6th Member (On Hold)

Scarlett Davis is part of the world's most famous band, One Direction. Yeah you must think she has an amazing life. She can get anything she wants. Buy anything she wants. And everyone adores her. But no, she gets mobbed every single day just like the rest of her band members, gets a lot of rumors about her and etc. Do you think she will continue to have an "amazing" life or will something unexpected happen to her? Read more to find out.


1. Prologue


People think just because I'm part of the world's biggest band my life is great. That I get everything just because I'm famous. Well my life isn't that great. Yeah I have many people who adore me and I have the best fans and band members in the world. But whenever I go outside, even if its just to get some groceries I get mobbed or I have like 100 cameras flashing in my face and people screaming, "SCARLET IS IT TRUE THIS IS IT TRUE THAT. ARE YOU DATING HIM OR HIM…" ect. I love my fans but when I get mobbed its so crazy everybody just comes up to me and that just make more people screaming "SCARLET CAN I HAVE A PICTURE OR CAN YOU SIGN THIS…" ect. It makes my head hurt all the time, but people don't understand. I have to deal with this though. Its my life and even if all of this happens I wouldn't change my life for the world. But theres a little problem right now I'm….

(A/N)~ Okay, so i made a new story! WOOP WOOP! Ok she she will say the problem later in the story because it just has to be that way so. I'll update soon! Bye, luv u!

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