Sleep Away

Mary-Anne Kate lives in Australia with her hot, popular and super smart twin sister. Mary-Anne is a girl with many problems, mental, physical and logical. She can't talk and she doesn't like showing her emotions. One day she meets Ashton and her life is changed forever.


2. Maia and Boyfriends

Mary-Anne's POV-
I hear the door clank shut and the sound of heels clapping the floor great Maia's home. I think to myself, she tries to care but I can't do anything to respond. My body has a mind of it's own and my mind doesn't belong to me anymore and my voice is hidden beneath the others swarming in my head. Voices of My Mother, My Father, My brothers, Cousins, Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and people I used to call my friends. We only moved here a month ago and if I can't talk to them, why should I let them call me their friend. I'm just a waste of space, I'm someone who doesn't deserve friends. There's one voice, it belongs to someone I haven't met before, a guys voice. Pure as an angels and as sweat as the candy from my hometown. You see, I'm from Queensland, the part with all the theme parks and beaches, hot guys and best friends. Late night drunks and homeless people. We moved to get away from our past, just my sister and I. No-one else, Just us. Us against the world, or maybe just me.

My sister is the hottie who always gets the guys, yeah. You could say I used to as well, but after mum passed away I didn't really go out anymore. I own my own little world and I can't escape it, no matter how much I try. I finished grade 10 last year so I'm able to drop out of school, which is what I'm intending to do. Since I practically can't explain to anyone if I don't understand anything, I can't ask for help at all. I won't make any friends, I won't let anyone anyway.

"Mary-Anne? Guess what today is?" She squealed, I just stared blankly at her. Unable to show emotion or say anything "Well it's my New boyfriend's birthday and you are coming to meet him with me!" Suddenly my feet became more interesting than my sister. I miss my family, even my mum. I watch as she bounds up the stairs, leaving me to think about my life in complete misery.

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