Sophia asked. “No, me Fahid, Nathen and Brook share it” I said. “What can we borrow?” Eleanor asked. “Go ahead just pick what you want” I laughed.
*20 minutes later*
We all had our comfy clothes on by now. “Your such the girl version of Harry” Eleanor said. “Yeah that is so true” Sophia said. “What you mean?” I asked. “just the way you dress and being so care full with baby’s and so sweet” she said. “Thanks?” I said. “Okay so what shall we do?” Ellie asked. “How about paint our nails” Perrie suggested. “Okay just let me put Brook in her crib” I said. “Okay” they all said. I walked towards Brook’s room and laid her down in her crib, gave her a kiss on the forehead and turned on the babymonitor incase she wakes up. I walked out of her room back to my room.
“So where are your polishes?” Eleanor asked. “Wait a sec” I said while getting up from my bed, walking over to my drawer and picking up all the polishes I had. We putted ‘This Is Us’ into the dvd player, while doing our nails.
*3 hours later*
This is us was over by now and we did our nails. “Did you girls heard the baby monitor ringing?” I asked the girls worried, cause normally Brook  never sleeps longer than 1 hour. “No, why” Ellie asked. “Brook never sleeps longer than 1 hour” I said. “Just go check on her, I’m sure she’s okay” Perrie said. “Yeah” Sophia said. “Okay” I said walking towards Brook’s room. I walked into her room and peeked over to her crib, she  was awake but didn’t cry. She looked at me and she smiled. “Hey baby I” I cooed picking her up. “bubadya” She replayed giggling. “Let’s go to the girls yeah?” I asked, while walking back to my room. For the rest of the day we just watched movies and talked.
*The next day*
I woke up around 11:00 in the morning and saw, Ellie beside me Eleanor beside her and Sophia and Perrie on the ground. “Ellie” I whispered cause she had her arm over my chest and was laying on her stomach. “Ellie” I whispered again. “What” she mumbled in her morning voice. “Can you hold your arm to yourself?” I asked she took her arm back and fell asleep again. I got up and walked to Brook’s room, I was about to open the door when I noticed a note on it, it said:
Hey Sweatheart,
You did a great job babysitting Brook, we took her with us to the park and after we’ll get some lunch with her. See you tonight.
PS: You can bring your friends over to dinner just give me or mom a call. ~dad~

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