Sleep Away

Mary-Anne Kate lives in Australia with her hot, popular and super smart twin sister. Mary-Anne is a girl with many problems, mental, physical and logical. She can't talk and she doesn't like showing her emotions. One day she meets Ashton and her life is changed forever.


3. Mary!

Mary-Anne's POV-

I walk down the unfamiliar street, there are people all around me. I look at the ground, never facing eye contact with anyone. I don't look for anyone's face 'cause nothing will come good of it. I watch as Maia bounds up some stairs and knocks on the door, that's when I finally look up. Just in time to see the door fly open and a boy wrap my sister into a hug, he leads her in and waits for me to enter before shutting the door. I just stare blankly at him before turning around and walking towards the room that Maia entered, which turned out to be a living room. Sitting there, on the ground is a group of 4 boys. The boy who let me in went and took the seat next to my sister, I just stand there looking at my feet. I could feel all of the eyes burning into me but I just stood there, but somehow I could sense something was wrong. Moments later I could hear mumbling "Mary, you can sit down you know..." I could hear Maia talk. As well as the other boys, One of them said my name and I looked up "Mary, this is Michael, Calum, Daniel and Ashton... and I'm Luke" I nod before looking at my feet again, seeing wether I can turn them enough to make them flat on their sides to the ground. "Gosh she's rude..." One of the boys mumble "She's Mute Daniel" I sister blankly states to one of the boys "Oh..." he says. "Mary would you like a drink?" Luke asks, Maia comes up to me and shows me where the drinks are. I pull out a beer and sit, leaning on the bench. Ashton walks in and I stand up, and begin drinking again. Let's just say I'm not happy with my body, I never sit down when someone other than my sister is in the room. If I have to sit I pull a pillow to my stomach "You know you don't have to stand because I'm in the room?" I just continue to drink, this time looking at the ground, suddenly I feel two fingers go under my chin and they lift my head up. I gasp and realise what was happening and back away "Hey, you don't have to be scared. I'm not going to hurt you..." I know he wasn't but I was still scared for some reason, I  just continue to back away. Suddenly the ground disappears from behind me and I feel myself falling down the stairs. I land at the bottom with a thud and my vision becomes blurry and I feel a pair of arms wrap themselves around me "Mary! Mary!" I could hear them frantically call my name, but they sounded distant "Mary! Keep your eyes open!" He shakes me slightly causing me to pull out of my trance, but I could feel myself drifting away again "Mary! Look into my eyes! Mary!" but I didn't have the strength and the world around me went black.

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